I put a bird feeder in my backyard.  Within hours, the squirrels had torn it down, chewed it open, and eaten all the seeds.

I put up a metal bird feeder. The squirrels knocked it down and rolled it around until all the seeds fell out.

I put up a Squirrel Buster bird feeder with a special mechanism to block the seed trays if a squirrel stands on it.  The squirrels shook the top of the feeder without standing on it, making all the seeds fall out.

I put a big conical squirrel blocker device on the bird feeder pole, and today I looked out the window and saw this.

I’ve now greased the squirrel blocker.  I’m not even angry.  I’m just curious what their next move will be.


Tiny Box Tims for all of @markiplier ‘s alter egos!

(Inspired by @monochromemedic ‘s post)

Please don’t mind the quality, as these are A) my first attempt at digital art, and B) I literally had no other options than to use MS Paint to make these. (Also I’m sorry Silver Shephard came out looking more like an alien than a super hero, whoops ^.^;) But despite all that, please enjoy and don’t repost without credit! I spent three days on these little guys and for my first try, I’m pretty proud :)

Thanks to Markiplier for always making videos that inspire me and brighten my day ^.^

Bonus: Tiny Box Sam