3:15 ONTAE CAN YOU JUST NOT……………….. 

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻.


he is just…. the squishiest


After three straight absolutely agonizing hours of class and a Chipotle run later, I finally got to go to the post office and pick up a highly awaited package from the wonderful @jellysfancy! I traded her another Powa Powan Llama I had sitting in the Buyee warehouse for this one. My first reaction was “how the heck did an Alpacasso fit in such a small package” and seeing his very squished face made me laugh! He’s just darling, I’m in awe of him! This is my second Powa Powan Alpacasso and now it might be kind of an abstract goal to get the rest of these…This series has the cutest face (imho), the squishiest bodies and the softest fur. There isn’t another series quite as wonderful as they are! I’m working on redistributing his stuffing, but I think I’m going to name him Peggles because one of his front legs is more stuffed than the other. Thank you so much, Jelly! He’s precious. 

Happy Happy Birthday

Namu ah, thank you for staying by our side this long. Without realising, you’ve become such a big part of my life. I can barely imagine what everything would have been like if I hadn’t met you. 

You really the have loveliest, most adorable smile that can give warmth to even the coldest winter,

You’re the biggest heart-throwing, self obsessed greaseball

Good potential daddy,

not to mention how good you look with glasses

(even when it’s nerdy) 

The cutest when shy,

The biggest sass meme boy,

 The most wrecking of wreckers,

Most seductive of seducers 

Giving the best fan service (ft best abs and best collarbone award)

The squishiest fluff ball,

(though sometimes punch worthy)

The most good looking (though you probably don’t need me to tell you)

The smoothest lady’s man

Thanking for letting us share your laughter

and tears

I hope you get all the world’s love and sweetness and joy. Thank you for always blessing us with you wonderful self ^^ You’re the best present I can ever ask for

multiversehowell asked:

nikki..... your icon.... the squishiest of squishes... how dare... without asking for my permission.... bad

isn’t he so squishy???? i’m still working on a new chibi style so i don’t really know what i’m doing with it right now??? and that was just me screaming into the abyss while slamming my face into my tablet while listening to the kingdom hearts soundtrack???

which sounds irrelevant, but when you consider…..

that i accidentally drew him as a moogle…… not so irrelevant………….

but dan howell does look like a moogle so yknow… food for thought…..

List 10 Biases And Bias Wreckers From 10 K-Pop Groups You Like

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I’m including bias wrecker like she did for funsies.

BTS -  

Bias - Kim Taehyung, the beautiful little shit (ultimate bias 1A)


Beast -

Bias - Gikwang, the rudest/squishiest boy ever to the point where I can’t even (ultimate bias 1B)

Bias Wrecker - Yoseob, seriously who allowed him

Infinite -

Bias - Sunggyu/Woohyun  because no, I can’t just pick one

Bias Wrecker - Myungsoo and Sungyeol are taking turns lately


Bias - Choi Junhong, he gives me fits

Bias Wrecker - Daehyun, his lips and smile are just… ASDFGHJKL


Bias - Cha Hakyeon, he’s just awesome/best bitch face

Bias Wrecker - Ravi, his voice is just ugh

Got7 -

Bias - Jackson… he has no chill

Bias Wrecker - JB for reasons

Monsta X -

Bias - Jooheon, whom I need to take about 10 steps back

Bias Wrecker - Shownu, please don’t let him wear sleeves…ever

Winner -

Bias - Taehyun… voice, lips *flails*

Bias Wrecker - Mino

Teen Top -

Bias - Niel…   like you didn’t see that one coming ;)

Bias Wrecker - Cap for reasons

Up10tion -

Bias - Wooshin, whom I occasionally refer to as Woo-satan

Bias Wrecker - Kuhn


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