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iconic things from the lightning thief musical:

• “the gods are real and they have kids, and those kids have issues”

• the fact that the first thing percy says is “look, i didn’t want to be a half-blood”


• "is there a fury after percy right now?” “a fury? oh no, IT’S A MINOTAUR” “WHAT’S A MINITAUR?” “IT’S HALF BULL” “like you?” “nO I’M HALF GOAT”

• the fact that chiron is a normal human, with a horse tail

• "oh great she’s crying”


• "i’m half god?“ "yea and i half care”

• "but he loves me!” “he loves you NOT”


• the whole campfire song honestly

• the plastic squirrel in ‘lost’

• grover playing with his uncle ferdinand’s tail

• [high pitched voice] you deserve to be immortalised in stone [deep manly voice] FOREVER [giggle]

• "interesting choice to have him screaming”

• "excuse me miss? how long have you been at this hotel?” “well my brother and i arrived here just yesterday, may 1st! 1939!” “WE CAN SLEEP ON THE ROAD”

• "oh look! a bus to los angeles!” “are you sure that’s a good idea?” “this one we just won’t blow up”

• "DO I LOOK LIKE A CENTAUR TO YOU? it’s charon! with an a”

• charon pushing percy down on his face really hard and grover and annabeth just fanning his face


• "tartarus? like the fish sauce?”

• after they defeat ares, poseidon just makes THE BEST FUCKING ENTRANCE IN THEATRE HISTORY

• in a hawaiian shirt, on a staircase with wheels carried by human dolphins being like "he’s the true son of the sea”

• "i got your gift” “and i got yours. medusa’s head, really?”

• "i’ll have all the squirrels in the east searching for him”


For @takedasangel

I’m sorry i took so long for this sweetie, but hopefully it can cheer you up on a gloomy day.

I actually had another picture drawn, but it disappeared from my desktop?? i thought maybe i had accidentally deleted it, but then i thought back to when i was moving things around and checked my external drive and yup i transferred it over. But this one is much cuter than the other one so maybe it was meant to happen ;)

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You stared out of the window from your bed, laying under the sheets and watching as the sun rises. For a dismal day it was going to be sunny, apart of you wished it would rain for the weather to convey your emotions.

The pattering of paws pulled you from the window to the doorway. Mongo, your white German shepherd, stood with his tail wagging. You smiled as he slowly walked over to your side of the bed, you slowly petted his head. Fingers weaving in his soft but corse fur. You watched as he slowly and with difficulty jumped onto the bed. His joints were achy, stiff and in pain, yet he still insisted jumping on the bed and going for walks.

You watched as he slotted himself between you and Sebastian, his cold nose pressing against your bare forearm. You had gotten Mongo eleven years ago, you did everything together; eat at the same time, sleep at the same time, go for walks and even watch TV together. Yet, you have to continue without him.

“Hey, it’s okay,” Sebastian’s voice pulled you back to Earth. Your crying had woken him up, “we talked about this. He’s in pain and it’s for the best.”

You nodded watching as Sebastian scratched Mongo’s neck. “It still hurts.” He nods lightly, “when I got him, I didn’t think of this day. He’s my family, Seb. My best friend, my child, and now I got to carry on without him.” You cry wiping the tears with the comforter. “He’s been there through everything; every break up, when I got fired, when I got the job, he was there when I met you. How am I meant to start over? I’m not ready for this.” You cried harder gaining the attention of Mongo, who sat up and began licking at your hands that covered your face.

You spent most of the morning in Sebastian’s arms as you cried and hugging Mongo tightly.

On the way to the vets, Sebastian stops at Mongo favourite park, helping him out before leading you to your usual bench; the bench Sebastian tripped over Mongo and ultimately meeting you.

You watched as Mongo walked to the grass field, instead of running around and chasing squirrels or playing with the other dogs, he sat down. He watched the joggers jog past, he wagged his tail as kids got friendly or people walked past, he didn’t move from the spot in the middle of the field. You frowned as you looked at him, his slow demise would have been obvious to everyone, except you.

You felt like a bad owner for keeping him in pain. A few months ago he would have been chasing squirrels and joggers, playing with other dogs and playing fetch. Now he’s opting for watching instead of playing.

“I’ve been a good owner to him… haven’t I?” You turn to Sebastian, eyes wide and glassy, you looked so vulnerable and broken.

Seb nods. “The best. He loves you, I think more than I do, which would be impossible but not with him. You’ve done the best you could, he’s old, Y/N; medicines were just prolonging the inevitable.”

You both turn back to Mongo who is slowly walking back over to you. The sun shining on his white fur making him look heavenly, his pink tongue dangling out of his mouth. He gently rests his head on Sebs knee, a silent request to leave now.

You hold back any tears. “He’s ready.”

The car ride to the vets is silent. The waiting room is torture, you sit and watch other owners with their pets, knowing they’d be leaving with them. Sebastian lightly scratched behind Mongo’s left ear, smiling as Mongo places a paw on his knee and then the other, he hugs around Mongo’s neck lightly chuckling at the big oaf. He whispers something to Mongo, causing Mongo to let out a strained ‘woof’. Tina, your vet, calls you in and gives you a hug.

She tells you the procedure as Sebastian lifts Mongo onto the table, instantly laying down and resting his head on his paws, yawning as he did so. The explanation falls on deaf ears as you stroke Mongo, smiling as he wags his tail with little strength; almost as if he knows this is his last moments to do so.

“You’re a good boy, Mongo.” You kneel down, kissing his face and continue to remind him of that, even after he’s gone. Sebastian gently takes a hold of you, stroking your hair as Tina leaves you for a few minutes.

“Why aren’t you crying?” You cry into his chest, Sebastian sighs and smiles.

“Because I promised Mongo that I’d be strong for you, he doesn’t need me crying over him too, you’re feeling more than enough for the both of us.” Sebastian deals with the paper work for you, cremation papers and even offers to pick up his ashes tomorrow when they’ll be ready.

The drive home was silent except for your small sniffs and cries. You still wondered why Sebastian hadn’t cried, not that you expected him to but he adored Mongo, Mongo absolutely adored Sebastian back.


“Sebastian?” You frown as you walk into the bedroom that night. He’s sat on the floor, head in his hands and holding the red leash, he looks up and his eyes are glassy with tears and cheeks red. “Oh, Sebby.” You sit beside him, wrapping your arms around him.

“I accidentally filled up his dog dish,” he mutters between sobs into your neck. “He always comes to the sound of food, I was so confused.”

You hold him in silence, running your fingers through his hair. “He adored you, Sebastian. It’s okay to cry, I’m here, it’s okay.” You hold back your own, sitting in his lap now, trying to calm down your boyfriend.

Sebastian had finally calmed down enough to get into bed. “Sometimes, I think, he meant for me to trip over him. It sounds stupid but… I think, he knew or something. I’m gonna miss him,” he sighed gently.

“What did you say to Mongo?” You asked you laid side by side, facing one another, you were also both still crying and not wanting to sleep.

“Just guy things,” Sebastian shrugged and you chuckled. “I told him I loved him too. Realised I haven’t been saying it to him this past week, I was spending my time trying to be strong for you, I forgot to emote to him that I loved him. Didn’t want him to go without me saying that,” you started to cry again. “This is why I whispered it to him.” He chuckled, pulling you to him and kissing your forehead.

(Okay. I’m so sorry. I had to get this off of me, I’ve been a mess and crying all day. I had to put my nana dog down, Rhino (I know laugh. He’s an English Bulldog.), he was six and my mum tried to but she couldn’t. It was the worst experience ever. I never want to do that again. Again, I’m sorry.- Rosalie)

Markiplier Ego Imagines (pt. 11)

(So, I’m taking it slow today to rest after being glued to my computer all yesterday, but as promised, here’s a D&D imagine! Many, many thanks to the wonderful @221b-locked for making this possible, and I hope you guys enjoy!)

Imagine the Egos playing a “friendly” game of Dungeons and Dragons. Host stumbled across a podcast of people playing one day while browsing for things to listen to, and he quickly fell in love with the entire concept. He got Amy to help him order all the necessary supplies online and finally convinced the others to give it a try.

Imagine the Host being the ULTIMATE Dungeon Master. He has every detail meticulously planned, each path and every sudden turn. There are plot twists and locations he can describe down to the very last detail. But he’s also quick on his feet, ready to improvise should the party diverge from his intended story. Two minutes into their first game, the entire table is so into it that they totally forget they’re just sitting around a table rolling dice. He even sometimes employs his abilities to create subtle effects like the sounds of clashing swords and clanking armor, the heat of a dragon’s fiery breath, or the thick fog of a haunted forest.

Imagine Bim Trimmer being the best at creating new characters, so they all go to him with their ideas, hoping that he can point them in the right direction. He’s imaginative enough to keep things interesting, but he also knows how to help other players reach their full potential. He likes to play as druids, and he’ll even bring a few of his plants to the table “for effect.” (Really, he just likes holding them when things get intense.) He’s typically pretty quiet, not being the one to make decisions, but Bim has a great eye for the details that are important and keeps them all recorded in a notebook for when the party might have need of them.

Imagine Dr. Iplier refusing to play anything other than a cleric. He’s so intent on being the one to keep the others in one piece, and no one argues with him. He’s excellent at performing in the place of his character, so much so that half the time the other Egos forget where Dr. Iplier stops and his characters begin. Not only that, but he keeps the party together when things start to get hairy. He acts as sort of a voice of reason when Bim is panick-screaming, Dark is threatening to slice everyone in half, and Wilford is charging off on his own. Host refuses to start a game without the Doc at the table.

Imagine Google being ridiculously good. He exploits every strength, memorizes every detail with perfect accuracy, and may or may not know the precise movements with which to roll a nat 20 (“Though he would never use that knowledge to his advantage,” the writer says with more sarcasm than should be humanly possible by Google’s calculations). So, if he wants to participate, Host makes him read the parts of the NPC’s—Oliver usually obliges when the others get upset because Host won’t let them play. However, he’s the only other Ego that the Host will hand over the reins to. As a DM, he’s skilled and extremely knowledgeable but a little unimaginative, but he’s fair, ruthlessly so.

Imagine Wilford Warfstache, the Bard (move over Shakespeare), who will readily use his abilities to create any musical instrument imaginable to play as he sings along. He’s good at making up lyrics on the spot to suit the situation at hand, just for fun. But he’s also a merciless fighter when it comes down to it. He’s not much for strategy, but his gut instincts are invaluable in any situation. His characters typically range across the board, no one is ever like another. It’s why he plays, the chance to get into another character and play things out the way that they would. And Warfstache definitely has a set of sparkly, pink dice that he uses, but he has to constantly keep replacing them because whenever he gets a bad roll, he shoots them with pin-point accuracy, effectively killing both the dice and the table.

Imagine Dark being enthralled with the idea of testing his abilities by being encouraged to manipulate the others into thinking he’s someone else. It’s almost (no, it’s definitely) disturbing how in-character he can become, especially when he plays a character that is absolutely nothing like himself. He enjoys playing as angelic paladins with rosy cheeks and leading the party with his breath-taking skills of strategy. Host doesn’t typically like Dark, far from it in fact, but he has to admire his ability to use each of the party members in a way that optimizes their chances of surviving to the very end. But once (once) they decided to let Dark be the DM. It was a bloodbath, slow and painful, picking off one character at a time. Even Google couldn’t survive, and they all agreed never to let that happen again. Dark just shrugged it off and agreed. “It wasn’t much of a challenge, anyway.”

Imagine King of Squirrels playing once, only once, as a Beastmaster Ranger with a squirrel army at his beck and call. Needless to say, an army of fluffy creatures didn’t fare well against the dragon, and King refuses to ever play again.

The Egos as Autumn-y Things

Wilford: Comfy Autumn clothes 

Dark: Halloween 

Google: Carving Jack o Lanterns 

The Host: Going to the local cafe with a good book 

Dr. Iplier:  Hot chocolate on a rainy day 

Bim Trimmer: Walking through the park taking in the colors

Ed Edgar: Watching football games 

Yandereiplier: Horror Movies

 King of the Squirrels: Playing in the leaves 

Seeing that Autumn is coming up soon, I figured I would do something with the Egos and an Autumn aesthetic! If you want to see a headcanon or a fic with Autumn and the egos, lemme know!

Markiplier Ego Headcanons
  • The Little Things Nobody Knows:
  • The Host: Writes with his voice using a special program.
  • Google: Likes to play minecraft and blow stuff up in it.
  • Darkiplier: Secretly loves to read romantic novels.
  • Wilford Warfstash: loves to color in adult coloring books.
  • Yandere: Loves to go to japanese Karaoke bars.
  • The Businessman: likes to watch netflix shows.
  • The Cowboy: Likes to play the guitar outside.
  • The Doctor: likes to exercise his stress out.
  • The King of the Squirrels: Loves to play on the junglejim.
  • The Superhero: Likes long walks on the beach.

I just fired up Pillars of Eternity for the first time, and man… why are we not talking more about this game? This is like… D&D, meets Dragon Age: Origins meets… whatever it is I’ve been literally dreaming about.

Guys. I have a cute little spectral pig as my companion. A spectral pig.