Ah yes Voltron, that show about cats. I took a buzzfeed “which cat breed r u” personality quiz 5 times, once as every character, and these are the resulting cats! Except Shiro got the same cat as Hunk so I just gave him the Token Pure White Cat haha. Hunk = squitten, Lance = siamese, Pidge = calico, Keith = maine coon.

The final art for the Purrmaid sticker sheet! (Other than a few adjustments to help with printing, of course)
Say hello to the Calicoi, Squitten and Bombangler Purrmaids!

It’s my birthday today and we’re less than $1000 away from unlocking the second Purrmaid plush: the Siamese Betta Purrmaid, so my birthday wish is WE MAKE IT BY MIDNIGHT!