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Bugs of Unova

Entry VII: visiting Nacrene city pokecenter

You know how you can usually tell a pokemon is getting close to evolving by their weight? Iset has gathered quite a bit of mass these past few days. Which she proved on my poor guts while we were visiting the pokecenter to rest and refill supplies.

I tell ya, it’s not fun to have a sewaddle, almost twice the normal weight, land hard right next to your squishy diaphragm.

In other news: Yay for almost an evolution! Can’t wait.

Yeah, a smaller update this time. Just because I couldn’t get that image out of my head, but it didn’t really feel like fitting to the next actual update. Jim-girl is getting along fine with her new pokemon!

Perspective be dangned.

[TRANSLATION] 150611 IU’s manager reveals the truth about her and her role as ‘Cindy’

KBS 2TV Fri-Sat variety drama ‘Producer’ has been bringing laughter to many every week through the realistic but fake and seemingly fake but real scenes.

Many are also curious about how similar Cindy, a top singer in ‘Producer’, is to IU’s real image, as IU doesn’t seem to out of character at all acting as Cindy. In particular, the way she takes her frustration out on her manager makes us naturally feel for him.

In ‘Producer’, Cindy’s manager is puzzled by her mood swings. Also, she is extremely fussy about her choice of food and drinks. As a result, her manager has a hard time catering to her needs.

We found out more about IU’s character and how she treets her managers in real life through Hunter manager, who has been working with her for 2 years.

“It must be tiring to be Cindy’s manager. Luckily, IU unlike Cindy, is not fussy about her food, so I have an easier time. She often snacks between meals too, so food is not really an issue.”

“In ‘Producer’, although Cindy is cold and hard to approach, IU is the opposite of that. She’s warm towards the people around her and the type to approach people in a friendly manner. She bickers with her managers too, but jokes around and treats us warmly like a younger sister.”

“IU is easy-going in reality. Cindy leaves her manager stuck in a dilemma, but IU is a cheerful friend that jokes around. Usually, she calls not just me but her other managers ‘oppa’ too and is friendly with us. She’s gradually maturing and takes good care of not just me but other people around her too.”

In the drama, Cindy hurls offensive remarks at the ‘Music Bank’ PD, Tak Yejin. They are in a close match with their never-ending disputes, which causes her manager to be worried for her.

IU’s manager in real life said he had yet to encounter such an experience.

He said, “The way Cindy treats the PDs is a side I’ve never seen of IU. That’s true acting. IU is the sort to be friendly with the PD. Also, Cindy didn’t even consider the PD’s suggestion, while IU is the kind to agree without any complaints at all.”

“There’s only one thing that both of them have in common. The fact that both of them are top singers. You can think of the real IU and Cindy as being exact opposites.”

Translated by squishy with love
Source: Star News