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We don’t need a Destiel sex scene. After all, Destiel isn’t about sex, it’s about love. We just need to confirm they’re together, for example like hand holding, maybe a forehead kiss, hugs,i love you/i need you’s. That’s all we’re asking for. Is that too much?

I saw a fish today.
Rainbow, like an oil painting,
swimming against the current
of melting snow in the street gutter.
Of course, it was just a trick of the light
and my over-active imagination,
but I still wished that spirit-fish
well on its journey,
and sent it a bit of my energy.
I fed a squirrel from my hand today.
It let me stroke its underbelly and cheek.
That part is true.
I have my sister’s pictures to prove it.
I thanked Artemis, and Demeter, and Athena
because I wasn’t really sure
who had jurisdiction here,
and because none of them exist to me
outside of my love for archetypes.
The frost on the sidewalk today
took the pattern of little leaves
scattered on the ground.
The river had the intricate patterns
of an old frosted over window
only hundreds of times bigger.
I thought about stopping to take pictures
but, as mentioned, there was ice.
I was cold, and running late,
so I just slowed in wonder,
and tossed a handful of sunflower seeds
to the squirrels before I went inside
as a symbol of my appreciation.
—  Sidewalk Fish (ode to everyday magick)
Prompt #7 and #19 for Daryl Dixon

Prompt: “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.” AND “I wish I could hate you.” with Daryl Dixon x Reader (TWD)

Words: 520

Warnings: Language, just straight fluff tbh

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” You groan, seeing Daryl walk back to the farm with a few squirrels in each hand.

“Looks like I won.” Daryl smirked, walking past you.

Since their group had arrived here on your family’s farm, you’d been in this competition with Daryl to see who could bring back the most food. To see who was the better hunter.  You both use your bows, which was what ignited the ongoing competition in the first place. He was undoubtedly better than you, way more skilled, but you would never admit that to him. You would go out and hunt for food as well, but he never failed to come back with more.

It pisses you off, honestly.

“I swear to god, I’m going to get more one of these days. It’s bad enough you win almost every day, but you’re so goddamn cocky about it, too.” You roll your eyes.

“What’s got your panties in a twist?” Daryl grunts. He’s used to you being light and joking about the manner, but today, he was just getting to you. Not only are you on your period, but you tried extra hard to kill squirrels today, sure that you’d come back with more. But, no, of course the man has to beat you.

You make me feel like I’m not good enough.” You huff. “Before you and your group came around, I thought I was pretty good. You’ve completely ruined my confidence, you know.” You laugh, only half joking.

“Ah, relax. You ain’t that bad.” Daryl sets the squirrels down and then goes over to the well to wash his hands.

“Mhm.” You mumble.

“’M serious. You’re pretty talented. Not as much as me, but you’ll get there.” You can feel Daryl’s hand brush up against yours as he finishes washing up. You blush, but look away so he doesn’t notice. You’ll admit you have feelings for the man- who wouldn’t? Once you get past the hard exterior, which you finally had, he’s a great man who is extremely sweet.

“Not as much as me? Really? Jesus, Dixon, you really are cocky. And here everyone thinks you’re and shy.” You tease. “You know, I really wish I could hate you. It’d give me better motivation to kick your ass in hunting.”

“Why don’t ya?” Daryl suddenly turns around, a serious look on his face.

“Why don’t I what?” You ask, confused.

“Hate me.”

“I don’t have a reason to.” You shrug. “You’re a nice guy.”

“I just… I don’ know. I’m just not used to people bein’ nice to me.” He mumbles. “I’m not exactly everyone’s favorite person.”

“Well, people obviously don’t know what they’re missing out on.” You smile at him.

Daryl smiles at you, a genuine smile. It was sweet, and you could tell that what you just said got to him in the best way possible.

“You’ll still never kick my ass in huntin’, though.”

If anyone is wondering how squirrel camp is, we not only have no showers but no running water period (we have barrels of water from town. Very low-tech), no internet besides a little bit of mobile data connection in the pantry cupboard area, and the main outhouses are supposed to be used sparingly because they’re frozen. I’ve gotten to handle several squirrels (two escaped. One decided to sample human flesh before he took off) and I got to see a lynx up close and it hissed at me and it was awesome. It’s also very, very cold but I’m having fun. I have yet to see a moose but I have seen lots of moose tracks. One left huge honking holes in the middle of my snowshoe trail. (rude)

also I’ve been getting a decent amount of writing done and by the end of today I should have three things completed to post after I finish squirrel camp. :)

Love Above All

Murphy x Reader

Love Above All

You came back to camp with a sack of berries in one hand and a bag of dead squirrels in the other hand. You had just come back from a hunting trip with Clarke and Octavia, taking longer than needed because Octavia kept wandering off. Sitting the bags by the fire, you could feel everyone’s eyes on you. it always seemed to be like this.

You were the daughter of Kane, very high up in the Council. Your father was proud of where he was in his job and thought that you should be proud of him as well, but you were quite the opposite. You hated his job, you hated him. Going through your entire life not being sure if your friends were even your friends was hard. Most of your friends only liked you because they feared your father, but you’d rather not have friends if those were the people you ended up with.

An arm suddenly slid around your waist and you jumped, looking up to meet Murphy’s eyes. He picked up the bags and went through them. “You got me dead squirrels? Oh doll, I’m flattered.”

Murphy was the only person who bothered to know the real you. After you tried to burn your father’s arm off due to anger, you were Confined. At first, you didn’t talk to anyone. You were Miss Isolation until Murphy finally talked to you one day, cracking your shell. You had gained feelings for him after a while, but that was nothing you’d ever admit. You two were too close for you to bring something like that up.

You rolled your eyes and playfully shoved him. “Who said I got it for you?”

Gaining a mock shocked expression, his arm fell from you, making you suddenly cold. “You pain me, princess.”

“I do what I can, felon.”

“Says the girl who tried to light her dad on fire,” Murphy said, chuckling.

You laughed before smiling at him and then going back to sorting the foods. Murphy smiled at you before going back to his own job.

An hour or so had passed before you heard yelling from another side of the camp. Standing up, you went to see what was going on. You made it to the source of commotion and were shocked to see Murphy being shoved down and gagged by others of the hundred.

“Hey! What the hell are you doing?!” You ran forward only to be stopped by Bellamy. He gave you a hard look before following the others to a tree where they were setting up Murphy on a chair to be hung. Anger filled you and you pounced forward, knocking a few people over, desperate to stop what was going on. Bellamy swung his arm back, knocking you over so you wouldn’t bother what was happening.

“Let him down!” You yelled. But it was too late. Bellamy had already kicked over the chair that was keeping Murphy up. You screamed, wanting to save him.

“Stop it!” a girl yelled suddenly. “Stop it! Murphy didn’t kill Wells, okay? I did.”

Clarke had a horrified face and grabbed an ax to cut Murphy down. As soon as he hit the ground, you sprinted to his side. Pushing his hair from his bloodied face, you tried to calm him as Finn untied the noose from his neck. He sat up when the noose was gone and motioned for you to cut the rope around his wrists. You did just that and then took the bandana from his mouth.

“That little bitch,” he muttered angrily. “She was going to let me die!”

“But she didn’t and you’re alive, that’s all that matters,” you said quietly. You took his hand in yours and squeezed it tightly. You were so afraid he was going to die. The one person you cared about and actually cared about you was going to die.

He turned to make eye contact with you and gained a soft smile only you ever got to see. “Hey, don’t worry about me. I’m fine. I’m sorry I scared you, doll.”

You were going to respond, but he ended the conversation by squeezing your hand reassuringly before letting go and standing up. His eyes were locked on the tent they were keeping Charlotte and you knew his mind was only fixed on vengeance.


Hours later you were sitting on a log by the fire, nervously shaking your leg. Murphy had had a large angry meltdown earlier and went on a search for Charlotte with a group of his followers. He was going to kill her, you knew it, even if he said he wasn’t.

Suddenly, Bellamy, Finn, and Clarke entered the camp. You stood up and ran over to them. “Where’s John? Is he okay?”

Bellamy scoffed and looked at Clarke. “Do you want me to tell her or do you want to be nice about it?”

Clarke sighed and looked at you. “Murphy’s… I’m really sorry, Murphy’s banished from camp.”

Your eyes widened in fury and you glared daggers at Bellamy. “You. You’re the only one who would do that! You asshole!”

You shoved him back, ready to start a fight. You went in for another shove, but Finn caught you and held you back. Bellamy stared at you and shook his head. “Looks like you’ll have to start making new friends, Baby Kane.”

You shoved Finn off of you and glared at Bellamy again. You wanted to kill him. You wanted to shove him into the fire. Instead, you grabbed a gun and made your way into the woods.

“And where do you think you’re going?” Bellamy asked from behind you.

“To find John.”


You walked for what felt like hours but was probably only twenty minutes. You were going to sit and rest your legs but then heard rustling in some bushes. You raised you gun just in case it was a grounder, hoping it was just so you could kill something.

But emerging from the bushes was a bloody and beaten Murphy. Your gun dropped to your side at the sight of him. Dropping it to the woods floor, you ran at him and pulled him into a hug. “Oh my god, you’re okay. I was so worried.”

You felt a hesitant pair of arms wrap around you. “Y/N? Why are you this far away from camp, it’s dangerous out here.”

You pulled away slightly and looked at him with your arms still around his neck. “Bellamy told me he banished you, I came to find you.”

“Do you have any idea how risky that is?” he asked, frustrated. “What if an animal found you first, or worse, a grounder?”

“I have a gun.”

He sighed and leaned forward to rest his forehead on your shoulder. His arms were tightly wrapped around your waist and you soothingly ran a hand through his hair. “I just wanted to make sure you were safe. And wanted to go with you. No one else gets me, John,” you whispered.

Pulling away, he stared at you and tucked some hair behind your ear. “I didn’t even think about you. I didn’t think for a minute how this would hurt you. I should’ve come back for you.”

You sighed and rested your head on his chest. “It’s alright. We’re safe now. Everything’s okay.”

You spoke too soon. Out of nowhere, there was screaming and grounders began to pounce from trees. Murphy pushed you behind him without second thought and pulled out his knife. But in his state, he was quickly brought down and you were taken down right after him. A grounder put rope around both of your wrists and shoved you up to walk. You wanted to fight, but glanced at Murphy and saw his eyes tell you not to. He knew you were thinking it.

As you neared closer to the grounders’ base, you heard Murphy try to whisper to you.

“I don’t know what’s going to be in here, but I want you to know I love you, Y/N Kane.”

You looked at him in surprise and saw his head down. You smiled sadly. “I love you, too, John Murphy.”

He looked up at you and leaped forward, kissing you without even thinking. That’s all you could do before you were forced apart pushed into a world of fear.


A/N: So I may make a part 2 to this, but I’m not sure. Opinions?

Also, requests open!


And so it begins!
We always get two influxes of orphaned baby squirrels a year and it seems that the time has come for round two to start!
This tiny little baby was brought in to us after being attacked by a cat and taken to a local vets. The vet found a superficial wound on its belly, and glued it closed with tissue glue before sending it to us. On arrival, our volunteer vet, Maru, cleaned and closed the wound again with sutures, and gave it painkillers and antibiotics to combat the bacteria from the cat bite.
It is now being fed round the clock by our team of volunteers, and we will continue to keep a close eye on it as it grows.
This is the start of many more new arrivals at the centre, and each will need round the clock care. To help with our work, please consider donating of becoming a volunteer in your spare time. Details can be found on our website!

Nothing like painting an OC through all this Kid Rollers art.

Also, before you say anything about the palette, no one said I couldn’t use that palette on Overlay and Color Burn :P