squished face

chainsaw-to-the-heart asked:

How's Little Squish Face doing?

(( He’s being kinda difficult today, fussy.  He hasn’t been eating as well as I would like, these past few feedings, but I am gonna give it another go here in a few minutes.

He has learned to whine XD  You know the noise human children make when they don’t want to do something?  …He does that when he doesn’t want the bottle lol.

That little kitten hasn’t let me sleep for the past few days (I have to feed him every 1 to 2 hours.)  But it will be worth it in the long run :)   –Thank you for asking about him! ))

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anonymous asked:

How would Suga hold his gf at night?

Suga/Yoongi would hold her close, his face squished onto the pillow beneath his head. To me, he seems like he moves quite a bit in his sleep, but he’s not necessarily a wild sleeper. Either way, he may start off cuddling with her, but through the night he might change positions in his sleep. The thing that keeps popping up in my head is the two of them, limbs tangled in their sleep, hair messy from the movement, and faces squished underneath heavy arms XD

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cherryblossomhamada asked:

squish squish

Send me ‘squish squish’ for my muses reaction to yours coming over and squishing their cheeks.

There his bro went again, somehow managing to make him feel like he was still fourteen even after he’d been almost 17 for a long while yet. Maybe it was just a skill older brothers had, to make you always feel like a kid.

It was both weird… and somehow nice.

“Bro, I gotta go out! Squishing my face isn’t gonna make me stop, y’know. How old are you, twelve?”