‘Can you give me the biggest, squishiest hug possible?’

a very enthusiastic yes from jensen, followed by misha shoving me right into jensen’s chest, and me actually squeaking, they squished me so hard lol
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16, nonbinary, 5'11", green eyes, bleach blond hair at the moment! I cosplay, sing, and gush about fictional characters and historical figures alike. It'd be fun to couple cosplay and maybe go to an aquarium or museum of some sort! Or, we could stay home and marathon Steven Universe/Miraculous Ladybug/anything really!

you sound really cute, i’d love that!! and i adore aquariums, we should definitely go to one and u can help me work up the nerve to touch the stuff in the touch tanks bc im a weakling <3

manta rays feel like jello i love them  

Cat Boy!Taehyung

And now it is time for my love the squishiest of squishs the total cutie Kim Taehyung aka V aka tae tae aka there are so many things to talk about when it comes to him I don’t even know where to start maybe his eyes they’re my favorite and then it’s his smile but that also connects with his eyes bc his eyes do the thing where they smile and shine I could write an entire post to his eyes I could have an entire fucking blog dedicated to his eyes tell me it’s a thing bc that’s some good shit 10000000000/10 have you ever actually looked into his eyes they literally sparkle they’re so shiny and pretty and I love his lashes I love the color of his eyes I love how big they are I love how expressive they are this is just a huge love of mine I love his eyes

  • First up is the look bc I have to set the scene first give you a clearer picture
  • Like you know when his hair’s just a bit messy or sometimes really messy
  • Tae with fluffy hair is my weakness but I’m thinking like WOH era where it was just really messy and it was so beautiful
  • That’s cat boy!tae
  • The colors change sometimes but when you first meet him, he’s got bright orange hair and it looks really really amazing on him
  • Never ever ever has neat hair
  • Like never
  • He doesn’t even try bc he’s too busy being cute and running around to really care too much about his hair
  • Some days he actually just rolls out of bed and goes bc you know what the messy hair look looks great on him he get compliments on it why not just roll with it
  • Comfy clothes king
  • We all know about tae’s love of baggy clothes
  • He has that one pair (or maybe it’s multiple pairs that are just similar) of baggy black pants he wears a lot that he looks amazing in
  • And the cut up shirts no one can ever forget that god bless this man
  • When he’s at home it’s all baggy t-shirts and maybe some shorts or on the colder days he’ll actually go sweats
  • He has the cutest lil ears ever
  • They’re pretty twitchy tbh
  • They twitch when he wakes up, they twitch when he dreams, they twitch when he’s brushing his teeth in the morning and doesn’t really know where he is exactly bc he’s still mostly asleep
  • But it’s all adorable
  • He has z e r o (and I mean zero) issues with you playing with his hair or his ears he loves affection
  • You could put endless bows into his hair, you can give him pigtails, you can toy with his ears he’s all for it
  • Is that one cat that actually really fucking loves dogs
  • Like not just tolerates dogs bc some cats do that where it’s just like hey dude we’re not best friends but actually lowkey I really value your friendship
  • It’s an actual love when it comes to tae
  • He continually asks you to buy him a puppy friend, it can be a hybrid it can be a straight up puppy he just wants one bc he thinks they’re so smol and cute
  • Gives no shits about how cats are typically loners
  • If you leave town for a weekend, he will call you like every two seconds
  • “Hey what’s up how are you doing”
  • “I left the house two minutes ago, I haven’t started my car”
  • “So does that mean you’re up for some pizza or something”
  • Lowkey acts more like a puppy than a cat but ooPS
  • Sometimes forgets he has a tail lowkey and then is kinda really surprised when he sees it
  • You know how animals can kinda chase their own tails and it’s just like what are you trying to achieve with that you’re just going to bite your own tail is there like a scientific reason for that or are they just really amazing that there’s a tail happening I need to know
  • That’s pretty much cat boy!tae it’s just forgetting he has a tail bc it’s behind him and then trying to grab said tail but he can’t bc it keeps flicking around
  • Has the most soothing purr/hums
  • Like if you ever have a bad day or just need something to calm you down, you can just cuddle him and listen to the purrs bc it’s just as relaxing as his heartbeat
  • And when you have both at the same time oh boy goodnight you aren’t staying awake for long
  • Especially since he seems like someone who rub your back when you cuddle like just really softly and you almost can’t even feel it but it’s just enough to calm you down
  • His heart breaks whenever you cry so he does everything he possibly can to make you smile
  • Even if he has to walk around with pigtails and a tiara he’s doing it
  • He’ll make all the shitty jokes he knows
  • Cat boy!tae is just a really cute energetic lil kitten who loves you v v much 
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hey, i saw your photo op with cockles so i just want to say you look good:)

@bad-buttercup replied to your photo “˜Can you hug me like Dean would hug Charlie?’ extended story of this…”

What a lovely story.

@sensitivehandsomeactionman replied to your photo “˜Can you give me the biggest, squishiest hug possible?’ a very…”

ahhhh looove it!!!

@withyouimdrowning replied to your photo “˜Can you hug me like Dean would hug Charlie?’ extended story of this…”

i’m actually so in love with this

thanks my lovelies! dean/charlie hugs for everyone!

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chubby alex has honestly,, made it way easier for me to accept myself. like,, i feel better than i have all year bc of the positivity from this blog i just wanted to thank you for that aa

i’ve gotten so many messages like this and im so glad like!!! god bless!!!!!

i die it makes me so happy that u feel better, even the littlest bit

i would also like to take this time to say that chubby alex doesn’t have to be end all, like… give me all the chubby headcanons. i personally imagine peggy and madison as also having The Squish

but alex is the Squishiest

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:why does calum look like michelangelo decided to create another masterpiece but at the same time he's the squishiest in the band i'm