Hey everyone! My design for a SQUISHABLE BABY GOAT is up for vote at squishable.com for the next two weeks! If you would be so kind, follow the link below and cast your vote for this design; if it reaches a score of 4.15 or above, this design will be put into production as an actual Squishable! Hooray!


There is no purchase necessary to cast your vote. Thank you all so much!


The corgi Squishable FINALLY went into production and you guys didn’t even tell me they EXISTED! They sold out in less than 8 hours! THAT IS RIDICULOUS. I am both proud that the corgi is so popular and SAD that I some how missed out on this incredible first run phenomenon. Anyways, stayed tuned, click on the corgi squishable to sign up for the email list to be alerted of the second corgi run to be announced around Thanksgiving. 

So, my Squishable Pinktoe Tarantula design had a strong start over the weekend but it’s been knocked down a bit - Please vote 5 if you can, and / or share with your friends, if you want to see it succeed! It has to end in at least 4.15, and it’s been hovering juuust around that!

“These colorful crawlies always put their best foot forward, which is easy when all of their feet are fluffy pink spide paws!“

SQUISHABLE SPA DAYThis guest blog post is by Squishable fan Danielle Nicole F.(danicosplay here on Tumblr! Thanks Danielle! If YOU would like to write a guest post on the Squishable site, email us!

Your squishable is sad, dingy, and smells funny. What do you do? I’m here to tell you how to give your squishy pal a spa day all his own! All you will need are the following:
  1. Any brand of body or baby wipes (I use Scott’s)

  2. Baby powder or baking soda

  3. A brush (preferably one with the soft bristles or fine-toothed)

  4. Vacuum cleaner with brush attachment

  5. Spot cleaner such as Oxy Clean (optional - used for tough stains more than regular maintenance)

  6. Snuggles
First, wipe down your squishable with the body/baby wipes. This will rid him or her of most of the oils, smells, and dirt particles attached to the fur. You may need to use more than one wipe if your squishable is particularly dirty. Afterwards, it will be a little damp, so if there are any stains - or if you just want to brighten the white on your squishy - this is the perfect time to use your oxygen cleaner. Just follow the instructions on the container for spot cleaning. You will need to wait a bit while your squishable air dries. Don’t use a blow dryer or any artificial means of heat drying as this will melt the fur. You can brush him while you wait. It helps to brush a few times to really separate all the fur strands. Once your squishable is dry, apply baby powder or baking soda all over its body. Don’t use too much, or the smell will be overwhelming! Just a little bit goes a long way. This will break up any remaining oils and dirt, and make him smell even fresher!  Be sure to brush it all through his fur. Remember to always be gentle while brushing so you don’t pull out any fur or tear any seams. Brushing also is a good weekly regimen to keep your squishable looking fresh. Once you have thoroughly brushed all the powder through his fur, use the brush attachment on the hose of your vacuum cleaner to go over every inch of your squishable. This will suck up all the remaining powder and dirt, and will “re-fluff” him too! It also helps smooth down the fur strands. Voila! You have finished cleaning and pampering your squishable. Sometimes, the vacuum can scare them, so be sure to give your squishable extra snuggles when you are done! Stay squishy, my friends!