squirrel master,

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One typical day at the Phantomhive manor
  • Sebastian: *enters Ciel's room and slams the door* WE HAVE TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY
  • Ciel: what the hell is wrong with you again Sebastian.
  • Ciel: which people? Claude? The rippers? *rolls his eyes and keeps reading*
  • Sebastian: BAD PEOPLE
  • Ciel: *closes the book and sighs* WHICH PEOPLE???
  • Sebastian: The squirrel mafia.
  • Ciel: That's it, get out of this room. Now.
  • Ciel: OUT. NOW.

neverfovndloveinthecity  asked:

hello can you recommend any conservative blogs on here, most of tumblr is a social justice shithole hahaha

Oh boy do I have some good ones for you. Mind you, they are a mixture of guns, food porn, actual porn, shit posting, and of course cat and dog videos. Some that I suggest are left/libertarian leaning, but they are respectable individuals that debate with facts over feelings, so it’s nice to see both sides talking like adults.


I’m sure they’ll reblog with other great suggestions too.

Patronus - Grey Squirrel

The grey squirrel is a master at patience and hard work. Their dedication to a cause they see fit is admirable to say the least, and they are loyal to the end, whether it be to a trustworthy friend, or a new project. Sometimes they may become obsessed with one thing and forget about other matters, but you can be sure that their heart is always in the right place.


get to know me meme >> Favorite TV Shows [2/20] Girl Meets World

“How long do I have to live in my father’s world?” 

 “Until you make it yours, Riley. Do you know what I want more than anything? Go ahead, make it yours.”

Is it just me or...

…is it kinda weird that in GM Mr. Squirrels (explicitly) and in GMT2 (implicitly), they talk about the “ha-hurr” thing like it’s something that happens all.the.time, but we’ve only actually seen it on screen five/six times?

Twice in GM Crazy Hat
Once in the GMT3 World of Terror flashback
During the harmonica song in Friendship
Once in Yearbook
Once in Texas

Just strikes me as kind of suspicious/odd, ya know? Especially since we weren’t even shown the World of Terror one originally.


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