squirrel sketch


Thought it might be fun to share a speed-drawing of a Valentine’s Day piece I did.  Enjoy!

We love to believe that even though Charmy is the youngest of the team, he has a great relationship with his brothers (Vector, Espio, Mighty and Ray).

In addition that Vector is a great big brother to all the Chaotix and is protective of all of them since he pretty much raised them when they were all little.


for moose-and-squirrel-inc

hahaha okay so I know this is literally more than a month late bUT I WANTED TO AT LEAST FINISH THIS ONE. I’m so sorry friend, I hope this is acceptable (i even threw in some demon!dean for u)

StH #160 pg8-Sketch

Felt like practicing comics again. I still have Ian Flynn’s script bits :) I was also experimenting with different designs for the Freedom Fighters (except Antoine’s). Sally’s, Sonic’s and Tails’ are all based off an old AU I was doing.