“Hold still there’s a pikachu on your head!”

bother bother

(submitted by @cia-doodles)

Poubelle: omg yesssssss. this is so perfect. i’ve been loving pokemon go so far it’s so much fun! and i think this is so cute and funny and would totally happen XD ahh thank you so much for drawing this for me :3 

but now the important question. what is everyone’s favorite pokemon.
more importantly, what’s everyone’s starter pokemon


This is the cutest thing I have ever seen

dan howell is gross and here's why:

-wears a gator land jat in public??!
-has the legs of a goddess and wears leggings/jeggings/tights in puBLIC
-has at least 745 shirts, wears 3.5 regularly
-says he has one dimple when he clearly has two
-claims to be soulless and dark, is actually softer than clouds
-is ticklish
-wears his own merch to protect his modesty