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Phil’s Liveshow // 5.28.17

He’s wearing his Star Wars shirt

Hes still mildly jetlagged

“Wake up Phil” “Actually wake up now” “Oh my god Phil” 

He feels like a withered cactus

His houseplants survived 

He thought he was going to turn into an American because they were in Florida for so long

The black wall is consuming his hair he looks bald

He didn’t have pancakes at Playlist because room service didn’t have any

Pancake shakes

He did finally get them though

Dan’s Bahamas experience 

Phil and bald guy at security had some proper bants

Heatwave jingle

He’s a 23 degrees kind guy

His frecks are dense 

He burped

Dig Down is growing on him (nice but not his fave)

They were going to see Muse in Orlando but ended up not

They got loads of stuff at Playlist 

His dad is an artist but that didn’t get passed down to him

NASA haul

His mug broke in his suitcase #rip

Dan got a mug too though so he can steal Dan’s

He also bought Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue sauce ??

And stuff from Bath and Body Works

Aloha beaches

He didn’t love Split

Him and Dan didn’t fly back together and he almost had to sit next to an old French woman

“Clean us daddy”

Returning to the place of the squirrel incident was symbolic 

“Too much maple syrup in that blood”

He found ASMR very enlightening

He got locked outside and Dan didn’t let him in what a bitch

A paperboy laughed at him locked out of the house

He didn’t think throwing newspaper boys were an actual thing

He’s usually really bad at prank but the banana one was pretty good

New anime themed video with Shawna on his channel this week if you’re interested in that or whatever lmao

“Headline: I love space”

He was enthralled with his Superman ice cream

Martyn is a troll don’t trust him in a kayak

He’s hyped for Vidcon

He was talking to Dan about making noises when someone did something wrong at school 

Where does it come where does it go 

His family all watched Eurovision together 

He couldn’t handle himself in a prank war

Everyone is getting dogs 

Riverdale graph 

He has a full box of Haribo that he’s going to try make last until next week

Next liveshow may be on Sunday watch his twitter from updates

Dan and Phil shop newsletters will be out soon

He’s missed doing liveshows this has been very nice

Ode to Broken Mug


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Symbolism in Gravity Falls HIGHLIGHTS

Oh gosh, the accuracy! I forgot for a while most of the stuff I wrote in my past theories. I realized how on point I was on Bill having a VERY special eye on Mabel (for how powerful she could be), and began re-reading my old posts to realize…

I was more on point than I thought. I didn’t even NOTICE until now!

So, here’s some stuff that PRETTYYY MUCH HAPPENED so far and makes me MORE convinced these symbolic connections are intentional!

Shooting Star Symbolism and Mabel:

In some cultures and tribes, Shooting Stars have been seen as signs for new leaders to come/be born. Who’s showcased in a giant bubble in this apocalypse that Bill practically reigns in now? While Bill proclaims being this new ruler/leader to the earthlings? Yep. This could also indicate Bill’s reign being overruled by Mabel herself and others, though? Possibly?

Meteorites have been seen as sacred, godly objects kept in temples in some cultures/religions. Bill seems to be doing this in his own twisted way, but he KNOWS the value held in Mabel.

“Seen as signs of fortune and success” - This is how Bill sees Mabel right now. She’s practically a trophy on display, but also imprisoned and tried to keep that guarded. In a turn of events, this symbolism of Mabel could apply to her and others fighting against Bill’s reign in the future.

Shooting Stars/Meteors also have historic, theoretical ties to the mass destruction of species (i.e. dinosaurs). They’re pretty much apocalyptic in themselves! This destruction is also interpreted by some cultures and tribes, as something to make way for new beginnings. 

Are a driving force and warning for big changes. This one speaks for itself.

Rainbow Symbolism and Mabel:

“Rainbows are seen as bridges from the physical world, to the spiritual world. In fact, this bridge connects these worlds in a way that it’s said rainbows are what allow spiritual worlds to merge with physical worlds, or at least project into reality.“ Scary how accurate THIS turned out…

Apocalyptic stories in some cultures and tribes will also speak of the Rainbow Warrior legend. It’s claimed that in the end times, extinct species will return and that the only way to stop this or overcome the end times is through love, harmony, and UNION. Could the key to stopping this Weirdmageddon especially come from Dipper reuniting with Mabel? Could this further push those theories on the symbols on the wheel being needed for stopping Bill instead of helping him? Heck, wheels/circles are seen as symbols of harmony. And, one way to look at Bill in the wheel is that he was also “imprisoned” in it, and now is just a hole in his shape in the center now that he’s entered the reality of Gravity Falls.

While the Rainbow Warrior isn’t totally about rainbows themselves, it’s still something I included in the Rainbow section of that post.

Squirrel Symbolism and Mabel:

You find yourself worrying about the future a great deal, to the point that you’re blocked or even frozen into inaction. You’re going through a cycle in which you feel unsafe, and you want a spiritual guardian to help warn you of any potential danger or harmful situations you might inadvertently wander into.“ IS THIS NOT WHAT LITERALLY HAPPENED IN D&MVTF?! Bill tricked Mabel and she ended up inadvertently wandering into his trap!

Squirrels are a symbol of perseverance through harsh times, and rising above all dangers. They hibernate through winters, in which winters are symbolic for DEATH. Which death could be one big way to describe the harsh times of this Weirdmageddon. Mabel in this bubble prison may very well be “hibernating” in a sense.

Pine Tree Symbolism and Dipper:

[Soon to be revealed in-canon? Concerns are burning pine trees being used for rituals to purify evil/dark spirits, pines trees also being burned to commemorate the changing of seasons, and pine trees connecting with Big Dipper as symbols of afterlife and/or immortality…]

Big Dipper Symbolism and Dipper:

Supposedly in Korean shamanism, the Big Dipper symbolizes Yin and Yang. Balance and control over the fate of the universe and human life spans.

Wendy: “Look, this summer, I’ve seen some amazing things; but nothing as amazing as you and your sister. I don’t know if it’s dumb luck, or Yin and Yang, or whatever. But when you two work together, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish!”

Woodpecker Symbolism and Dipper:

“Returning to your roots” - After being separated for a while from his sister and life-long best friend, Dipper finally went on his way to find and get Mabel back in Weirdmageddon Pt. 1! Even Ford is out of the way, and Dipper is grouped up with Soos and Wendy instead like the good old times before NWHS.


We have a white squirrel living in my yard! He is yet unnamed, but I was able to get some pictures on my dslr! 

My mom had seen him a few months ago and I looked outside the window today and there he was on one of the tree trunks! I was lucky that my camera was nearby. He was outside digging for nuts for a few moments before hearing something and running away (and trying and failing to blend into the tree trunk. Poor guy). 

Update: my mother the discoverer has named him Weiss! (Which is white in german).