squirrels that steal nuts

aesthetic: im spotted out in the woods wearing nothing but a pair of ARE YOU NASTY? booty shorts. im covered in dirt. my hair is full of twigs. im not lost or anything. just making my living stealing nuts from squirrels and slurping creek water. i become a local cryptid. the nasty woodsman.

The rain pitter patters
outside my window,
I spot a crow,
eating from the bird feeder.

I think to myself
what a wonderful winters day
to be tucked away,
inside with a cup of tea
and a good old book.
Hiding in a little nook.

The rain creating a melody
to which I tap my feet
as I sit in my grand old seat.

Loved ones gather round,
at the vast wildlife outside
crowding around the bird feeder.
Squirrels stealing nuts.

What a wonderful day
to stay tucked away.

—  Erin, winter.

Zion National Park, Utah, Part 1

Stop #3 USA

Zion National Park is truly one of the most incredible national parks I’ve ever experienced.  It’s HUGE - 593 sq. km. huge & so diverse in it’s flora & geology.  Zion has something for everyone, alien red rock landscapes, massive white sandstone cliffs, dense forests, waterfalls, hanging gardens & fields of flowers.  

Like all national parks in the US, it’s well equipped for visitors with shuttles that run around the park & excellent varied hikes, from easy (wheelchair access easy) to challenging (too scary for Vi Lu challenging).

For those who know, Zion is the site of the infamous all you can eat taco incident which meant we didn’t see anything the last time we visited. Thank god that happened because we had only planned an afternoon in the park & the incident meant that we came back.  In our 3 full days in the park this time, we barely scratched the surface.

Some stats:

- Distance from Vegas: 2hrs 43 minutes
- Cost for a vehicle entrance: $30 USD for 7 days
- The Zion cliffs were formed over 250 million years from what was once a shallow sea
- There are about 18 common hikes which range from 30mins to overnight and countless more which you can do. Some of the hikes you can easily reach from one of the 9 shuttle stops in the parks and others you would need your own car to drive to.  
- There’s a scenic drive you can do which includes two tunnels which were bored through the sandstone cliffs - both terrifying and extremely cool.

I can’t express how much I loved Zion in one post - the variation in landscape, the ease of getting around such a gigantic region, the hilariously quaint accommodation in Springdale (the closest town) & attitudes of locals (we waited for ages to pay at the local supermarket because the only attendant was outside looking at the sunset) & so I will do a couple of posts.

I also took over 1000 photos (not a joke) - these are all from day 1.


Take away - Zion is massive, beautiful & I took lots of photos

P.S. We’re safe & sound in Toronto - I’m just catching up!!

All we’ve learned about Toronto so far is that the subway system is very strange - you use tiny coins and then take a ticket to prove you’ve used your tiny coin… Canada ay