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woops i did not notice sorry but the UT/US/UF/SF brothers

UT/US/UF/SF with a S/O that acts a lot like a cat, like they will sunbathe, sleeping everywhere, will wear a collar, chase birds and so on

Alright, here we go! Sorry about taking a while.~Mod Feral

UT Sans

He’s not gonna mind. He’s honestly somewhat catlike himself. He’ll def join you in sunbathing and napping. He may even get you a new collar himself, if you’ll let him.

UT Papyrus

“BUT DATEMATE, WHY WOULD YOU ACT LIKE SOMETHING YOU’RE NOT?” He doesn’t quite get it, but as long as you’re not hurting yourself or others, he’s not really gonna try and stop you. He just really, really wishes he knew why.

US Sans

He’s not gonna make any major comments, just a quick thing about watching where you’re going and not actually harming the birds/squirrels/mice if you catch them.

US Papyrus

Similar to UT Sans, he’s joining with the naps and sunbathing, but if you do, at any point, try to ask for him to do something, he’ll be likely to respond with “sorry, i don’t speak cat.”

UF Sans

“they’re not cat-like. lot’s of animals are predators with sunbathing habits. shut up.” He’s not a big fan of cats, but he loves you dearly, so he’s denying all claims that you’re cat-like. He’ll get you a cool collar, though. Monsters getting each other collars in Snowdin is a major step in a mating, so he has no issues at least thinking it.

UF Papyrus

If he didn’t show as much of his love for you in public before, he definitely is now. He loves cats dearly, so his mate acting like one frequently is amazing. And, yes, he’s getting you an amazing collar. No hesitation.

SF Sans

He doesn’t care either way. He knows how cats work, so it’s no big. He might laugh on occasion, stating something about having both a cat and a dog now, but that’s the most of it.

SF Papyrus

He doesn’t care too much. He acts pretty dog-like on occasion, so he won’t mind you acting like a cat. As long as you still love him, he’s happy.

Animal Intelligence

Ever notice how they keep moving the goalposts when it comes to animal intelligence vs. human intelligence?

“Humans are completely unique. No other animal uses tools.”

“Actually, wild sea otters have been observed using rocks to open shellfish.”

“Okay, but that’s not true intelligence. They just pick the rocks up; they don’t alter them in any way.”

“Chimps peel the leaves from sticks to make more effective termite probes.”

“Well, that’s just technology. Only humans have art.”

“What about painting elephants? Art critics often can’t tell the difference between their work and a human’s.”

“Okay fine. But only humans have language. That’s the mark of true intelligence.”

“These African Grey Parrots use hundreds of words correctly and even ask original questions.”

“Oh yeah? Well, does any non-human species demonstrate self-awareness?”

“Dolphins pass the mirror test without training.”

“Pfft. How about problem-solving?”

“I can’t keep squirrels out of my bird feeder no matter what I do.”

“Aha! Bet you can’t think of a species that possesses all these traits! Only humans! We’re No. 1! We’re No. 1!”




Thought it might be fun to share a speed-drawing of a Valentine’s Day piece I did.  Enjoy!