squishy humans

attack of the dumbs by exo:

sebaekyeol attacking kris’ stomach and ???

tao taking advantage of the commotion to touch chanyeol and baekhyun’s butts

chen hitting kris once after deciding it to be against his better judgment

kai molesting yixing’s neck

kyungsoo finding a better spot to watch kai molest yixing

suho trying to get away from all the crazies (again)

and chill xiuhan enjoying the show

tellurianmastertech asked:

❛ Love is many things, Cell. None of them logical. Mostly it comprises of mutual respect, admiring strengthens and nonsensically loving them even more for all their flaws. ❜

Explain the concept of ‘Love’ to my Muse.

      “You’re right it’s not logical, Bulma. In fact, it sounds an awful lot like you and Vegeta…” Cell replied, a soft titter creeping into his voice as he quirked his head at the human scientist curiously. It was a laugh without rancor however; Bulma Brief’s was one of the world’s leading minds in scientific discoveries and was the closest contender to Dr. Gero himself - even if her inventions did lean towards those purely mechanical in nature. If anyone could explain one of life’s greatest mysteries to somebody, she was the one. That said, her attempts at explaining love to the odious chimera seemed to cause more confusion than it solved, which was reflected in the darkening expression of his face as he tried to take in what she said.

            “I’m not joking when I say that either. The two of you are so unalike, you couldn’t be more different if you tried. Perhaps… perhaps that’s why the two of you are still together,” he mused, the magenta shades of his eyes dimming to cerise hues as he scrutizined her youthful face carefully. There had to be something in this small, frail woman for Vegeta of all people to stick by her side so faithfully, when in his timeline, the man had died long before their relationship ever got that.

                                      Maybe there was more to love like the woman said.

Stop putting off seamstresses because you are too lazy to dress your doll properly! I’ve seen way too many say that they dont have time to remove the dolls head to dress them. News flash! Realistic clothes usually requer that because the dolls head is usally too big in porpotion to the body, and not as squishy as a human head. Thus you have to remove the head! Or get something that buttons up! But dont you dare critisize a seamstress because of your lazyness to dress a doll properly!


darkeecofreak asked:

Because I am not ashamed of my thirst. Boros, other than his immense strength, what draws you to Saitama? Is it his mamalian body? i mean he's gotta be softer than your species, humans are squishy all things considered. What about his voice? I mean, you've heard his *serious* voice, what do you think about it?

Didn’t I just say I was going to tone it down with the Saitama posting. Didn’t I JUST. SAY. ….

Yes, the smooth mammalian skin is very attractive.

anonymous asked:

I'm having a hard time figuring out if you are a real person or a very great, very realistic painting, because I can't see how an actual living, breathing human being could be this gloriously beautiful. So are you real?

owwwwwhhh u r adorable awwhhh ❤️💕❤️💕❤️❤️❤️ yes i am real i swear; all super squishy and 100% human ☺️

useless information about sabel story

  • weeks had an emo phase/is still emo deep inside even though he’s a 30 year old jaded cop
  • lex has no emotions untill its inconvenient for him to have the, then he has anxiety and overwhelming desire to protect squishy humans
  • when that happens his robotic-parts overheats and he gets warm and its not like human warm and its the same kind of feeling when your laptop starts heating up
  • flood and trish fight for leadership using a spinner
  • weeks and sabel hang out at a diner for their weekly ‘is everything okay’ check up. sabel orders fruit smoothies and eventually the entire team gets on it and weeks has to pay for food for two other ppl + a robot who wants to eat for some reason
  • everyone takes turns dressing up lex. they use a spinner to determine. sometimes lex dresses himself though.