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“Hello everybody welcome to the live show. Hello everybody welcome to the live show. Hello everybody welcome to the live show. Hello everybody welcome to the live show.” Dan holds up his laptop to the webcam and smiles in satisfaction as he listens to the echo of his voice go on and on.

Y/N cringes slightly from beside him, scrunching up her face adorably as she watches multiple screens of Dan’s face appear on the screen in-front of her. This was new for Y/N, usually she would sit in the living room and watch the show on her laptop – but today Dan had begged her to join him. And so here she was, singlehandedly fucking up the usual sea of ‘how are you?’ messages and replacing them all with ‘who’s that?’ ones instead.

Eventually, Dan sighs happily and slams his laptop shut – throwing it over his shoulder onto his and Y/N’s bed carelessly before turning his attention toward the message board that was flooded with questions about his guest. “Well, that was fun as always.”

“Funnily enough, it makes you dizzy when you’re actually in the room.” Y/N grins, eying Dan cheekily and gulping down the small ounce of nervousness she had once felt.

Dan rolls his eyes at her before turning back to the chat and furrowing his brows. “You guys know Y/N. Why are you asking who she is?”

From that moment on, the chat was flooded with thousands of messages along the lines of ‘AHDKDJBFDKN VKHJBF’ and ‘HOLY FUCK THAT’S Y/N WE’VE NEVER ACTUALLY SEEN HER BEFORE HOLY FUCKBALLS SHASDKBFKFEKAFJS’.

“Well done Dan.” Y/N breathes out with a slight laugh, shaking her head at her blunt ass boyfriend. “That wasn’t vague at all,”

He whines and sticks out his bottom lip before turning his attention back to the chat and reading out one of the messages. ‘SHE’S PRETTIER THAN WE EXPECTED HOLY CRAP BALLS’.

Y/N blushes and looks down at her hands – forgetting that ten thousand people including her boyfriend, were currently witnessing her bashfulness. Dan smirks and laces their fingers together, pulling her hand up to his mouth and kissing it lightly. “You’re so cute.”

“I’m not cute, I’m a badass.” She protests, pulling her hand away and glaring at him slightly before turning to the chat. “Who here thinks I’m more of a badass than Dan?”

The message board was then swarmed with a few different answers, some saying how Dan should be the badass but he’s too squishy – and a few screaming about how she was amazing for smashing gender stereotypes.

Dan’s jaw drops as he reads some of the ‘squishy’ comments. “I am not squishy!”

Y/N turns to him slowly and raises her brows – reaching out and stroking his face. “You are the squishiest.” 


Give Dan Howell the role of Christopher Robin in the new Winnie the Pooh movie

This petition needs about 4,000 more signatures to reach its goal!
This petitions goal is to get Dan to play Christopher Robin in the next Winnie the Pooh movie and we all know how fantastic that’d be

Link: (if it’s not working for some reason just message me)

I’ve kinda had to read between the lines, because @sammit-janet, @rizlow1, @spnjensenlove02, @whatdoyouthinkmyjobis, @hidingfrommychildren and all my other friends have been so low-key about it, but…

…was there some sort of… Television Show Convention going on this weekend? About some guy in a trucker hat and tight jeans who… sings… or something? Did that happen… or…?

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Asterin’s Birthing: Part Five


Authors Note: I present unto you, the conclusion

In the hallway, Sam healed himself, five slender scars ran around his forearm. He was proud of these scars. Sitting cross-legged, three inches next to the door, he held baby Connellie. She was so cute and pudgy. Sam poked her cheek. She was a squish.

“You’ll really like Aunt Asterin as your mom, Connellie. She is the best person in the world. She will love you and cherish you and your sister.”

With Connellie’s hand in his, he used his fae hearing to listen to what was happening inside.

“I name you Samaentha. You are named after a fierce young male who didn’t shy away from my scars …

At the testament, tears spilled from his eyes. Of course he didn’t run from her scars. It was like his mother said. Everyone has scars.

His aunt.. She loved him. He loved her. She was as much as an aunt to him as the queen was his mother.


“What are you doing up so late, Lyira?” Gavriel asked.

Because you overgrown house cat, my twin senses are tingling.” Lyria said, pirouetting in her white night gown, long siver knotted hair flinging out behind her, “Sam needs me.”

Gavriel smiled, escorting Lyria to her twin and Asterin’s rooms. The young princess was a living snowstorm. Wild and bound to nothing but her honor, her twin, and her crown.


Looking up, Sam saw his twin twirl down the hallway with an amused Gavriel following her.

There is something about them, he thought. They have a bond of some kind. Much like me and Ciel.


“Tell Sam he can come in. And Lyira,” Asterin said, holding Samaentha close to her chest, “I’d bet good coin she’s made her way down to her twin by now.”

Coming into the room, Lyria, bedhead and all, said, “And you’d win that bet!”

Coming in behind her, Sam gave Connellie to Fenrys and made his way up to Asterin. His turquoise eyes solemn and swimming.

“Thank you, Aunt Asterin. I will try to live up to being the namesake that you and Samaentha deserve.” he hung his head, blonde hair falling past his shoulders.

Asterin smiled and handed Samaentha to Manon, pulling Sam into a fierce hug.

“You already live up to it, Sam. Just by being my friend.”

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This might be a silly question, but if a Persian cat somehow became a Clan cat, would they pass on their squished muzzle look onto their kittens?

a bit! the features would probably be bred out completely by the 3rd generation tho

here’s a 1st gen persian mix

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If jody were to get into a relationship with someone, would it just be something like an affectionate friendship? (I love jody btw, they is my fav squish nerd)

jodys only “relationships” are friendships

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I heard that my precious baby is sad :( I’m a bit late to this but I wanted to say that I am here if u ever want to talk even tho we don’t talk much but I really care about you cz to me you’re my big sister ♡ anyway I’m writing a lil something for u that I hope will cheep u up so here’s a smiling kook as a starter till I finish the “thing” smile please unnie I love you forever ♡♡♡♡

MY response :

Hey fam~~~ I’m feeling better, no need to worry about a sensitive dork like me lmaoooo You see me as your big sis??!! AWWWW THAT’S SO DAMN CUTE!!!!!T_T WHY YOU SO ADORABLE, I NEED TO SQUISH THOSE CHEEKS OF YOURS >.<  We actually don’t need to talk often for me to know that you’re one of my closest friends on tumblr ;) I trust you girl and I love you. No need for words~~ AND OMG YOU’RE WRITING UP SOMETHING FOR ME^^!!?? TO CHEER ME UP ??! ASDFGHKL!!!! What did I ever do to deserve such love T_T . I really mean it babe, you don’t need to worry about me,This blog is bright for a reason isn’t ?If it wasn’t for my will to remain positive and bright, this blog wouldn’t be able to run , so you don’t need to worry about me >.< tbh this blog is what brighten up my day ^^ <333

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Why does every atom in the entire universe despise me in so far as atoms can despise larger collections of atoms. Why are they all out to take away my happiness? Why do they hate me so much?

Do I have to sacrifice a small animal to get my clothes back? Provide verification that you have my clothes o atomic conspiricy and you’ll have your headless ox. Or squished ant as the case may be.



okay listen I objectively should not have spent $90 on clothing at Torrid BUT I have never before shopped at a store where things? just? fit?? and I had the sweetest raddest lady helping me and she found me a pair of pants I can wear to work that I feel good in EVEN THOUGH they are form-fitting and I also found some clearance jeans that fit without squishing AND I bought a dumb pair of pleather leggings for like $4 and @bitterbisexual hates them so much that I have already gotten more than $4 worth of enjoyment out of them, so??? @ my bank account: fite me