squirrel taxidermy

In case any other noobie vultures are curious, I just tested to see if Vicks vapor rub around and under my nostrils would help with the stench of a maceration bucket and it really did.
I got the idea from a cousin who’s a nurse. He uses it when he has to deal with any bad stench and said it might help.
I put that on and went out to check on and stir a squirrel that’s been brewing for three weeks and started out with most it’s flesh. Last time I checked was three days ago and I nearly lost my lunch. With the vapor rub, it still stunk. But it was totally bearable without holding my breath.
So yeah, definitely try some Vicks under your nose if you have to deal with a really nasty smelling dead.

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We are getting minors over the summer who are doing internships. That means that today we had to spend the entire afternoon childproofing the lab. We had to take down all the offensive and obscene signs and also cover up our poorly-taxidermied squirrel with his middle finger up. It was like a dirty scavenger hunt. And whoever keeps baking penis cookies and leaving them on the table will have to stop.


Garden State Taxidermy Association Competition- Rogue Division Pt. 3

Featuring Defender Squirrel and Minkcoonfish done by my mentor John Bollman and his wife Linda Bollman.

orinscrxvello  asked:

Do you taxidermize anything? I was wondering if with a taxidermy squirrel if you cut the ankles and leave the feet in? Won't they rot? Send help!

I don’t do much taxidermy work, but I do prepare taxidermy quality hides and would advise against cutting the feet off at the ankles. Even on something as bony as a squirrel, you’re asking for insect activity and slippage if you leave that much of the carcass on the hide. It also makes tanning and keeping that part of the skin soft difficult.

To skin out the paws on any animal, you skin all the way down and sever the first phalanges from the claw. Sometimes I sever at the second if I’m having a difficult time.

Here are the two ways you can skin out paw pads. I usually use the first method on the left, the right is known as the ‘latch’ method and preferred by taxidermists due to the fact that closing up pads is a pain.

Those tricky phalanges. Art credit for the second images goes to lady-athanasia on DA.

Hope that helps! Anyone have advice to add?


The Brain Scoop:
How to Taxidermy a Squirrel 

WE’RE BAAAAAAAACK in the lab with Anna, featuring guest host Katie Innamorato of afterlifeanatomy! There are a number of significant differences between the art of taxidermy and the preparation of specimens in museums for research purposes. Join us in this gutsy (LOL PUN) exploration of art and science!

The Grossometer level is moderate in this one, but heads up for blood and guts!

[on the first date] i’m sorry the place is so messy here lemme just [opens closet, dozens of taxidermy squirrels come tumbling out] uh

Scrubs: The Janitor [INTP]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by caddysdream

Introverted Thinking (Ti): The bane of J.D.’s existence, the Janitor is calculating and unemotional in his interactions with others. He abides by his own personal system of logic and will punish his Sacred Heart coworkers based on whether or not they comply with it. Believing J.D. has stuck a penny in the door, the Janitor dedicates the next eight years to tormenting him in retribution. When Dr. Cox spoils the plot of The Sixth Sense, the Janitor plots to spoil the basketball game that Dr. Cox intends to watch after his shift. He never minces words and is a natural problem-solver – that is, when he feels like solving other people’s problems.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): The Janitor is quick-witted and a creative trouble-maker, often coming up with odd pranks and punishments for J.D. (inventing Jiggly Ball, flying J.D. as an American flag, forcing him to stand at the top of a lighthouse tower with fish taped to his hands, etc.). He enjoys messing with other people’s heads and challenging their perceptions of reality, and he can fabricate stories about his personal life at the drop of a hat. He considers himself to be “weird” and admits that he never expected to find a life partner who might love and appreciate his oddities.

Introverted Sensing (Si): No one knows the truth about the Janitor’s past; whatever meaningful memories or experiences he might have are only known to him. However, he’s clearly capable of holding a grudge, finding it difficult to move on from past grievances. His attention to detail enables him to plan his actions meticulously and maintain a well-preserved, taxidermied squirrel army. While he doesn’t necessary care about fulfilling his custodial responsibilities, he is detail-oriented enough to be annoyed when Sacred Heart’s doctors make a mess.  

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): “How was I supposed to know the Janitor has feelings?” Carla asks. The Janitor typically doesn’t voice strong emotions (other than irritation or anger), but deep down he does care about feeling included amongst his colleagues. He becomes upset when no one asks him to join the Annual Staff Photo, and he’s visibly hurt when he overhears a doctor claiming that his contributions to Sacred Heart patient care “don’t even make a difference.” He is not often concerned with the feelings of others, except when it comes to the women he has feelings for. Only when wooing Elliott and Lady does the Janitor try to make a positive impression or attempt to temper his quirks. 


mounted squirrel pencil case made using an old roadkill acid rotted squirrel skin. been wanting to do this for the last year or so and i finally got around to it! aaaaaaaaaaaaand a looong over due moss fox (i started it last summer shh) and squirrel and rat mummys and rat and mice mummified tails and hearts. all will be for sale soon.