imagine witch taehyung.

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  • the green in his hair is,,,,,,, natural?
  • it grows fast and tends to stick out as if it grows in completely different directions from the rest of his hair.
  • earning him nicknames like seaweed and kelp-head.
  • although he wasn’t actually born with magic he was raised by witches so he knows his way around it and it’s a pretty integral part of his life.
  • dabbles mostly in herbs and alchemy etc.
  • and whatever magic surrounds him is either the leftover spell work of those who raised him or borrowed from nature.
  • also he speaks to animals.
  • like he doesn’t have full conversations with them but they listen and understand him and he can generally guess what they want.
  • studies botany but gets in a lot of arguments with his professors because he has a less scientific view of nature.
  • environmental enthusiast.
  • has a home and everything but probably spends most of his summers living up a tree taking care of woodland animals.
  • you’ve caught him muttering to squirrels a few times.
  • seen him chased across campus by literally every cat in the area.
  • but you just assumed he’s nice and likes to feed the animals.
  • a lot of socks have been disappearing from around your dorm lately and you thought maybe someone was pulling a prank, when taehyung one day approaches you with a bag full of odd socks.
  • he explains that the magpie living near your dorm recently had its nest destroyed and was compensating, but that he’s “had a word with him and he won’t do it again.”
  • like most people you just assumed he was joking.
  • but he doesn’t really try to hide any of this, if someone asks why he’s so weird he’ll just frown and say he was raised by witches, like lmao what did you expect.
  • then a week later you come across him making a splint for a pigeon with a broken wing out of popsicle sticks and you realise you need to get to know this boy because?????? who even does that ???
  • and you bump into him again later that same week but this time he has ??? a squirrel ??? in his hair ???
  • you’re like “whu h?U???” because holy shit cute
  • and he’s like “yeah she likes the smell of my shampoo.”
  • you ask how he knows and he just shrugs.
  • and when the squirrel tugs too hard he’s like “ouch okay that’s enough.”
  • and she just like, scampers off and you’re like ??????????
  • and he just smiles.
  • after that you keep finding individual wildflowers everywhere around your dorm and wherever you go on campus.
  • like someone’s been picking them and leaving them around the place for you to find.
  • and the birds singing outside your window in the morning have increased like tenfold in number.
  • you have no idea this is taehyung basically attempting to court you.
  • not until a magpie drops a four-leaf clover on you one morning, a squirrel scampers up to you with a daisy while you’re reading in the shade for a tree, and when you look up there he is, scratching the back of his neck and mumbling something about a picnic.
  • just imagine how bright he’d smile when you accept his invitation.
  • the rest, as they say, is history.
  • taehyung knows all the best spots for camping and tree-climbing and berry-picking and picnics and you two go on so many adventures exploring the wilderness surrounding your little town.
  • he never falls out of a tree?
  • like he literally can’t because he was enchanted as a kid.
  • so you bet your butt he’s gonna hang upside down and make you do a spider-man kiss with him.
  • he sends you love notes by squirrel and cat and even a duck one time.
  • and when summer comes around he invites you to stay with him in his tree house and help him take care of the animals.
  • and he tells you about all the silly names he gave to plants as a kid before he studied and learned their actual names.
  • you literally always have fresh flowers in your hair, don’t ask me how or where they come from maybe they grow there idk.
  • always always always holding hands, listen this boy has no intentions of ever letting you go no way nope
  • and you two are just very much in love and enjoying nature and each other and everywhere you go flowers bloom tbh bless :’)
  • anyway, nsfw under the cut.

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Prompt involving a squirrel

Danny had seen a great amount of odd things in his crime fighting afterlife, but never had he seen…squirrels…of all things, befriend him like this. He had been fighting…Skulker, maybe? He couldn’t remember. But it had landed him stuck in a tree, tangled in all of the branches and whatnot with a squirrel making a nest in his hair.

It had already burrowed deeply into his shock of white hair, already using the tangled and unkeptness of it to it’s advantage, and at this point he couldn’t bring himself to really care. He just had to take care of Skulker. God knows he’s still out there. He quickly phased through the branches, not quite processing that he probably needed to use his flight abilities as well, and fell to the ground on his stomach with an “-OOF!”

He could feel the squirrel in his hair, looking for things that weren’t there and overall just being a minor annoyance. 

When he looked up it was night, complete with the flashing lights and speeding cars of New York. Sometimes he almost wished he was back in Amity where nothing interesting happened at night except for the occasional visit from the Box Ghost. Here, though, it was all noise.

He stood up on wobbly knees. feeling every ache and cracking bone in his body, and made the smart decision too reached a hand up to his head, only for his head to harshly be jerked to the side by the squirrel. He put his hand back down and just figured he was going to have to let it be for now.

He flew back to the Tower, complete with the large, blue A near the top, and didn’t even bother using the door. He just opened a window (the same one that Natasha liked to go through) and hovered in. Everything hurt, and he didn’t know if he was going to be able to walk himself all the way to the couch. So he lazily hovered so low his toes touched the ground

Once he was there, he flopped down, falling asleep almost instantly if it hadn’t been for the squirrel stuck in his hair. He quickly shifted his body sideways and had his neck resting on the armrest of the million-dollar-couch. If the squirrel moved again, he didn’t know, because as soon as he got comfortable enough to sleep, he passed out.


Danny opened his eyes to a bright, blinding light and a horrible crick in his neck without a lot of memory of how he got there. He yawned and stretched, and when he opened his eyes again he saw Clint, dressed in full gear, passed out with frozen pizza in one hand and his bow loosely in the other as he slumped over the armrest. Natasha was sitting in the chair next to the couch, softly petting a squirrel. Danny’s hand instinctively went to his hair, finding no rodent tangled within it. He almost felt betrayed that the squirrel was being pet my Natasha, and then he remembered it was Natasha. If she pet you she liked you. So he let it slide just this once.

“Morning,” she said without looking up.

“Morning,” Danny mumbled back. He yawned again, and stretched again, not hurting as much as last night but still really sore. “How did you get it out?” He asked her.

“Easy,” she shrugged. “A little snip snip here, a little snip snip there. It’s not rocket science. But hey, you needed a new haircut anyway.”

Danny’s hands flew up to his hair in a panic, feeling his buzzed sides and long, unkempt middle of it. He almost didn’t realize Natasha holding up a mirror until she almost threw it at him. He took it from her and looked at the clean lines and nice shave, and looked at the squirrel. She climbed up his arm and onto his shoulder when he held out his hand, and he rubbed her head affectionately.

“Looks like you are good for something, huh  girl? I’m gonna name you…Ghost.”

“Ghost?” Natasha shook her head. “You’re so lame.”


So last Saturday I visited @artisanmnl store in Solenad after our prenup shoot and I saw a lot of new items. One of the items are Rosemary & Co. brushes 😊 I couldn’t let myself not to get 2 more brushes and one of the brushes I got is this Oval wash ¼. It’s a squirrel haired bristles so even if it’s quite small for an oval wash it can hold a lot of your mixture and I thought I can use this for florals especially florals which requires large brush markings. The tip is not as pointy as their round brushes but I don’t actually expect this to be pointy at all since its a wash brush. But I can manipulate the angle of the brush if I need to have finer markings. This behaves more like the mop brushes that I’ve been using. I can see that this can be used for landscape also. Do I like it? So far yeah especially if I need my paintings to be more expressive and loose. It’s also handy that this came as a travel brush. Nice to bring for artambays or plein air sesh 😊 #dreweuropeo #calligrafikas #grafikas #artmaterials #review #calligrafikasreviews #watercolor #expressivepainting #loosepainting #grafikaflora
Paper: Canson Montval 300gsm
Brush: Rosemary & Co. Travel oval wash no ¼
Paint: Holbein

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Bad Day//Kunpimook Bhuwakul (Highschool AU)

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Pairing: Bambam x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: The day seemed to get progressively worse; and you couldn’t help but run into your boyfriends arms after it all.

Author’s Note: Hi i love bambam bye

xoxo Sara

You sighed softly as you entered the doors of your school, your watch telling you that you were precisely late to your first period class. You had had an off morning just before; your alarm clock not going off at the time you had set it to go off, but an hour later, leaving you no time to try and look nice or to even eat breakfast. On your way to school, you had noticed that you left one of your binders at home, remembering that the night before you put it on your desk just so you wouldn’t forget it. But of course, it ended up happening anyway.

In school, it was tougher than it was at home. You left something in every class, whether it be a pen, a book, or a binder, it was left behind in the void and was never found even if you went back within twenty minutes of leaving the class. You had forgotten your lunch money and you weren’t able to eat, so you sat in the lunch room and listened to music. And then on the way home, it started to rain. It seemed like the whole universe was throwing stuff at you just to see how much you could take.

So, instead of going to your own home, you walked to where you knew you could be happy.

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U don’t like dick and don’t wanna date trans women?? But not every mtf has a dick1!

It’s not just the dick - it’s the whole male body.

Turning penis and testicles inside out changes nothing besides that men can’t use their dick as a raping tool anymore (which is good) - that’s it. Nothing changes their maleness. No makeup, no dress, no long hair, no squirrel voice.

You can turn your dick inside out  (it makes the world a bit safer for women and girls) but you can’t expect lesbians to be attracted to you.

It’s easy to destroy male genitals - but it’s impossible to destroy biological sex. No surgery can cut the maleness out of you. No wishful thinking, no denial, no tears, no hate, no anger - nothing will make it disappear. Nothing will change the sexual orientation of lesbians.

That’s reality. You are men. Lesbians don’t want to date you. End of story.

Imagine: Castiel being confused when you put makeup on

~ Squirrel

H/C- Hair Color
E/C- Eye Color
S/T- Skin Tone
B/S- Body Shape

You were a hunter, you didn’t necessarily need makeup. For a case, you were supposed to doll up and flirt with the guys at ‘Roxy’s Club.’ Sam, Dean, and Cas as well as you were trying to find out who exactly was raping women, taking their heart and eating their brains. And coincidentally, you matched all the other women. H/C, E/C, S/T, and B/S. Cas did not like the idea of you being taken for bait, he didn’t agree with it at all. You were currently in your bathroom, putting on the most heaviest amount makeup on your face with Castiel by your side watching you in confusion.

“Y/N, I still don’t agree with this…” he stares at you watching you put primer on your face. You sigh and continue to put it on, “Cas, it’s done, you aren’t going to change my mind or the Winchesters. I’ll be fine, you don’t need to keep worrying about me.”

He frowns and picks up your foundation bottle, “Y/N, what is this?” He squishes the top of the lid and foundation squirted out, making him jump. You look at him and sigh, “Don’t touch that!” You take it away from him, “it’s foundation. And I need it right now,” you put some on your hand and grabbed your makeup brush. You put it on your face and he stares at you. He lifts his finger and glides it across the wet foundation on your face. “Castiel!” You screamed. He slightly jumps and blinks, staring at you.

“My apologies, Y/N..” you shake your head and start putting concealer, powder and contour. “You look like you’re part of a tribe, - a tribe is it?” You giggle and nod, “yes I do, and yeah I guess.” You start blending and he picks up lipstick. He caps open the lid and starts to put it on his cheeks. You glance at him in the mirror and try to not laugh.

“Is this correct?” He turns to you. You nod your head quickly, “yes! You look great, Cas.” He smiles and continues to put it on his cheeks. He puts the cap on and gets eyeliner. You fill in your eyebrows, and start doing your eyes. He opens the eye liner and puts it on his eyebrows, “oh… I don’t think I’m supposed to look like the girls Dean hook up at the bar, am I?” You bust out laughing, “no, no. You’re doing great.” You put blush and highlighter on, then you put dark red lipstick on your lips. He looks at you and pouts, “Excuse me Y/N, isn’t that supposed to go on your cheeks?”

Grinning, you nodded. “Yeah, your cheeks and lips…” you sprayed the setter and looked at Cas. “Come on, let’s show you to the boys,” you lead him out of your bathroom. “Okay, so when Dean sees you, go up to him and say, ‘Dean, take me home. I finally look like those women at the bar!’” You whisper in his ear. He hesitated at first but nodded and went to the Winchesters. Dean noticed him first and nearly spit out his beer.

“Dean, take me home and do inappropriate thi- oh wait I don’t think that was it…” he furrows his brows. Sam turns and starts snickering, “Y/N you look- nice…?” You shrug and sighed, “Cake your makeup on, guys will dig you!”

Dean stares at Cas, “And cas buddy, wait in line.” He pats his back which confused him, “what line?” You shake your head and get a wipe, “ignore Dean, Castiel…” You wipe the makeup off his cheeks and eyebrows. You smiled when his face was clear of makeup and you put on your red heels that matched your red skin tight dress.

“Ready?” Dean looks at you up and down. Sam scoffed and walked to the impala with Cas.

“Yes, and stop eyeing me you freak!” You roll your eyes and he chuckles, “No promises.” You both head out.

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A short (bagginshield) ficlet to go with my What if Mahal also made the Hobbits? post. (lol, I had no idea so many people would agree with my thought)

Special thanks to the peeps who reblogged with comments ^^ 

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On with the story!

Eru Ilúvatar, the supreme deity of Arda, the all-powerful, and the supremely pissed off, pinched the bridge of his nose between his thumb and index finger and groaned.

“Not again, Aulë.”

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Crowley Imagine

This is a result of me not being able to sleep at 3 in the morning on a weekday….enjoy <3 Oh and this is written for a good friend of mine, she enjoys the name Ryan for some odd reason O.o

1113 Words

*Dean’s POV*
Sammy and I were upstairs in the home study at Ryan’s house trying to figure out a way to keep Kevin from Crowley. I was laying down on the black leather couch, tossing a ball up in the air and catching it when I heard the front door slam shut. Sam and I jumped onto our feet, looking at each other cautiously.
“Boys! Get your asses down here, now!” Ryan shouted.
Sam and I began walking downstairs, hoping Ryan brought us some grub.
“Did you get p—” I couldn’t finish my sentence as Sam and I stopped dead in our tracks.
In front of us, Crowley had Ryan basically hostage with an angel blade to her throat. Ryan rolled her eyes as she crossed her arms.
“Hello boys. Good seeing you again.” Crowley spoke as he placed one hand on Ryan’s waist.
She didn’t seem bothered by it but my blood was boiling. How dare he think he can just touch her like that, who the hell does he think he is?!
“What do you want Crowley?” Sam asked as we reached the bottom of the stairs.
“The prophet.” He replied as he pulled Ryan closer to him.
“Can you just not stand so close to her please?” I spoke as I ran a hand through my hair.
“Jealous, squirrel?” He rose an eyebrow as Ryan’s cheeks began to redden.
“W-what?” I was lost for words.
“Change of plans boys, I’ll settle for the girl instead.” Crowley smirked as him and Ryan vanished into thin air.
“No!” I screamed as I tried to reach for Ryan, but I was too late.
“Dean, Dean! She’s gonna be fine, we’ll find her.” Sam tried to calm me down.
*Ryan’s POV*
In a blink of an eye, Crowley and I were in some sort of room. The walls were cobblestone, the room lit entirely by candles, and it smelt of vanilla. There was a huge bed in the middle of the room, the duvet a satin black and red, as well as black and red sheer curtains surrounding the mattress. The blade Crowley had pressed to my throat had disappeared.
I turned around to see Crowley holding two glasses of some brown liquid and a nervous smile on that adorable face of his. I raised an eyebrow at him as I placed my hands on my hips.
“Is this your way of trying to seduce me?” I tried fighting the smile that was making its way to my face.
“Darling, I don’t have to try anything.” He stated, placing the glasses on the table near him.
“You’re right, just being your sexy self is enough to make me wet.” I smirk as I walk up to him, swaying my hips more than usual.
I place a hand on his chest, moving my hands to his shoulders as I pushed his blazer off of his shoulders, letting it fall to the ground. Crowley snapped his fingers, and suddenly I was standing in front of him naked.
“Darling, you are ravishing.” He spoke, suddenly, we were both laying on the bed.
Pushing Crowley down, I placed one leg on either side of him, straddling his waist as I pulled him up by his collar. Looking into his eyes, I smiled as I crashed my lips onto his. Gripping either side of his shirt, I ripped it open, the buttons flying off in the process.
“Feisty tiger aren’t you?” Crowley smirked as he pulled the rest of the fabric off as I began unbuttoning his suit pants.
Pulling them down his legs along with his boxers, his penis sprang up, hitting his stomach. My eyes widen at the size of him, mouth slightly open.
“Like what you see sweetheart?” Crowley smirked as he flipped us over.
He looked down at me before crashing his lips onto mine once again. Our lips moved in sync as he put his tongue in my mouth, exploring every inch as a hand traveled down to my right breast, massaging it as I moaned into his mouth.
Breaking the kiss, I gasped for air as he attacked my neck, biting and sucking the skin as the tip of his penis was teasing my soaking wet entrance. I groaned in frustration as I entangled a hand in his hair, pulling lightly as Crowley let out a throaty groan.
In one swift motion, his entire length was pushed into me as I cried out in pain, adjusting to his size. He began rolling his hips, thrusting in and out of me as he trailed kisses down my neck and shoulder. His right hand grabbed hold of my left hip while his left hand gripped my right thigh, pulling my leg up to his side as his thrusts began getting rougher and deeper.
“Oh Crowley!” I cried out as I began to feel the pressure building up in my lower region.
He let out a few grunts as he bit down on my shoulder, pounding even harder into me. His grip on my hip and thigh getting stronger, surely going to bruise later on. I raked my nails down his back as he thrust a few more times into me before I reached an orgasm. He came soon after me, riding out his orgasm before pecking me on the lips.
Pulling out of me, he fell onto the mattress beside me. Looking over at me, he moved the hair that was sticking to my forehead out of my face as he caressed my cheek, smiling at me.
“You are spectacular.” He said as he attempted to catch his breath.
“And you are a sex god.” I breathed.
“I know. And you’ll be seeing more of me, til then darling.” Crowley snapped his fingers.
Before I knew it, I was back at my house, in my room, on my bed, dressed in my clothes from earlier. I smiled to myself, jumping up from the mattress as my door burst open.
“There you are!” Dean smiled as he walked over to me, engulfing me in a hug. “Did Crowley hurt you? Are you ok?” He asked frantically as I hugged Sam.
“I’m great actually.”
“Hey Ryan? What happened to your neck?” Sam asked curiously.
Looking into the mirror on my vanity, I realized my neck was covered in bite marks and bruises. Moving my shirt over to the side a bit, there was a bite mark on my shoulder as well. A smile crept its way onto my face as I turned around to face the boys.
“The King of Hell knows how to please a lady.” I smirked as Sam and Dean stared at me wide eyed.

Drabble Prompt: jushutcherson requested - if you have the time I would love a little drabble of Katniss and Peeta trying to have sex with a new baby in the house and they keep getting interrupted. ;) Peeta finds himself very frustrated

(okay my apologies because this is not exactly what you asked for, but it’s in the same vein at least so I hope it’s close enough!)

Author: Mellarkedgoods (atetheredmind)

Original Post: mellarkedgoods

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so i bought this bad boy like a week ago and i thought i might take y'all through my experience of reading this and my favourite parts

strap yourself in for a disorganized ride where all your otps are canon as fuck, ashton ruins my heart, and everything is dumb and endearing

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General Headcanon: Karasuno

They once accidently let a squirrel in the gym and the chaos that followed still haunts the gym to this day. First they sent in Nishinoya and Tanaka to try and round it up. Tanaka accidently knocked Nishinoya out cold when he tried to smack the squirrel out of his hair. Asahi stood in the corner cowering in fear (he’s always been scared of rodents), Daichi tried to give instruction on how to get it out but wasn’t heard over Hinata yelling at the squirrel. Yamaguchi and Kags both had nets trying to catch it, Ennoshita and Suga both went around and blocked any exits. Meanwhile Tsukishima filmed the whole ordeal and shows it whenever he want to embarrass the team.

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