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#look at how much this means to regina to introduce henry to her dad #that she finally gets to introduce the son that she named in honour of him #that she named in honour of her love for him #and then look at how much this means to henry sr. #that he gets to meet his grandson - someone he can clearly see his daughter looking at with eyes full of love #this is everything he ever wanted for regina - love and a family 

A new event has been announced! The new event “Moonlight Illuminate” will go on from 17:00 (JST) on 2/16 until 16:59 (JST) on 2/22! This is a high score event, so now would be a good time to start special training in preparation!

This event will feature the new MEZZO” song “月明かりイルミネイト” in the event lives. Furthermore, all MEZZO” cards in your teams will give a bonus to your high score! The bonuses are as follows:

  • R cards -> Score increases by 5%
  • SR cards -> Score increases by 10%
  • SSR cards -> Score increases by 15%
  • UR cards -> Score increases by 20%

Only Tamaki and Sougo cards will offer these bonuses! The new Sweets SSRs will not give bonuses for this event.

As this is a high score event, your rankings will be based upon your total high score. (You can read more about this here.) Ranking rewards include an event badge and a special photo. 

In addition, new MEZZO” URs will be available for awakening! The Unit SSRs of Tamaki and Sougo will be eligible to be awakened into URs starting on 2/16 17:00 (JST). If you need a second copy, they are in the Scout Catalogue right now, along with their Outdoor Fes cards. These cards will be available until 2/22 16:59 (JST). UR items will be available in the event as well!

I was talking with my brother about Undertale shippings and I brought up this tweet:

He said, “So wait… what Toby is saying is that he ships Sans with someone nonexistent?”

Someone nonexistent… I wonder who that could be?


Honestly 95% of mr and mrs greens problems would be solved if Jimmy was gone like Frank… The other 5% being Alice


The Banner SR, and the card you will get by gaining 15k points or by random drops, this time, is [ Watercoloured Otohime ] Nene Kurihara. She’s a balanced COMBO BONUS card

Note: Otohime ( 乙姫 ) refers to Princess of the Dragon Palace from the story of Urashima Taro or daughther of Ryuujin, god of sea, where she was called Totoyama-hime( 豊玉姫 ) instead ! It can also translate literally into Young Princess. As there could be two possible translations, i chose to leave it as it is

Love Live! week 2015
 ↳ Day 5: Summer + BiBi

Tsukamae chau!” - Cutie Panther