anonymous asked:

How do you think Taron gives hugs? ^^

Like an animal. A teddy bear is an animal right? He’d squeeze you super tight. I mean, look at him digging his fingers in even. You’re not getting away. Not that your trying to anyway. 

Or maybe it’s a nice little side hug. Kinda like, I really dig you and I’m super cool just resting my arm around you like this.

Of course you’d get a nice down the side of the arm rub when it was over.

Or maybe it’s a lazy side hug because he’s so incredibly lazy tired that he just wants to hang on you, but you’re totally ok with it because, Taron.

Maybe it comes with a sweet little kiss on the cheek.

Or somewhere else…

Maybe it’s a ‘holy crap I can’t believe I didn’t die’ hug!

Or a bittersweet ‘I can’t believe it’s over’ hug.

Firtherton hugs are from a whole other universe. Nobody get’s those but Colin. Sorry Nonnie. 

Could be a super serious hug. Real tight with squity ‘I’m kind of worried about this’ eyes.

A congratulatory, good job type hug. 

If you’re lucky, it’s an ‘I’m so excited to see you I’m going to jump right off the stage’ hug.