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For those still hungry for more Beauty and The Beast

If you’re looking for something to satisfy your budding Beauty and The Beast obsession while waiting for the new live action Disney film to come to video (in twelve weeks) here are a few things that might tide you over.

First I highly recommend the original 1740 Beauty and the Beast novel La Belle et la Bete by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve.  It’s roughly two hundred pages long and there are two unabridged editions available right now on Amazon.  Both are the same translation, they just divide the chapters differently.

This one is soft cover and has more chapter breaks (Otherwise they have the same text)

  And this one is hard cover with less chapter breaks and is also illustrated with “interactive games” built in.

My second recommendation is for the Beauty and The Beast Broadway musical album.  It has songs that don’t appear in the animated film or live action Beauty and The Beast and one song on the album “Home” was used as an instrumental in the 2017 Beauty and The Beast.

There is a 1987 Beauty and the Beast released by Canon.  This one has songs and is very true to the fairy tale adapted from the novel (but not so much the actual novel.)

There is also the 1947 French film, the first film version of Beauty and The Beast (to my knowledge).

There is the 1987 Beauty and The Beast TV series (far superior to the recent one from CW).

There is also the TV series Once Upon a Time which merges the story of Rumplestiltskin with Beauty and The Beast and has Rumplestiltskin as The Beast in his glittering, scaled imp form.   The most blatant Beauty and the Beast aspects are in the season one episode Skin Deep.

My seventh recommendation is the 2014 Beauty and The Beast French movie.

You may have seen this one on display in stores as it was shamelessly released in the US at the same time as the new live action Disney film.  The 2014 Beauty and the Beast movie only recently got an American DVD / Blu Ray Release partly because of the new Disney animated film

You can watch it in French, or with English dub or English subtitles.  

The 2014 Beauty and The Beast is a bit odd but visually very pretty.   It doesn’t quite follow the novel but has elements of the novel and much like the Disney film it kind of does it’s own thing. 

In this version The Prince’s backstory is told in periodic flashbacks.   He was married to a beautiful woman and he became obsessed with hunting a golden hind (a magical deer).  His wife made him promise to stop hunting to animal and he agreed.   However he went back on his word and carried out the hunt anyway, killing the creature with a golden arrow (the only thing that could kill the golden hind).  As she was dying the golden hind transformed into his wife, revealing that she had been a forest nymph all along. 

Her father, the God of the Forest, punished the prince by turning him into a Beast, his companions into statues, and his hunting dogs into strange, large eyed, bunny-like creatures.

In this version Belle is the reincarnation of the wife he accidentally killed.   It’s visually very pretty but I don’t really feel the chemistry between Belle and The Beast in this one and in fact Belle is kind of vicious toward him a few times. 

I have mixed feelings about this one’s writing but it’s visually gorgeous and it has a sort of Gothic ambiance.

Free e books

Sorry for the lack of organization. It’s just annoying to do that on my phone :) just click the links :)–Comprehensive-Unlimited-Abundance-ebook/dp/B00VCEEMES/ref=as_li_ss_tl?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1459782181&sr=1-9&keywords=divination&linkCode=sl1&tag=ist019-20&linkId=e0b98bb08ccbbd4bc9efa24b9bab7493


i7 has updated with a couple of related announcements, all concerning i7 Police and it’s long-awaited continuation!

First, we have gacha news.  From 17:00 JST on 4/13 to 16:59 JST on 4/15, i7p SRs will have a higher rate in the Rare Audition. Once that two day period is over, TRIGGER Police cards will be added permanently to both the FP and Rare Auditions.  In addition, from 17:00 JST on 4/15 to 16:59 JST on 4/22, TRGp SRs will have a higher rate in the Rare Audition.

As part of the rate-up campaign, your first solo scout will be discounted to 5 stones for both i7p and TRGp periods, and your first 10+1 scout will be discounted to 50 stones during the TRGp period.

Second, we have event news. Or rather, we have DOUBLE EVENT news.

The first event is “i7 Police Returns”, a Story Mission event that will allow you to re-read the original i7p event story.  This event will run from 17:00 JST on 4/13 to 16:59 JST on 4/24 after maintenance. Clear all the Missions in a Stage to read the story and move on to the next Stage.  Both the Hero and Villain parts are available to read!  You will receive rewards for clearing Missions and Stages, as well as a reward for clearing all Missions, and there will also be a Clearing House.

The second event is “i7 Police 2 ~TRIGGER Part~”, a Bingo event that continues the original i7p story. The event is planned to run concurrently with “i7 Police Returns”, but the exact event period and various other details will be announced at a later date.  What we do know is that the event rewards include a TRGp Nanakore for one R card of your choosing, and that for this event only, i7p and TRGp cards have special effects!


  • R: Increase event items by 5%
  • SR: Increase event items by 10%
  • SSR: Increase event items by 15%


  • R: Increase event items and score by 10%
  • SR: Increase event items and score by 15%
  • SSR: Increase event items and score by 20%

We’ll let you know the details once those are released, but for now, happy eventing and good luck on the gacha!

(Quoting SchoolHouse Rock’s ‘Ready or Not, Here I Come’:”This is a long one, folks. Here we go!”)Well, in the last few days, there have been articles not only busting the hateful Myth that SCANDAL lost its Fall slot because of KW’s pregnancy to smithereens (suck a fat one, haters! We TOLD your sorry asses!) but also strongly implying that there will some form of an Olitz reconciliation in Season 6. I am a mixed bag of ‘FUCK YEAH, THAT’S WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR!’, ‘I WON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN!’ (*insert The Who’s bass line and guitar riffs here*), and as usual, SALTY AS FUCK. Why, you ask? Well...

Re: Shutting Down the Pregnancy Blame. Again: 

1. Well, it’s confirmed: KW’s pregnancy was NOT the direct cause of #Scandal’s delay in returning. Haters?

2. That’s why I was so mad when folks said it. If you’ve watched #Scandal for at least a year, then you know EXACTLY why it lost its Fall slot!

3. LEADING ACTRESSES ON MAJOR TV SHOWS GET PREGGERS ALL THE TIME. Usually, there will be bump hiding and ep delays but NOT 8 months! #Scandal

4. #Scandal losing its Fall slot has NOTHING to do with KW’s uterus. It’s because of shit ratings due to an inept showrunner’s hubris. PERIOD.

5. If #Scandal 5 hadn’t dropped the ball, hadn’t wasted the restart that we got in 4x22, if it had been done right, then we’d have a Fall date!

Re: Season 6 Speculation on Liv, Fitz, and #Olitz

6. #Scandal spoiler articles/SR imply that there will be an #Olitz reconciliation in 6 My 1st reaction (sad but true):

7. I’m #Olitz to the end but after what happened with #Scandal 5 & AT LAST? I don’t believe a fuckin’ thing ANYONE says. Not even my faves!

8. I call bullshit on anything good happening for Liv, Fitz, #Olitz on #Scandal until I see it on the screen. It’s easier that way. PROVE IT!

9. It may not be bull. #Scandal 5 was panned across the board from 5x05 because of the bait/switch. Maybe we’ll get a real AT LAST. #Olitz

10. The best news I could get from the #Scandal camp is news of brand new writers or throwback writers taking the wheel from SR’s bullshit.

11. It’s too much to ask for them to can SR as #Scandal’s showrunner but new writers, ABC putting sanctions on the Titan? YES. DO THAT.

12. SR’s been running #Scandal into the ground since Season 2A, 3A being nice. It’s time for a shakeup. Kick her out or install checks/balances!

13. Enough’s enough. #Scandal 5 removed all patience for the Mambo 123, bait/switch bullshit. DO IT RIGHT FOREVER OR SIT DOWN. #Olitz

14. I’m following the right folks because they’re reacting to the new #Scandal 6 speculation like me: Fuck SR’s lying ass/SHOW ME THE RECEIPTS!

15. None of us remaining Gladiators want to get burned again. There’s hope but it’s small hope, jaded hope (oxymoron, I know) #Scandal

16. I dunno. If the spoilers/speculation I read had come from a major site ala TV Guide or SpoilerTV, I’d be more secure in believing. #Scandal

17. And even then, that doesn’t mean shit because things get changed at the last minute all the time with #Scandal and rarely in our favor.

18. If SR really cared about more than her ego, then #Scandal would still be a top shelf show instead of a primetime soap with rare gem moments.

19.  I mean, who really wanted to see Joke live past Season 2? Who’s really here for B613 and President Mellie? #Scandal

20. I’m thinking that the speculation is either bait/switch again or SR’s gonna give us Liv, Fitz, #Olitz but on her petty terms. #Scandal

21. Remember that was Season 4’s Finale wasn’t her original plan. Pretty much anything good for Liv, Fitz, #Olitz comes DESPITE SR. #Scandal

22. #Scandal 5 made it so that SR can’t get away with her usual Liv, Fitz, #Olitz antics + The Flop…er Catch is not a good replacement for it.

23. There is hope. Tangible hope. #Scandal 5 getting slammed and other shows stepping their game up gives us hope for 6. It better pan out!

24. I’m going into #Scandal 6 writing everything good off as bull until I see it live. I will NOT be AT LAST burned again on Liv, Fitz, #Olitz!

25. I’m not the only one. The 1st comment on the Article I read promising better #Scandal days was and I quote: SCREW YOU AND YOUR LIES, SHONDA.

26. What do I want for #Scandal 6? I want a Liv that I don’t feel stupid defending, a dead Joke, Mellie to lose & I want a flipped script #Olitz

27. I don’t want Fitz chasing her. He’s done enough chasing and begging and scraping. FUCK THAT. IT IS LIV’S TURN TO EARN HIM. #Olitz #Scandal

28. I want Liv to get the mental help that Meredith has gotten. I want Liv to stop being a punk ass bitch & be a Gladiator for herself. #Scandal

29.  I DON’T want #Olitz without Liv putting in the work that Fitz always has for them to make it. I want balance. I want justice! #Scandal

30. I know that the majority of #Scandal fans have had it with SR’s bull because even the #Olitz optimists are like:

31. My timeline is LIT with people who are SO DONE with the back and forth and I love it. SALTY FOLKS UNITE! #Scandal

32. It ain’t over until the last camera shutter click to black of #Scandal but ain’t nobody here for Mambo 123 bullshit with Liv, Fitz, #Olitz!

33. Shonda? #SmashinginVermont, #MentalHelpforOP, #BrassPresidentialBallsforFTGIII, and #Olitz in #Scandal 6 or:

34. #Scandal 6 may the END. I don’t want another rip off for Liv, Fitz, or #Olitz. Either do it right or kill them off! WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH.

35. It’s crunch time, even if #Scandal 6 isn’t the END of the show. Liv deserves better. We deserve better. FIX IT!


I was on amazon and I typed in ‘Robots in Disguise’ under the computers department and there’s this person literally taking images off of google and putting them onto mouse pads.

Some are just pics of action figures, while others were other people’s works. (I only recognized fayren​ and ldtbh17​)

Idk how to report this to amazon bc it seems you can only report if you bought smthg from them???

Please just help spread the word around and DO NOT BUY THESE!!!

(Also, if anyone knows how to report stolen artwork on amazon it would be really appreciated)

Links to stolen art:

nickertron3000-deactivated20150  asked:

whats a great pistol for a 1st gun buy?

In no particular order:  Ruger SR-22, Or any other .22lr Handgun  It is best to learn how to shoot with an inexpensive and easy to use .22 caliber long gun or handgun.  I just happen to like the SR-22 because Its cute.

Glock 19  

CZ-75 or Variant / Clone

1911 or Variant / Clone

Beretta 92

Smith and Wesson M&P

Before anyone buys their first gun I suggest taking a safety class to learn how to properly operate and handle firearms with the levels of respect and confidence they deserve. Talk to your local gun store/range, they should be happy to help you.