sr jude

2x21: The End Of The Beginning

With one too many lies told in an effort to keep their growing family together, relationships will be put to the test and someone’s story will end in tragedy.

A visit with Robert’s father makes Robert and Callie see each other in a new light.

Mariana prepares for a make-or-break dance team showdown at school.

Jude takes a stand for a friend.

The signs as Asylum characters

Kit Walker: Taurus
Lana Winters: Gemini
Sr. Jude: Cancer
Shelley: Aries, Virgo
Dr. Thredson: Scorpio
Grace: Aquarius, Pisces
Sr. Mary Eunice: Libra
Monsignor Howard: Capricorn
Dr. Arthur Arden: Leo
Alma Walker: Sagittarius