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#look at how much this means to regina to introduce henry to her dad #that she finally gets to introduce the son that she named in honour of him #that she named in honour of her love for him #and then look at how much this means to henry sr. #that he gets to meet his grandson - someone he can clearly see his daughter looking at with eyes full of love #this is everything he ever wanted for regina - love and a family 



*Imagine this is a meet-up after 5 years*
SR: GD, are your kids doing fine?~
GD: Pretty fine!
SR: How about Daesung Hyung?
DS: I have like 160 kids!
BB: 😂😂😂
DS: My wife wants to have 11 kids and train them to become a professional soccer team!

Translated by: aboutbigbang

Chúng ta nói về thanh xuân nhiều đến vậy. Có lẽ chỉ bởi vì năm tháng đó có một người rất đặt biệt đã vô tình đi ngang qua đời ta…

Một lúc nào đó, chúng ta sẽ không còn băn khoăn liệu mình có thực sự yêu hay chỉ đang nhầm lẫn tình yêu của đời mình với những rung động trong giây lát…

[Sr: 5 múi giờ, 10 tiếng bay và một cái khép mi]


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OH LOOK IT’S ME (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

And then it was all of the Papyruses turn to get photographed, which included me, so I let the Asriel cosplayer who held the event to take photos for me <: wish they could had taken the photos from another angle but too late now!

also I find it so funny how there was just 1 regular Papyrus and 4 flippin 4 swap Papy’s xD like shouldn’t it been like the opposite?

and also…


The swap Papyrus to the right is me, the swap Papy next to me is my friend Valle who does not have a tumblr, the swap Pap who is next to the only UT Paps is @dyingstararch :D

If you see yourself in any of those photos and wants to be tagged, then feel free to message me <:

also I gave yet another child, think they were  a child at least, a lollipop here, one of the Temmies if I recall correctly hahaa I srs need to stop giving candy to random children ffs


i7 has updated with a couple of related announcements, all concerning i7 Police and it’s long-awaited continuation!

First, we have gacha news.  From 17:00 JST on 4/13 to 16:59 JST on 4/15, i7p SRs will have a higher rate in the Rare Audition. Once that two day period is over, TRIGGER Police cards will be added permanently to both the FP and Rare Auditions.  In addition, from 17:00 JST on 4/15 to 16:59 JST on 4/22, TRGp SRs will have a higher rate in the Rare Audition.

As part of the rate-up campaign, your first solo scout will be discounted to 5 stones for both i7p and TRGp periods, and your first 10+1 scout will be discounted to 50 stones during the TRGp period.

Second, we have event news. Or rather, we have DOUBLE EVENT news.

The first event is “i7 Police Returns”, a Story Mission event that will allow you to re-read the original i7p event story.  This event will run from 17:00 JST on 4/13 to 16:59 JST on 4/24 after maintenance. Clear all the Missions in a Stage to read the story and move on to the next Stage.  Both the Hero and Villain parts are available to read!  You will receive rewards for clearing Missions and Stages, as well as a reward for clearing all Missions, and there will also be a Clearing House.

The second event is “i7 Police 2 ~TRIGGER Part~”, a Bingo event that continues the original i7p story. The event is planned to run concurrently with “i7 Police Returns”, but the exact event period and various other details will be announced at a later date.  What we do know is that the event rewards include a TRGp Nanakore for one R card of your choosing, and that for this event only, i7p and TRGp cards have special effects!


  • R: Increase event items by 5%
  • SR: Increase event items by 10%
  • SSR: Increase event items by 15%


  • R: Increase event items and score by 10%
  • SR: Increase event items and score by 15%
  • SSR: Increase event items and score by 20%

We’ll let you know the details once those are released, but for now, happy eventing and good luck on the gacha!

So for those asking about kitchen scales for measuring using weight rather than cups, this is the brand I have:

I’ve had mine for almost a decade at this point and it’s still the best one I’ve ever owned, so if you’re looking at the $30 price tag and thinking it’s steep, from how much I use them on a near daily basis for the last 7+ years, I can tell you they are worth investing in as they’re damn sturdy. 

I’m not sure about other brands, but I’ve always used Salter, except for that one time when I had to literally use one of these at work:

Because that was how we retained our historically authentic trademark. Those were a pain in the ass.

My mother actually has a set of those that belonged to her mother, and they’re a damn sight shinier. I’m still figuring out how to get them over to the US with me when the time comes for me to inherit them.

What Goes Around

Ashton Irwin Imagine

Words: 1,751

Rating: fluffy sort of??

Warning: cheating!5sos sort of i guess

It’s been a year since you last saw Ashton in person.

It was hard to miss him considering his face was plastered all over televisions, billboards, and tabloids.

Your pain was everlasting due to this, no chance of forgetting him.

The breakup wasn’t some cliché, “I can’t do long distance.” Rather, it was that you had caught him cheating. 

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A new event has been announced! The new event “Moonlight Illuminate” will go on from 17:00 (JST) on 2/16 until 16:59 (JST) on 2/22! This is a high score event, so now would be a good time to start special training in preparation!

This event will feature the new MEZZO” song “月明かりイルミネイト” in the event lives. Furthermore, all MEZZO” cards in your teams will give a bonus to your high score! The bonuses are as follows:

  • R cards -> Score increases by 5%
  • SR cards -> Score increases by 10%
  • SSR cards -> Score increases by 15%
  • UR cards -> Score increases by 20%

Only Tamaki and Sougo cards will offer these bonuses! The new Sweets SSRs will not give bonuses for this event.

As this is a high score event, your rankings will be based upon your total high score. (You can read more about this here.) Ranking rewards include an event badge and a special photo. 

In addition, new MEZZO” URs will be available for awakening! The Unit SSRs of Tamaki and Sougo will be eligible to be awakened into URs starting on 2/16 17:00 (JST). If you need a second copy, they are in the Scout Catalogue right now, along with their Outdoor Fes cards. These cards will be available until 2/22 16:59 (JST). UR items will be available in the event as well!