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Happy Holidays to all! This post contains a winter-themed package of Hanayo Koizumi from five individual sets!

Post includes:
• Six blue icons of Hanayo Koizumi
+ Unidolized Fairy
+ Unidolized Snowy Mountain
+ Idolized December
+ Idolized Ice Skating
+ Unidolized December
+ Idolized Snowy Mountain
• Two graphics of Christmas Hanayo
+ Unidolized in Red
+ Idolized in Green
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Growing up a petty criminal and drug dealer, the Man joined the police when he figured he could make more money extorting criminals while he was wearing a uniform. Equipped with the worst social skills in the world, undeserved extreme arrogance, and no concern for anyone else’s opinions, the Man transferred to Stilwater as the Stilwater PD’s newest recruit. Used as part of Police Chief Troy Bradshaw’s plan to combat crime in the city, the Man is sent undercover into the Saints and finds a gang in complete turmoil. Thrown completely out of his depth, the Man not only has to keep his cover from being blown, protect Stilwater PD, and prove himself to the Saints, but also help the gang out in a time when everything is changing. Corrupt cop and now gang member, the Man is somehow one of the last lines of defences while the Saints are in total crisis. Only time can tell how long the Man can hold together his web of lies before he falls victim to history repeating itself.

That’s all of the character sheets for now. SR: Undercover the graphic novel starts sometime later this summer. Probably. Possibly. I really hope so

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“The price of freedom is high, and it’s a price I’m willing to pay! If I’m the only one so be it. But I’m willing to bet I’m not.”