OKAY SO. Here’s the deal. I’m doing wildlife rehab at a nature center this summer and we get a TON of phone calls every day that boil down to, “Do you want this animal?” People find wildlife that are babies that they think must have been abandoned, or they find animals which they think are injured, etc. And a lot of the questions are the same.


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Please try to ignore the fact that these squirrels are both sorely in need of Squirrel Underpants. We know their nakedness is distressing, but the cuteness of these photos makes it well worth powering through the awkwardness. 

Russian photographer Vadim Trunov (previously featured here) ventured into the snowy forest outside the city of Voronezh in western Russia where he set out a variety of props and proceeded to capture an awesome series of photos as a pair of wild squirrels playing on his makeshift winter set. Thanks to careful staging, at one point the squirrels even appear to be building a snowman and photographing each other doing it.

Visit Vadim’s 500px page to view many more of his amazing and entertaining wildlife photos.

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The King of the Squirrels has returned…


The Brain Scoop:
How to Taxidermy a Squirrel 

WE’RE BAAAAAAAACK in the lab with Anna, featuring guest host Katie Innamorato of afterlifeanatomy! There are a number of significant differences between the art of taxidermy and the preparation of specimens in museums for research purposes. Join us in this gutsy (LOL PUN) exploration of art and science!

The Grossometer level is moderate in this one, but heads up for blood and guts!

I learned something about squirrels recently: they have no fear of failure.

The terminal velocity of a squirrel in air (i.e. the fastest speed a falling squirrel will reach) is not enough to injure the squirrel. You or I would die. The squirrel can practice jumps as difficult as it pleases, as high as it pleases, and risk nothing but having to climb back up the tree. So they become very good at jumping between trees: they have no reason to fear failure.

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April shower bring May flowers and also squirrels singing in the rain with tiny purple umbrellas. British photographer Max Ellis (previously featured here) continues to have fun taking pictures of the squirrels that live in the trees behind his garden in London. This time he used fishing line (later photoshopped out) to set up a miniature umbrella, coating it with peanut butter and sunflower seeds to attract the attention of his furry grey friends. The rain kept most of the squirrels away, but one particularly keen squirrel came out to feast on the snacks and play with the umbrella for a few minutes. Gene Kelly would be so proud.

Head over the The Daily Mail to learn more about this adorable photo session.

Visit Max Ellis’ website to check out more of his delightfully silly and adorable squirrel photos.

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Injured Baby Squirrel Joins the Family of the People Who Rescued Him

In 2007, Reddit user Priami found an injured baby squirrel on the side of the road. Nearby wildlife rehabilitation centers were all full, so Priami and his family nursed the little critter back to health on their own. After the red squirrel—who they named Arttu—had recovered, Priami discovered that the animal’s eye was damaged, rendering him partially blind. Knowing that Arttu wouldn’t survive on his own in the wild, Priami decided to raise the squirrel and provide him with a loving home.
Arttu quickly became a wonderful, affectionate pet. He was free to run around the house and even roam outside under supervision. No matter how far he strayed, the adorable creature always came back to Priami, who he recognized as family. According to the Finland-based Redditor, Arttu became so tame that he liked to have “play fights” with his humans’ hands, curl up in their pockets to sleep, and climb onto their shoulders.
After six years together, Arttu passed away in his sleep due to old age. In his memory, Priami and his family set up a small memorial for him outside, where they fed wild squirrels the rest of the berries, nuts, and mushrooms that they had saved for Arttu.

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That feeling when you put fresh bed sheets on.