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Fall, Colors and Clouds par Tedrick Mealy
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Filming Rundown Episode 7.9 "Rock in the Road"


Rick, Michonne, Carl, Daryl, Maggie, Tara, Rosita, Sasha, Jesus, Carol, Morgan, Enid, Aaron, Father Gabriel, Ezekiel, Richard, Jerry, Ben, Gregory, Simon, Eric, Tobin, Penis Tree


Atlanta: Murphy Ave.

- There were two separate locations off Murphy Ave.

- First location believed to be the outskirts of the Kingdom, where Richard and another Kingdomer will greet Team Family.

- Second location will be where Team Family encounters the “Garbage Pail Kids”. (No, for the love of Paul Jesus Rovia, this is not their real name. Just a joking nickname we started calling them during filming. The Garbage Pail Kids is an actual thing. Look it up. It’s fun.) There are hundreds of them!! Ruh roe!!

- Keep a lookout for our new favorite character THE PENIS TREE!! Ok, it’s not actually a tree. More like a crane with kudzu growing on it that looks very phallic-like. But it still managed to penetrate its way into our hearts forever!!

Hampton: SR- 20

- Highway scene with a bunch of walkers!!!

- Super badass walker scene filmed here. Fast and the Furious 9: Zombie Highway Hijinks

- Should also be an explosion. BOOOOOM

Senoia: Alexandria

- Simon and a few Saviors were filmed entering Alexandria. Daryl is a wanted man.

- “Boots” is back and encounters Father Gabriel. Be nice, Boots.

Senoia: Raleigh Studios (Hilltop)

- A few Hilltop scenes were filmed with the group trying to convince Gregory to join the fight.

* Atlanta: Tyler Perry Studios (Kingdom)

- Jesus, Rick, and other Team Family members head to the Kingdom to meet with Ezekiel and attempt to get him to join forces.

- The group will also catch up with Morgan.

- Team Family will leave the Kingdom (except for Morgan and Daryl)

Senoia: Raleigh Studios (Woods)

- Carol and Ben filmed in the woods together.


Every time someone says "spanakopita" in the episode "Spanakopita!"


Image by Raven Mimura, © Wizards of the Coast

[Here’s the corner case I mentioned. Although the gravorg never appeared in another D&D product, it did show up in the Gamma World expansion Legion of Gold. Which is as good a place as any for an anti-gravity lemur. The gravorg is probably the most different, mechanically and flavorfully, from the original of this suite of conversions. Although it’s one trick is a good one, I gave it more gravity themed abilities. I also boosted its Intelligence score. In a game with roughly 50,000 magical ambush predators, why not have one more you can chat with?]

This faintly comical creature resembles an enormous black and white striped lemur. Its yellow eyes are wide and owlish, and its tail long and prehensile.

Gravorgs are curious subterranean carnivores that hunt by manipulating gravity into a weapon. Despite their seemingly flamboyant coloration, they can shift their fur’s stripes into a mottled grey suitable for camouflage among rocks and cave walls. When they come across a suitable prey item, they repeatedly use their reverse gravity ability to batter it to death, bouncing it repeatedly from ceiling to floor. Creatures that manage to get close to a gravorg must deal with its claws and teeth, and flying creatures that escape its gravity traps are instead blasted by pinpoint bursts of intense gravity.

Despite their bestial appearances, gravorgs are intelligent and can speak, but they rarely have anything to say to creatures they consider being food. Most gravorgs will feign a lack of intelligence to trick opponents into underestimating them. When interacting with creatures that recognize their intelligence, gravorgs will often weave half-truths and riddles into a befuddling tapestry that convinces many that talking to a gravorg just isn’t worth it.

Gravorgs move ponderously on the ground, but are capable of manipulating their personal gravity to allow short periods of incredibly precise flight. Although a gravorg will use this in combat, they typically save a few rounds of this ability to facilitate escape—gravorgs are cowardly creatures that dislike fighting opponents that can fight back. A gravorg grows to twelve feet long, but half of this length is made up of its long prehensile tail. Although gravorgs rarely use weapons or tools, this tail is almost as dexterous as a human hand.

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Rafaella on stage with her family and (pretty) birthday cake [07-08/03/’16]

(Again edited different clips in one video, because there are way too many haha)

One Good Roll

Background: Our ranger (me) had a series of very bad rolls resulting in but not limiting to: falling out of multiple trees, hitting himself with a throwing axe,failing to haggle the local blacksmith,and spilling ale all over a drunken dwarf. Now he is back to the town blacksmith, low on gold and hoping for a discount.

Shifter Ranger (OOC, expecting another bad roll): I roll to seduce the blacksmith!

DM: Alright, roll charisma

*Nat 20*

SR (ooc):  Shit…

SR (struggling to come up with a line): Wow you have such nice human eyes ;)

Entire party (ooc): *Assorted laughing and mocking*

DM/Blacksmith: How about you take the axe and in exchange you never come into my shop again?

And I’ve been banned from the shop ever since


A few decals I made in light of the recent events. I’m with you, I fully support the Safety Pin. These decals are for any flat clean surface, so a car, a door, anything to designate a safe place. This election was rough on all of us and now more than ever we need to stand together. So if you want to support an artist and spread the safe place ideal, consider ordering. 

A quick edit, I added in Non Text versions of both Safety Pins.

LGBT Safety Pin:

LGBT Safety Pin No Text:

Standard Safety Pin:

Standard Safety Pin No Text:

Not My President [Many colors available]:

LGBT Not My President: