squishy's fan art

•work in progress• (im really just trying to keep myself busy to cope with writer’s block😅)

Body Posi Inquisition Time.

Blackwall and Bull both have big bellies in the way big strong dudes often do.

Cullen is a chubster under all the feathers.

Dorian has buff arms but softness in his tummy and a round jiggly butt, like a dude who spends most of his time chilling in a library should.

Solas has the body of a skinny junk food loving teen who kept the same eating habits even after his metabolism slowed down (think skinny limbs, skinny butt, zero definition, beginnings of a belly.)

Cole is pretty much the only dude in the inquisition who isn’t chubby.

All the ladies are buff as heck. (even Josie. Her and Leliana fence.)