squishy face cat

Lamen headcanon #3


But imagine Laurent and Damen getting a CAT

-       The cat waking them up in the morning by jumping on Damen’s stomach

-       And Damen goes “GAH!” and spooks the cat who jumps off and hides under the bed

-       And there we have it: king Damianos on his belly on the floor trying to lure the kitty from under the bed

-       While Laurent laughs his ass off ON the bed and provides unhelpful commentary

-       Laurent – the cast iron bitch – of Vere accepting ambassadors on his throne and regarding them with his ice-cold gaze, all while stroking a purring cat on his lap and giving off the vibe of a supervillain, which makes people super-nervous

-       The cat occupying the throne like it’s its rightful place - a sight to which the servants are pretty used to by now

-       Damen walking around the castle with scratch marks, because the cat likes to climb up his body and sit on his shoulder

-       The guards are given the order to open the doors to the cat whenever it wants in or out of the room

-       So there we have the guards having the loveliest of times opening the doors to the royal kitten all day long and going: “OMG, can you decide already?! Are you going in or not? I’ll close the door, I’ll do it!”

-       The cat bringing dead mice to its masters as a gift

-       The cat sleeping on Laurent’s head

-       And then when Damen gets hurt one day (yet again!) the cat point blank refuses to leave him

-       So when Pascal comes to check on his bandages, Damen smiles at him from the bed with a cat purring loudly on his chest and Laurent sleeping with his head on Damen’s shoulder, and he goes: “I uhh… I’ll come back later”

-       Nikandros getting hissed on by the cat and being convinced it’s Laurent’s fault somehow

-       Important Meeting™ getting interrupted by a cat walking below the table and rubbing whiskers on peoples legs

-       Also the door opening during an Important Meeting™ and a cat walking in and ruining some intense argument

-       Laurent using the cat to ignore people

-       Damen using the cat to apologize to Laurent after having some stupid domestic fight. Like making the cute voice and big innocent eyes, and holding the cat up in front of him, because how can you even say “no” to those squishy faces?

-       (Also the cat is a present from Nicaise, who’s alive and well and lives with his parents and he gave them the cat – shut up)

I presented Rosie with Christmas lights and she was very perturbed by them 😂

Also, as of yesterday, it has been 2 full months since we adopted her squishy little toothless face 😍♥️