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Your Biggest Fan (M)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Summary: You have loved Jungkook since before you even met him, obsessing over BTS and writing the smuttiest fics about him. But once you two start dating you try your hardest to prevent him from finding out. You’re successful for the first few years, until one night….

Word Count: 6,595

Genre: Fluff, Light Smut (who am I kidding this is definitely smut)

Content: masturbation mention, oral sex, Jungkook attempts to be a dom but isn’t very good at it, a little bit of bondage, Jungkook letting you call him Oppa, attempts at dirty talk, Jungkook being the squishy bun that he is

Sneak Peak: 

You sit down next to him, mortified, as you watch him reading in silence. “Are… are you actually into this kind of thing..?”

“I.. uh.. I—” you stutter, not knowing how to answer his question. “I mean I guess..?”

“It just seems so rough, so vulgar… Does— doesn’t that hurt?” He asks, pointing to a particularly rough portion of your fic.

“Nothing could be as painful as this right now.”

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My first BTS fic omg and my first smut. This is for @qweentae who made this imagine and I just had to write a fic about it 😂😂😂. THIS IS A JOKE I DONT BELIEVE THAT OPPA KINK IS AN ACTUAL THING. Anyway, here we go~

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anonymous asked:

Sorry if you've answered something like this before, but do you have any recommendations for stim toys that are on the subtle side and can preferably be kept on the person?

It’s fine! You can always check my ask tag to see what’s been answered, but I understand if you’re not able to flip through five pages of asks (and tags are harder to access for mobile users, although I keep the tags pages linked in my user description to make it easier). You might like to look through this previous ask for ideas, as it discusses lanyard-clipable stim toys! In addition, if you’re in a classroom or desk office setting, some of the stationery items mentioned in this ask might be workable as stealth toys.

I’m not sure what kind of toy you might be after (chewable, fidget, etc) so I’ll list everything I know of that’s both on-the-person portable and subtle/stealth. Jewellery is like to be your best option. This is a little harder for people like me who prefer not to present in ways socially-coded as feminine, but, thankfully, most of these things don’t have strong associations with a binary gender.

Stimtastic really does have some of the best offerings for teenagers and adults after subtle/stealth stim jewellery.

Fidget jewellery that’s perfectly stealth: Roller Ball Bike Chain Bracelet | Extra Wide Bike Chain Bracelet | Spinner Rings (link to category, in various colours and designs) | Double Circle Earrings | Concentric Circles Necklace | Scented Vial Necklace (I have the cinnamon one and I love it - it’s small enough to be unobtrusive/merely decorative and it smells divine) | Snake Twist Necklace (a subtle Tangle alternative) | Mobius Flower Earrings (I took these off the earring backings and turned them into necklace pendants strung on a leather cord - gender neutral and nobody knows it’s stim jewellery) | Heavy Bike Chain Bracelet | Interlocking Bike Chain Bracelet | Light Bike Chain Bracelet | Wrist Coil Bracelets (like wearing a hair tie on your wrist - unremarkable) | Zipper Bracelets.

Fidget toys that can be attached to a bag or belt loop: Rolling Bead Lanyard | Large Bead Ring | Squishy Panda Charm | Jumbo Bead Ring.

(Note: how stealth these ones are depends somewhat on how eclectic you are in presentation. I can attach a bead ring or a squishy to a belt loop and have no one remark on it, but I’m the kind of person psychologists politely call “quirky”.)

Fidget toys that can fit into a pocket and hide in your hand/palm when someone comes over to your desk: Spiky Animal Fidget | Boinks Fidget | Mini Prickle/Hedge Balls.

(Note: I’ve found the animal prickle fidget toys in multipacks in the party sections of dollar shops and Toys R Us, $4-$4.50 AUD. I’ve also found the mini prickle balls in multipacks in the party sections of dollar shops and Big W, $3-$5 AUD.)

Chewables that are closer to stealth: Chewable Dulcimer Necklace | Chewable Trapezoid Necklace | Chewable Doughnut Necklace. (These are the smaller or plainer chewable pendants, and I assure you, I’ve seen folks wearing non-silicone versions of these. I’ve also walked around various cities, stores and markets wearing the Braid Pendant and nobody has once thought anything of it if they don’t see it in my mouth. Oversized jewellery, especially for femme-leaning folks, is pretty fashionable.)

DIYs: If you want to make your own roller bead lanyards, here’s the tutorial. If you want to make your own bead rings and make them even more stealth, here’s my tutorial on making bead ring necklaces. Nobody has ever treated these as anything more than funky necklaces, and I wear these everywhere, every day.

@caseydickdanger​, if you’re located in the US, makes some seriously unique handcrafted pieces. Most things have textures if you’re just after a necklace pendant to touch and handle. The really stimmy in-stock items include the Nautical Bottle Necklace, Mocha Tubez Bracelet and the Mermaid Sand Tubez Bracelet.

@spacerobotstudio has a phenomenal selection of funky, unique fidget necklaces: Spirit Level Necklace in Red | Spinner Pendant Necklace in Copper and Teal | Bronze Double-Sided Compass Necklace | Pink and Blue Saturn Spinner Necklace (oh, god, want) | Dots and Brown Spinner Pendant Necklace | Blue Glitter Globe Necklace.

Banggood or ebay also sell tiny squishies. Mochi squishies are perfect for holding and hiding in one’s hand (links to many individual ones in this post) but most of the cheap squishy assortments include smaller bun and cake squishies as well (and these have strap attachments for adding to bags).

(If you’re after more bag or lanyard-attachment fidget toys, here’s the ultimate post on where to find edamame poppers!)

Etsy has a wealth of spinner rings. There’s a wide variety running from affordable to bespoke.

You can also find the wrist coil/telephone cord bracelets in cheap multipacks in every dollar store - look in the hair accessory section. Also available on ebay! If you’re not the kind of person who wears bracelets, I’ve seen them as lanyard clips in many dollar shops (link to listing on Banggood).

Chubuddy and Amazon also have chewable telephone cord bracelets, if you want something unremarkable that’s chewable and a fidget.

Chewigem has several silicone raindrop pendant chewables that look just like oversized funky pendants.

In short, there’s a lot of options, especially jewellery-wise. However, most of these sellers are based in the US, so if you’re an international stimmer, be prepared for international shipping rates and conversion fees. While there are therapy-focused stim toy stores internationally, most of them don’t offer a lot in the way of subtlety!

Good luck. If this doesn’t help you enough, please let me know. If there’s something I should have included and didn’t, please also let me know!

I Give Up - part 22 (A Baekhyun Series)

You took a step back from the door. The groan from behind the door was low and throaty in Baekhyun’s voice and you felt sick. The room was spinning and the heat inside your oversized costume was making you feel worse. Another step back and there was a wall at your back. You stumbled, gripping the wall as you made your way down the hallway, back toward the kitchen where you knew you would find Chanyeol and Sehun. Someone. Anyone who might help you make sense of this fucking situation.

Why was his door locked? Why was he in there? What was he doing with the door locked and was the other woman in there with him?

Were they together in that locked bedroom as he groaned and made those sounds.

The wall was slippery and you had a hard time getting your hot dog costume to cooperate with you. Why was it so difficult to walk straight.

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Stim Toy Storage - At Home Stim Kits

Something I don’t see discussed too often is storage of stim toys, so I’m going to talk about some photos of the ways I’m storing my collection, now that I have a fairly large collection of toys. How often I use an item and how reachable I need it to be impacts a lot on how I store it and where.

Some degree of organisation can help with acceptance, I’ve found, as there’s less feeling of “things everywhere” and “toys for kids” and a little more sense of purpose or focus.

This is my “left over” or “spare” kit - comprised of items that are extras, usually from buying multiple items in a pack because I can’t find them for individual purchase, making too many of a handmade item (I tend to “samemake” in the way I samefood, once I find a pattern or design that works), gifts, or items I reviewed that I just didn’t click with. I like having an extra kit because I dislike other people touching my toys, so having toys meant for handling by others is great for sharing if I’m stimming in front of guests. It’s easy to put a box like this on a table, too, or bring to a community gathering. It’s also something I can show other people, with everything neatly laid out, and a full kit like this is great for introducing people to the idea that stim toys exist.

(I struggle to communicate stimming in the abstract, but putting someone’s hands in a box of toys and letting them explore while I talk is so much easier. I’ve found that NT folks new to stimming don’t necessarily click with any one or two toys I’ve showed them, but having lots of options means at least one “gateway” toy, and once they’ve happened across something that provides a positive/pleasing/relaxing sensation for them, they’re more open to other toys. It happened this way with Mum: she wouldn’t touch anything until I made my marble mazes, but she’s now got her own spinner, massage balls and hedge balls…)

This kit is housed in a cardboard box and two plastic trays which fit inside it. The smaller, more tangly and rattly items (like bead fidgets, marble loops, Tangles, spinners, hedge balls, telephone cord bracelets) are housed in the trays, as I can stack one tray on top of the other and simply lift the top tray out of the box, meaning I don’t have to burrow through as many little items to find things. Some things will still take some burrowing (there’s a marble maze in the top basket, hidden by everything on top of it) but it’s a lot easier to use, and less overwhelming, than my previous method of stowing everything loose in a box.

The larger items like Play-Doh tubs, stress balls and plush are stacked in the other half of the box, with large pieces like plush keyrings and bean bags sitting loosely on top, so I don’t have to move too many things to reach the tubs underneath.

Slinkies are great for neatly containing smaller items, just like a pen caddy or cup: the one in this box holds a stress ball and two makeup blending sponges. I’ve got one on my desk holding several Tangles, a sponge and a few Hama bead loops!

My cardboard box is 31 cm long, 24 cm wide and 11.5 cm deep. It’s deep enough to hold a full-size plastic Slinky and a full-size snake puzzle standing on its shorter end. I paid $2.50 AUD for this from Fantastic Variety, a local dollar shop, but I more often see boxes of this size between $3-5 AUD. The plastic trays I bought from the same store in a 3 pack for $2 AUD, and they’re 23.2 cm long, 15.5 cm wide and 6 cm deep. With all the toys in it, the box is quite heavy.

For this sort of thing, it’s often better purchasing in person (if possible) as you can check that any inner trays fit inside your intended box. For this kind of storage, with a variety of toys of many different shapes, you ideally want a box deep enough to fit two trays on top of each other, leaving the rest of the box for taller items.

There are sewing and gear boxes designed to take larger items, many with compartments and removable trays, but most of these are very expensive. This set up cost me less than $5 AUD and is easy to use.

Image description under read more cut:

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imagine mark lee 10 years down the road: in all of nct’s subunits, is eating healthily, all buffed up and has killer biceps, produces over 10000000 mixtapes, has his own solo debut, hosts his own talk shows, owns 10 lamborghini veneno cars of different colours, owns 5 mansions, laughed his way through life happily every single day, still cute and squishy