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hey!!! I was wondering if you had any tips on how to draw? or like just tips on how to draw eyes?? every time I try drawing they turn out really wonky esp those with narrow eyes ;;;;;;

think of the eyes in terms of simple shapes, that way you wont be too caught up on small details like lids, folds, eyelashes, etc.

using guidelines can help you with eye placement

eyes arent completely flat, so they squish and distort according to the perspective/angle. 

heres a step by step i guess of my drawing process???

looking at lots of your favorite artists’ works and refs will definitely help you develop/refine your style! hopefully this helps, but feel free to ask me more questions!

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Leggy in a bubble bath. Laff takes too much space and Pegs kind of squished in there but she doesn't mind. Lots of kissing, playing with bubbles and squirting water at each other with those rubber duck things. They're splashing water everywhere!

😭😭😭😭😭😭 BLESS

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Since Tsubaki has long sleeves, you think she accidentally slaps people?

“she” (─‿‿─) haha but I get ya.

Well, so far in age au we have seen baby Tsubaki squish peoples faces or poke their face, pull hair(namely Sakuya’s curl thingy lol) etc. So yeah he would definitely smack people with his oversized sleeves. Hahaha Maybe slap other kids when he’s older. Or his poor siblings. THE POWER. 

I also don’t think he’s above it in canon either HA

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I'm aro too and nothing about squish is appropriative. To say people can't use a word to describe a type of attraction they feel just cause it's not the ONLY type they feel is bullshit. If they feel squishes, they can call them squishes.

I haven’t heard anyone say “squish” was appropriative, nor do I know how someone would find it to be that?

but yeah it’s literally describing a strong platonic attraction

aro asks!!

1. where are you on the aromantic spectrum?

2. do you have a qpp/qpps? 

3. do you have any squishes? 

4. what’s your stance on romantic attraction?

5. how did you figure out you were arospec?

6. when did you figure out you were arospec

7. do you experience romance repulsion?

8. favorite part of the arospec community?

9. least favorite part of the arospec community?

10. do you consider yourself to be part of the lgbtq+ community?

11. how do you feel about physical affection?

12. do you follow any arospec blogs?

13. do you headcanon any characters as arospec?

14. are you a cartoon or reality tv aro?

15. are you an classical music aro or pop music aro?

16. are you a novel or comic book aro?

17. are you a succulent person or flower aro?

18. are you an introverted or extroverted aro?

19. are you a rainy or sunny day aro?

20. are you a stay home or go out aro?

21. are you a dog or cat person aro?

22. are you a mermaid or dragon aro? 

23. are you an early riser or night owl aro?

24. are you a harry potter or percy jackson aro?

25. are you a sweater or t-shirt aro?

26. do you own any aro pride stuff (t-shirts, stickers, ect)?

27. do you want a romantic relationship?

28. best part of being aro?