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EXO Reaction when they're asked about their child

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*All shy* “Aww… little Park… so cute… you guys don’t know how happy I am with my baby… he’s even as loud as I am…”


*You can see his eyes shining* “My adorable galaxy… I can’t wait for you guys to meet her… she’s so smart…and so talented and…”


“My kid… little Oh…. he’s just like his father… always pranking everyone… He’s living up to his name” *Dead serious*


“She’s the second love of my life…makes my day brighter… she’s so full of joy… Thank you for taking care of us”


“Guys… my baby eats as much as I do… and loves chicken just like I do! We are going to eat chicken for the rest of our lives” *Puppy is happy*


“I’m sure she’s watching right now! Hey baby! Daddy is working now but I’ll be home soon okay? Please take care and eat all your veggies”


*Can’t stop talking about his little Byun* “SO pretty and squishy!! Even more than Soo! Baekkie loves  his cheeks… and his smile… like his father’s… and ahhh baby are you watching?? I love you!!” 


“She’s growing well… so healthy and strong! Eats all her food and barely cries! She even sings her dad’s songs! I’ll bring a video the next time!”


*Honestly, once you ask him he’ll never stop talking about his baby. Daddy is so proud of his ChenSaur JR* “And his first word… it was WAAEEEE!!”


“She said she would be watching the show tonight! I told her only to watch the beginning because it’s already late and she has school tomorrow. But I love you darling! I’ll send you your goodnight kiss!”


*A little overwhelmed* “Well… she has the energy of an unicorn… Oh and she never lets me have the microphone at home… all she does is sing. IT’s so adorable, you all would love her”


*Proudest dad ever* “He’s the most handsome in the house… and smart, and well mannered, such a gentleman.. and he’s only three… Imagine when he turns 18. I’ve been teaching him well”

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