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Realized I forgot to include a side view of my amigurumi squirrel (and my poodle) in the last post. Hope you like my design and you have an amazing Valentine’s Day! :) <3 @reckless-stitches @milesofcrochet @allaboutami @freshstitches @mostlyharmlessdesigns @mooglyblog @esshaychcrochet


TADA! I have redecorated my house on the hill, which was given to me many Christmases ago ^^ I also bought a cute washing machine set (I made an ironing board too so the little guy’s clothes will be crinkle free) which I think adds some more adorableness to this home ^^
ALSO, Today I bought two families, and I can’t wait to open them! It will probably be the weekend before I get a chance though, because study >

SQ Official Twitter: 26 January 2017

translated by kodawarii @ tsukipro-en

> RT

Shiki: Now I feel like going to Hiroshima on a whim
Dai: But in reality you just want to escape, huh. Wasn’t it that you have three things to pass by today?
Shiki: As long as we have Solis-kun, we should be able to go anywhere…
Dai: It’s Lizz, is what Sora is saying at the back. …Even I want to go to Hiroshima too, you know. I want to eat Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki
Shiki: Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki… Rikka~, could you whip something up

☆ The Twins’ Secret Conversations ☆

Ichiru: Apparently if you have your own squirrel stuffed toy you can go on trips
Issei: If we had our own stuffed toys, do you think we’d be able to go on a trip too? ……Shu’s been really busy lately so I want him to take a break
Ichiru: ……Yeah

Eichi: Just you wait!!! Mom’ll (?) knit some!!!

# By the way, they’re misinformed

Hey everyone, I feel as though I haven’t been making many of my own posts recently and I’m really sorry. I also promised I’d do art, and upload some phan based music, and I need to write another chapter of my fic, all of which I haven’t done. So I hope what I have been posting has been OK :/ Just want to let you all know that everything has got super busy and I’m having to take more time to work and deal with everything. 

Life kind of feels like that fairground game where you have to hit with a hammer toy squirrels that jump out of holes. Once one has gone down, another pops up. The metaphor of balancing plates also works. So I’ve been having to focus more on some other plates and thus letting my tumblr plate start to wobble more…. but I’m gonna try and stay as consistent as I normally am because I appreciate everyone who follows me and I love running this blog, I just feel bad for not doing the things I said I would do. So sorry.

I’m a crossdresser

I’m hesitant to call myself a writer because I don’t do it often, and I haven’t actually been published in years. Part of the problem is that I approach personal interests the same way my old border collie approached his. (WOW! TUG TOY! FUN! SQUIRREL!? SQUIRREL!) When I write or exercise or, yes, crossdress, it briefly becomes an obsession, then I throw it on the back burner and move onto something else. While I don’t go around telling people I’m a writer, I won’t hesitate to consider myself a crossdresser.

I’m realizing that crossdressing is an activity as well as an identity. I’m not the best at it, and I sure as hell don’t want to do it everyday, but it’s not going anywhere. When you tell someone you’re a writer or fisher or software developer, you have to back it up with something. Crossdressers are just people who wear different clothes. Whether you “pass” or how frequently you do it isn’t important. The truth is, the hairy dude sitting in his bedroom wearing a dress and the pretty, dolled-up college kid hitting the club are both crossdressers. The only hurdle is indulging your urge that first time. Once you’re in, you’re in.

Things about 11x16 “Safe House”#6

Started rewatching the episode and liked the way Dean was framed with Kat right from the start by standing closer to her than Sam. Indicating that as we see later, they share the same fate. Though admittedly Dean actively seeking out the soul eater.

What I loved more though was this little guy sitting right beside Kat’s hospital bed.

A toy squirrel watching over Kat. All too fitting then that later Dean who we know Crowley loves to call squirrel is the one to go into the nest and from the inside save Kat and her mother.