The corgi Squishable FINALLY went into production and you guys didn’t even tell me they EXISTED! They sold out in less than 8 hours! THAT IS RIDICULOUS. I am both proud that the corgi is so popular and SAD that I some how missed out on this incredible first run phenomenon. Anyways, stayed tuned, click on the corgi squishable to sign up for the email list to be alerted of the second corgi run to be announced around Thanksgiving. 

So, my Squishable Pinktoe Tarantula design had a strong start over the weekend but it’s been knocked down a bit - Please vote 5 if you can, and / or share with your friends, if you want to see it succeed! It has to end in at least 4.15, and it’s been hovering juuust around that!

“These colorful crawlies always put their best foot forward, which is easy when all of their feet are fluffy pink spide paws!“