squishy face cats

madamehardy  asked:

I wish you'd write ... more Dave/Jade, because you've got their interactions down so well, the seriousness inseparable from the playfulness. Also, the Young Folks D/S was hot as scorching.

Special delivery! Alright this is more sillycute than scorching, but maybe it’s slightly toasty at the edges?

“Well!” Jade demands, hands on her hips and back hollowing. “Say something!”

There’s only one word revving for take-off on the tip of your tongue and like hell you’re giving that little rebel clearance for immediate vocalisation. Surely there’s some dignity left to you. Somewhere. Anywhere. Please.

But anyway.
Boobs. Breasts. Bosom. Bazongas. Boobers. Bazooms. Bazookas. Breasticles. Baps. Bubatoes. 

Hooters. Mammeries. Knockers. Rack. Cans. Jugs. Titties. Chesticles. Honkers. Tatas. Wazoos.

Mother. Fucking. BOOBIES.

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