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tagged by xgiantxyeolliex to do the 20 beautiful peeps challenge so uhm… Old selfie from that one day will be old and from that one day! ^^;;

idk it was pretty and I felt a bit gross after lunch hahaha fried food is just… DAMN. ^^;; but eyyyyyy I look pretty-ish hahaha

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you don’t have to do it if you don’t want too <333 lovessss


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  1. I’m the only lefty in my whole family #leftyforlife
  2. I get random nosebleeds every now and then, fucking annoying! They can last like 20 minutes and sometimes I even get them while I’m asleep
  3. I love my cat and my car more than anyone/anything else ♥
  4. I’m learning all the Exo choreo’s myself and it’s killing me
  5. Exo fucks me up on a daily basis </3

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  1. Feel So Bad - Infinite
  2. Thank you my girl - TVXQ
  3. Destiny - TVXQ
  4. 손톱 (feat. HJ) - Phantom
  5. My Girl - BtoB
  6. Haru - Super Junior
  7. I Was Crazy About You (너에게 미쳤었다) - 2PM
  8. I My Me Mine - 4Minute
  9. Lollipop (ft. 2NE1) - Big Bang
  10. Forbidden Love - U-Kiss

(So much old stuff whut)

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