squishy faced dog


~ Japan Haul ~

Back from Japan and wishing I had gotten more things before I left as I came back with some savings. Went to Tokyu Hands, Loft, Muji and some random stores.

The folders are Muji and are perfectly sized, between A4 and A5 and are full of paper. Also got some graph paper. Chose alternating plain colours to match my desk area. Used washi tape down the sides to mark them differently.

Picked up some page markers in cute animals (squishy faced dogs 😍 so sad they had only one left) and triangles for in text marking. 6 rolls of washi tape (3 pictured) in nice bright colours.

Pens and highlighters were so much fun!! Juice .38 with backups of black and blue (go through so many) some colours I liked in single pens. Mildliners were so much fun got extra grey ones and a backup of one packet. Also got some charcoal pencils and a graphite pencil for drawing with.

Keep a close eye for a peak inside my pencil case.