lovelyyellowdress  asked:

Hello! Do you have any advice for keeping boobs in on Nyx's Gravity bra? I'm doing ophelia and while it so far is quite secure, I alway worry. ^^; (ALSO YOUR NYX IN GENERAL IS GOALS?!?! A+++)

Thanks so much!!

And my answer to that would be CUSTOM BRA! 

(I saved the first draft of my custom bra)

(Formed the craft foam over a big plastic spoon to get the right curvature)

And support those cups up & on your body with bra underwire, or just an old bra band (with underwire!) you don’t use anymore.

If you do it right, your bra should be so form fitting that it will stay on your boobs without shoulder straps.

Good luck!

tragiclobster  asked:

WAH hello!! I saw your nyx cos and im so in love omg I was wondering, how/what did you use to make the two pieces on the sides of her hips? :0

Two pieces? I’m not really sure what you’re referring to exactly.
The hip armor pieces is all one piece

Well, technically it’s 3 pieces , 2 pieces attached to a larger base

But anyway, these are simply good pleather both sewn (yellow thread) and glued to craft foam and then  simply tucked underneath my bikini bottoms when wearing the costume.
Contact cement cement is going to be your best friend when attatching the 3 pieces together.

If you have anymore questions feel free to ask me.

This is my next big cosplay project: Lilith from Darkstalkers

I actually love wearing revealing cosplays at cons (in the summer, in the winter it’s horrible) since I like the old saying, If you got it, flaunt it.

And I’ve been in love with my waist since I was 10.
Since cons are the only times I will willingly flaunt it in this sort of manner.  

Sculpty and origami

I can use paper/cardstock in the oven when using scuplty.
Yes!! best news I’ve heard all day!
Now time to make 2-inch-wide pyramid studs with origami and clay