squirrel and bird

they met while fronnie was looking for food in the swamp. she didn’t want to eat squirrels or birds anymore because she thinks they’re too cute so she wanted to try fish. tchida found her and told her all the best places to find them and now they’re dating and i love them

anonymous asked:

do you know why cats do that chirping thing when they see birds/squirrels out the window? when my cat first did it, it scared me because i thought she was choking lol

I like this answer from catbehaviorassociates

Different Theories Behind Cat Chattering

There are a few theories behind the chattering and chirping sound that comes from your kitty. Some experts believe it may be connected to the frustration he feels from not being able to get to the prey. It’s also believed the chattering is merely a reflex motion in anticipation of performing the killing bite to the prey’s neck. Another theory is that it’s purely how the cat controls his over-the-top excitement at spotting the bird.


My dad is still making super awesome knives but recently he’s starting making a few other cool things too!

I got him a few cow horns a while back and he made some really pretty powder horns with them. He gave me one of them. <3 

He also started making some wicked arrows a couple of months ago using scrap metal for the points so for Christmas I gave him a bunch of sharp, arrowhead-shaped gar fish scales to play around with. Archeological evidence shows Native Americans in the southern US would sometimes use gar scales as arrowheads when hunting small game like squirrels, birds, etc. so I thought he might get a kick out of trying to use them to make some of his own.  He sure did! Here’s the first one he made and he gave it to me when I went to visit the other day. Sharp little thing!

The Fox and the flowers

I put all the images together into one big post, now, the images aren’t HQ, i had to resize them down, if you want to see them full quality i made an imgur album for them. 

I also put some sort of morale at the end, in text form, saying what was going through my mind while narrating this story, what means to me and what i wanted to tell or make people feel in this seemingly empty and purely edonistic comic.
So yeah, check it out. And if you already did I hope you enjoyed it, it makes me really happy that a personal project like this got noticed as much as it did ;v;


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