squirrel in a christmas tree

Nut Up or Shut Up

Characters: Dean, Reader, Sam, Crowley

Summary: Sam finds a case that winds up being a coven of witches possessed by demons and the boys decide to call in Crowley to help out.  The reader and Dean both wind up cursed and the cure puts them in a rather intimate situation.

Word Count:2023

Warnings: Squirrel-y activity, a bubble bath, and slightly suggested smut.

A/N: This is my Christmas present for @tree-of-blue-squirrel, who requested a fic that would combine SPN and Gravity Falls and squirrels.  It was a lot of fun being your Secret Santa all month.  I hope you enjoy this, but if not, please let me know and I’ll give it another try.  Also, this is my first try at writing a crack fic so feedback is appreciated.  A thank you goes out to my wonderful betas for this @idreamofhazel and @torn-and-frayed.

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“Hello Moose, Squirrel.” Crowley greeted the boys, not paying any attention to you.

“Did he just call him…?!” you asked as you hopped excitedly up and down; frantically looking back and forth between Crowley and Dean.  

“Squirrel,” Dean said, bowing his head and nodding.  

“But I’m Squirrel!” you exclaimed energetically.   

Dean looked at you like you had lost your marbles. 

”Oh great, now there are two of you,” Crowley groaned.

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In Oregon, Christmas trees outnumber humans 12 to 1.

(Photo by David Kasnic

Your tree has a long and complicated backstory, one that includes daredevil helicopter pilots, giant snow-cone machines housed inside truck stops, 18-hour days battling Oregon sleet and, of course, the fickle hibernation habits of squirrels.

Here is how (and where) an American Christmas tree comes to life.

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