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     The final time an SR-71 Blackbird ever flew was over an Edwards Air Force Base open house on October 9, 1999. Its familiar sonic booms and thunderous roar would no longer tear through the Antelope Valley. Though, on the night of September 12, 2002, a single J58 engine would once more light up the High Desert with its bright afterburner plume. The engine that powered the Blackbird through four decades high speed, high altitude flight had its final firing that summer night, attached to a test stand at the edge of Rogers Dry Lake. Pratt & Whitney staff disposed of Edwards’ stockpile of the specialized JP7 fuel by running the engine in afterburner for hours. Some bystanders shed tears during this final firing. Some filled ziploc bags with the fuel, then tossed them by hand into the plume, watching them ignite and sparkle as they disturbed the sonic flow.

     Following this last hurrah, many J58 engines remain on display in museums. The photos above show examples of these at the National Museum of the United States Air Force in Dayton, Ohio, and Pima Air Museum in Tucson, Arizona.


     A-12 06933 served the CIA as the tenth Blackbird ever to be manufactured. When she rolled off the assembly line, she had the “edge treatment” paint job, which consisted of bare titanium finish, with only the edges (the hottest parts) of the aircraft painted. The dark blue, almost black paint served to attenuate heat away from the structure more efficiently. Later, the entire bird would be painted, as she is shown here at the San Diego Air & Space Museum in California.

     Airliners soar over the A-12 on their approach into San Diego International Airport. I was able to capture this in the final photo, an airliner’s bright lights making a streak behind the Blackbird. Passengers packed into their airliner may look down on the A-12 as they lumber over an aircraft that flew three times higher and four times faster than they. Those who flew the A-12 used the slogan “alone, unarmed and unafraid.”

Love Live! Questions

1. Favourite Girl?

2. Japanese or English?

3. Favourite and Least favourite song? 

4. Favourite Card?

5. Favourite Card (of your favourite girl)?

6. Least favourite character?

7. Least favourite non- μ’s character?

8. Favourite non- μ’s character?

9. Favourite card you have?

10. List your UR Cards!

11. List your SR Cards!

12. Favourite Event Card?

13. μ’s Member with best colour scheme?

14. μ’s Member with best personality?

15. μ’s Member with best hairstyle ?

16. μ’s Member with best singing voice?

17. μ ’s Member with cutest voice?

18. μ’s Favourite Side Story?

19. μ’s Favourite Main Story?

20. Favourite Attribute?

21. What Promotional Cards do you have? 

22. OTPs? 

23. Best First year?

24. Best Second Year? 

25. Best Third Year? 

26. LilyWhite, Printemps, or BiBi? 

27. Favourite ‘Group’of Cards?

28. List your favourite μ’s girls favourite to least favourite!

29. Do you save your love gems or use them up quickly? 

30. Favourite Message in the game/anime?

31. Favourite Quote? 

32. What level(s) are you? 

33. Top 3 favourite UR Cards?

34. Top 3 favourite SR Cards?

35. Top 3 favourite R Cards?

36. Top 3 favourite N Cards? 

37. Favourite kind of event? 

38. Favourite type of card? 

39. Who would make the best wife/Girlfriend? 

40. Who would you marry of μ’s? 

41. Headcanons? 

anonymous asked:

A lot of my SR placements are in a sign that's intercepted in my Natal Chart. Would that have the same "activating" effect as a transit? Also, does SR Mars in the 12 House typically indicate a low energy for this year (the descriptions I've read were horrifying ahaha, much like all the SR 8th House descriptions).

Yes, it would have an activation effect like a transit. And having low energy is a possible effect of Mars in the 12th, but to view it neutrally, it’s either a great time for you to realize your energy and the workings of your anger, or to be very self-unaware about it.

And yeah… Solar return descriptions are so… scary. Life is not that scary, so the descriptions shouldn’t be that scary you know? Doesn’t give a neutral, fair picture to life.


     The Pacific Coast Air Museum in Santa Rosa, California, houses a unique Blackbird artifact; an inlet spike. This spike, rarely displayed on its own, gives the Blackbird its characteristic appearance and also plays a major role in the Blackbird’s ability to operate at a huge range of speeds and altitudes up to Mach 3.2 and above 85,000 feet.

     When the Blackbird aircraft reaches speeds of Mach 1.6, the spike unlocks and begins to translate aft into the inlet. For every 0.1 increase in Mach number above Mach 1.6, the spike moves back 1.6 inches into the inlet. At Mach 3.2, the spike is retracted a total of 26 inches. The spike retracts to keep a series of shockwaves positioned correctly inside the inlet. These shockwaves slow the supersonic air to subsonic speeds, drastically increasing its pressure, allowing the engine to use that pressure to operate efficiently at high altitude.

     Seeing the spike alone allows for an interesting view of the centerbody bleed slots (the slotted surface shown in photos 3, 4 & 5). These slots connect to centerbody bleed louvers on the outside of the nacelle. At speeds below Mach 0.5, this system brings additional air into the inlet. When operating at speeds above Mach 0.5, the air moves in the opposite direction, shedding the turbulent boundary layer off the surface of the spike out through the centerbody bleed louvers.

     To acquire this spike, the Pacific Coast Air Museum went through the painstaking process of becoming certified by the National Air Force Museum. This lengthy procedure was completed in the nick of time to rescue this spike from a Marine Corps Storage Facility in Barstow, California, before it was destroyed and lost forever.

Fire Emblem Cipher Updated Sale Post

Hi all! (UPDATED: With better pictures and some cards sold)

I recently got my Fire Emblem Cipher wave 8 boxes in and have many extras to sell! If anyone is interested here are the cards available with their prices:

First Picture:

B06-031 R+ Raquesis - $20

B06-064 R+ Zero (Niles) (x3) - $15 (each)

B07-041 R+ Jaffar - $12

B07-060 R+ Saizo - $12

P04-011 PR Itsuki - $15

P03-014 PR Soren - $20

Second Picture:

B02-030 SR Felicia - $15

B04-005 SR Touma - $10

B05-048 SR Narcian - $15

B05-054 SR Sothe - $15

B07-054 SR Hinoka - $15

B07-056 SR Takumi - $15

B07-044 SR Lloyd - $12

B08-001 SR Chrom (x2) - $15 each

B08-006 SR Robin (female) - $22.50

Third Picture:

B08-091 SR Altenna - $15

Fourth Picture:

B01-035 R Linde (x2) - $2 (each)

B02-014 R Saizou - $1.50

B02-024 R Oboro (x2) - $2 (each)

B02-028 R Tsubaki (x2) - $2 (each)

B02-043 R Gurei - $2

B02-045 R Matoi - $1.50

B02-064 R Laslow - $1.50

B02-093 R Foleo - $2

B02-095 R Soleil - $2

Fifth Picture:

B03-063 R Shigure - $6

B04-013 R Yashiro - $1

B04-029 R Julian - $1.50

B04-031 R Sirius - $1.50

B04-059 R Eleanora - $2

B04-076 R Say'ri - $1.50

B05-007 R Alan - $1

B05-017 R Dieck - $1.50

B05-022 R Shanni (x2) - $2 (each) 

Sixth Picture:

B05-038 R Tate (x2) - $2 (each) 

B05-046 R Juno (x2) - $2 (each)

B05-077 R Nephenee - $2 

B05-084 R Sigrun - $1.50 

B06-012 R Fin (x2) - $1.50 (each)

B06-062 R Beruka (x2) - $4 (each)

B06-066 R Effie (x3) - $1.50 (each)

B06-072 R Flora - $2

B06-082 R Siegbert - $1.50

Seventh Picture:

B06-092 R Garon - $1.50

B07-015 R Florina (x3) - $3 (each)

B07-017 R Serra (x2) - $2 (each)

B07-032 R Raven (x2) - $1.50 (each)

B07-060 R Saizo (x4) - $1.50 (each)

B07-064 R Setsuna - $2

B07-072 R Jakob - $2

B07-084 R Shiro (x3) - $1.50 (each)

B07-093 R Sumeragi (x3) - $1.50 (each)

Eighth Picture:

B08-004 R Lucina (x3) - $3 (each)

B08-010 R Virion (x3) - $1 (each)

B08-019 R Kellam (x3) - $1 (each)

B08-023 R Maribelle (x2) - $2 (each)

B08-026 R Tharja - $2

B08-033 R Owain - $1.50

B08-039 R Tiki (adult) (x2) - $4 (each)

B08-048 R Grima - $2

B08-052 R Seliph (x4) - $2 (each)

Ninth Picture:

B08-059 R Larcei (x4) - $1 (each) (3 on hold)

B08-068 R Fee (x2) - $2 (each) (2 on hold)

B08-081 R Ares - $1

B08-084 R Lene (x2) - $1 (each)

B08-085 R Tine - $4 (on hold)

B08-087 R Febail (x2) - $1 (each)

B08-096 R Arvis (x2) - $1 (each)

I apologize for the pictures’ poor quality! If you are interested in any cards please shoot me either an ask or message and we can talk! I’m located in the states and ship both domestically and internationally; however, shipping depends on the location. Thanks for your time!

I also have all of the new set’s HN/N cards and are selling them each for $0.50/$0.25! So let me know if you want any of those as well! Will be making another sale post tomorrow about wave 8′s HN/N!


Found this cute little bit on Something Rotten! with interviews I hadn’t seen before. There’s an adorable part with Christian and Brian. My favorite moment is Christian’s voice off camera going “I use that word!” and then saying “I feel like that is literally exactly what I said.” haha….Also…is it weird that I’m always so aware of whatever Christian is doing that I noticed he fixed his hair off camera cuz I happened to be looking at his shadow…? No?…ok. good.. lol The stuff with SR! starts around 12:50 and goes till 19:23 :) Enjoy!

PS tho… “John Sariani”? ….rly?? lol

Reagan (11 mass shootings)
Bush Sr (12 mass shootings)
Clinton (23 mass shootings)
Bush Jr (16 mass shootings)
Obama (162 mass shootings)

That is all I have to say about that!!!!!