squishable golden chinese dragon


My friend Seren, who is amazing and wonderful and I love her, commissioned myself and my other friend Kam (who has no tumblr sadly) for a drawing of her werewoof Josie. Kam did the amazing line work, I did the tolerable (joke, don’t hurt me) coloring. 

She said she’d pay us in a squishable gift certificate if we wanted and Kam and I both agreed. I figured, hey, I'mma get $20 toward getting myself a dragon squish when they come out!

She gave us both $60. $60! That was enough for the squish and the shipping! (Kam and I are both canadians, whoo!) So of course..I ordered my squishy dragon the day they came out. (Tiny note, it was almost my birthday this month, Kam’s as well, so it’s a birthday gift and a commission payment in one!)

This is Shenron. Named after…well…Shenron! From Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z.

Because he is a dragon.

And he is a ball.

Plus the name wouldn’t get out of my head.

I just had to share with you guys because I am super excited to have him now! And he even has a tail that made me freak out juuuust a tiny bit. The last picture is of him and Xiao Bai, my panda squish I’ve had for a while.

Okay I’m done!