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would you be able to post that cat reaction pic, with the squish face cat sitting a box and screaming? i don't know why but i Need it in my life right now

completely understandable and relatable mood 

For The Kitties

Request: Can you do a scenario where your bias/Vernon tries to do you’re hair after you slept in and got major bed head

Member: Seventeen’s Vernon x Y/N

Type: Fluff

I opened the door to my apartment less than amused. 

“I’m so excited for the cat cafe!” Vernon gasped, completely lost in thought as he walked past me and into my living room. He was talking quickly, his hands flying through the air almost as quickly as the words leaving his mouth. 

“How many cats do you think they’ll have? Do you think they’ll have one of those poofy, squish faced cats? I hope they have a siamese cat, or maybe a munchkin cat! Munchkin cats are my favorite! They have those little, tiny legs…they kind of remind me of Jihoon hyung!”

“Hansol, we can’t go to the cat cafe today,” I sighed, falling backwards onto the couch and pouting. 

“And I want to pet ALL of them…wait, what?” he asked, turning to face me with his eyebrows lifted. “Why…why can’t we go to the cat cafe?…Bae, are you mad at me? Did I do something? You still like me right?”

Vernon was incredibly sensitive when it came to our relationship. He needed constant reassurance that I still liked him and actually enjoyed being in a relationship with him. The fact that we didn’t get to spend much time together because of his schedules didn’t help matters.

“Of course I still like you,” I chuckled. “I’ll never not like you silly!”

“Then…why don’t you want to hang out with me?” he whimpered, sticking out his lip dramatically. 

“I always want to hang out with you,” I smiled. “I still want to spend time with you…just maybe not out in public.”

“…are you ashamed of me?” he asked. “I…I don’t understand?”

“Ugh, I’m ashamed of this,” I sighed, pulling the cloth I had wrapped loosely around my head. 

“That…that’s an interesting decision,” he nodded cautiously, eying my hair. 

“Now you understand…right?” I sighed, shaking my head. 

“Mmm…not really,” he admitted with a blank look. “Can’t you just style it?”

I had tried. I slept in a little longer than usual and for some reason my hair was punishing me for it. It was easily the worst bed head I had had in my entire life and I wasn’t sure where to begin on it. If I showered, it would involve a labored procedure of trying to get it tamed and I didn’t have the patience or time. 

“It’s not that easy Hansol,” I grumbled, now my turn to pout.

“How about…you let me help!” he smiled, nodding his head. 

Vernon was one of those guys who was so enthusiastic, that when he began to nod his head in excitement about something, you couldn’t help but nod your head along, not realizing you were actually agreeing to whatever hair brained idea he had devised. 

Before I had time to even realize, Vernon had disappeared in my bathroom and reappeared with an arm full of hair products and my brush. He dumped it all onto the coffee table and went back into the bathroom. He came out after a few minutes holding my flat iron. 

“No way,” I said, shaking my head vigorously. “Letting you try to help me is one thing, burning my flesh is another.”

“Oh come on Y/N,” he smiled. “I live in a dorm with 12 other guys who are so high maintenance, you don’t think I’ve wielded one of these bad boys before?”

“Can’t say I’m terribly comfortable with your use of verb in that sentence,” I muttered. “A searing hot piece of metal should not be wielded…”

“Shhhh,” he hushed, standing behind my couch and running his hands through my hair. 

“Ow, ay, ow,” I grumbled as his slender fingers hit all of my knots. 

“Sorry,” he said under his breath. I didn’t have to turn around to know that his face had turned pink with embarrassment. He reached around me and grabbed at a bottle of mousse. I heard him shake the can energetically and what sounded like a spray of product come flying out. 

“Whoa,” he gasped. “Uh…um…do you have towels you don’t care about?”

I closed my eyes and winced. I didn’t have a good feeling about this.

“All done!” Vernon gasped, standing in front of me and clapping his hands together. His hands were stained with a product I didn’t even know I owned. It wasn’t very reassuring.

I took a deep breath before standing and walking to the bathroom, looking at myself in the mirror there. 

“Hansol,” I said through barred teeth. “You literally straightened the ends of my hair and covered the rest with your beanie. 

He stood in the doorway behind me, a large smile on his face. He ran a hand through his now hatless hair. “It was a sacrifice I was willing to make…for the kitties.”

I shook my head, walking over to him and pushed him gently in the shoulder. 

“I didn’t know why you were worried,” he said, a shy smile gracing his lips. “Even if you shaved your head you’d still be pretty…”

“…thank you for not shaving my head babe,” I whispered, wrapping my arms around his neck and embracing him. 

“I mean…it was only a fleeting thought,” he whispered, pressing a kiss to my forehead. 

“I was totally joking, you actually considered shaving my head?” I spluttered, leaning back to look him in the face. 

He winced, trying to hide his smile. “But it would’ve been for the kitties?”

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I just found a cat hiding in the garage that looks a lot like buttons - long and spindly but feels like a pile of bricks when you pick him up, he's a black and white (not quite tuxedo) cat and even has a scar on his nose! I'm going to see if I can find his owners (he's too tame to be a stray, he came running when I called him) or get him adopted, since my cat doesn't seem to like him.

Awh that sounds adorable!
I recently found a pic of a cat which doesn’t resemble Buttons as far as characteristics go but I can’t stop thinking about the dumb expression it makes. It’s like the perfect “squish” face :’D