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I drew the Squitter ;D
(( i also drew Spiked Lemonade because i really love?!?! How you draw everything also who wouldn’t love that abusive heck i mean i was the only one in the discord who wanted spiked to punch me in the face :00 i cant believe you liked one of my animations kejddjdjdj sobs ))

Tin Machine Is a Band: The 1989 Mini-Tour Guide

Tin Machine was announced to the press in May 1989, released their debut album, and went on a brief promotional tour in the US and Europe. It’s a shame that said tour was so brief, as it was the band at the peak of its promise–playing small clubs, burning through (and to be fair, greatly elongating) songs, with Bowie in strong voice and delighted about the racket he was making.

Setlists were the entire Tin Machine album (barring “Video Crime,” for whatever reason), the occasional cover (”Maggie’s Farm,” “Shakin’ All Over”) and new compositions (Hunt Sales’ “Sorry” and “Now,” which became ”Outside” years later). Not a single “David Bowie” song was played. Openers varied, but the closer was always “Under the God.” And no encores.

There was a sense of spontaneity about the tour—tickets often weren’t announced until the day of the show and the band would pile into a single car to be taken to gigs.

Bowie, 5 July 1989: “We still regard ourselves first and foremost as a live band. The songs are almost secondary…a vehicle to work on, to improvise on.” Here’s a document of much of it.

(Most clips are courtesy of the invaluable “David Bowie Tin Machine” YouTube account.)

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anonymous asked:

You're confusing me, you have a comic where Squitter says "Im so gay" but another ask says he's pan?

((Okay listen, a lot of people (myself included) kinda say like.. “gay” as an umbrella term? idkidkidk I don’t really know how to put it. I’m pan (I like gals, guys, and everybody inbetween) but when I see a cute guy I’m like “!!!! I’m so gay !!!” ??? if that makes sense??? If somebody can explain it better than me, blease do -Scott))

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(Sorry if this upsets you and if you don't want to answer that's completely fine.) If confused as to why the whole Mountain Dew Red thing is such a big deal? I get that it was part of the musical and whatever but like?? Is it some traumatic stuff going on or?? Because I'm very concerned.

((I’ll sum it up. I make Matthew dew right? And almost as soon as I introduce him, people ask if there’s a red version. I ask them to stop bringing it up. People still bring it up. And you wanna know why I don’t want it brought up?? Because a shitty ex of mine, who was v emotionally abusive and just fucking loved to guilt trip me all the time!! Who got pissed at me for sleeping and having a life!!! Mad at me for having followers on here!!! And wanted me to constantly be there for them 24/7 no matter what!!!!! Tried to make a human mtn dew red to be squitter’s ex!!!!! And they talked about the shit the mtn dew red guy would have done to squitter and honestly!!!!! I don’t fucking like to think about it!!!!!!! So yeah I’d prefer if it didn’t get brought up. Ever. And I’m sorry if I sound pissed, but guess what?? I am pissed. -Scott))