A squitten is a cat with unusually short forelegs or unusually long hind legs that resembles a squirrel. It is an example of a cat body type genetic mutation.

Ah yes Voltron, that show about cats. I took a buzzfeed “which cat breed r u” personality quiz 5 times, once as every character, and these are the resulting cats! Except Shiro got the same cat as Hunk so I just gave him the Token Pure White Cat haha. Hunk = squitten, Lance = siamese, Pidge = calico, Keith = maine coon.



The Squitten, a squid kitten, will be in the Deep Sea Purrmaids Kickstarter debuting around Monday of next week!

Squitten has eight tentacles with 12 embroidered suction cups per tentacle! And their two extra long tentacle arms have magnetic paw pads capable of holding up Squitten’s weight, so you can have all kinds of fun posing them!

Squitten has an actual bell, so you can jingle them, and all of the fabric is soft minky so extra cuddly!  Squitten is a little more rambunctious than the rest of the Purrmaids and often gets in trouble because of it!  Anything magnetic they WILL get into!  Beware walking past the refrigerator!

Squitten will be available from the beginning of the Kickstarter! Hooray!

Stay tuned for daily Purrmaids news leading up to the launch of the Kickstarter!

purebloodslytherinprince  asked:

(Anon asking about plushies yesterday) I think the gray cat was called Squitten, and I'm not sure about the black and white one.

Yep :)  The gray cat is the squitten!  I have a special thing to announce there :p

There isn’t a black and white Purrmaid… YET!  It’s one of my top requests, though, so we’ll see :3  But there IS one in the coloring book!  An orca maine coon!

The final art for the Purrmaid sticker sheet! (Other than a few adjustments to help with printing, of course)
Say hello to the Calicoi, Squitten and Bombangler Purrmaids!

It’s my birthday today and we’re less than $1000 away from unlocking the second Purrmaid plush: the Siamese Betta Purrmaid, so my birthday wish is WE MAKE IT BY MIDNIGHT!