Come horse, come hound, come leaping toads,
Down from the forests and over the roads,
Through all the meadows and over the ditches;
Off to the Sabbath to dance with the witches.

Beavers and badgers and nocturnal creatures;
Cats, bats and howlets with comical features,
Flying and creeping and crawling and walking.
Dancing and singing and laughing and talking.

Folks from the cottages, people with riches
Come altogether to dance with the witches.

Flowers from the hedges with mosses and lichen
Carried by ladies and maids from the kitchen;
Squires from the manors and boys from the stables,
Young folk and old folk and all who are able,
Travel by twilight avoiding all hitches;
Everyone rushes to dance with the witches.

Round the bonfire they go merrily tripping,
Yelling and screaming and jumping and skipping.

Free as the wind they keep dancing and shrieking, 
Bodies all gleaming and sweating and reeking. 

This is far better than all your riches;
Throw off your cares and let’s dance with the witches.

In the pale moonlight they romp till the morning,
When everybody is tired out and yawning.

Loudly they shout in the highest of pitches,
O’ for the nights when we dance with the witches

—  The Witches’ Sabbath by Arnold Crowther
Giant Robot (A stupid fallout parody of giant women)
  • Giant Robot (A stupid fallout parody of giant women)
  • Tyler Huffman

I regret this, a lot.
All rights go to their owners and stuff
(Over the megaphone)
Teenage Elder Maxson (TEM because I can’t f*cking sing deep): I- Is this thing on? Hello? Alright, atten-  (messing with papers) Eh Sorry about that one second.
Attention all initiates, scribes, paladins,-
(I"m not reading the whole thing)
Captain: (sir, you have to)
TEM: (fine)
(long pause)
-squires and knights, this is elder maxson speaking on behalf of the liberty prime project. Now while it may be a bit tricky here is a little something keep your morals up!.
All I wanna do is see you built into a giant robot
a giant robot
All I wanna see is what is soon to be a giant robot
All I wanna do is help you build into a giant robot
A giant robot
All I wanna be an elder who gets to see a giant robot
Oh I know it will be great and I just can’t wait to know all those synths will die together
They will not stand a chance and I won’t give a glance because it is a giant f*cking robot
I might even go to the battlefield and storm it by a robot with nukes to wield 
But if it were me, I’d really like to be a giant robot
A giant robot!
All I wanna do is finish building you, a giant robot.
TEM: So… Carry on
..How do you shut this thing off?
PALADIN how do you shut this thing off!?

Dance in the Skies

Game: Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War (FE4)
Pairing: Mahnya/Queen Rahna

Written for Day 1, “Armor,” of Fire Emblem Femslash Week. Also on AO3.

With numb fingers, Mahnya pulled at leather fastenings stiffened by the cold. Silesian winters had always been hard, and this one was harder than most. Despite the thick padding of her tunic, she shivered.

Ordinarily, she would have a squire to assist her with arming, but today there was nobody to spare—not with so many knights following Pamela to Duke Daccar’s side. Silesia was divided, and so Mahnya prepared her armor alone.

A rustle of robes in the hallway and a polite cough alerted her to the presence of a visitor. She turned to the door and immediately dropped down to one knee.

“Your Majesty.”

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samwpmarleau  asked:

Do you have any fic recs that deal with Jaime's knighting/the Kingswood Brotherhood? I can't seem to really find any that have more than just a passing mention of it.

There’s “Revelry” by Sereven, which is about a celebration after the defeat of the Kingswood Brotherhood. It’s a nice fic, though the text suggests something a little different happened. The pairing is Jaime/Cersei. 

I’m unaware of any fic that depicts Jaime squiring for Lord Crakehall / actually fighting the Kingswood Brotherhood / being knighted. Perhaps someone could recommend some fic to us?

anonymous asked:

Charles V had the opposite problem, people kept dying and HE was their heir. Imagine, every few months your squire has to read out your titles that gets a minute longer or so to eventually you decide to split your domains and retire even though some crazy idiot nailed a paper to a door somewhere.


anonymous asked:

Kinda obscure but I read an interview that said John likes Chris Squire too and I just remembered that you liked him too back from the Discodeaky days

Yeah, he cites Chris as one of his favourite bassists! And Chris wrote a statement about him in a Queen book (that I don’t have anymore or I’d write it down)!

After watching the Last Bastion, and reading the lore behind Eichenwald, all I can think about is Reinhardt and Bridget (his Squire/person who keeps his armor working/the living embodiment of the phrase “Reinhardt NO!’. She’s in the comic, it’s pretty awesome, you should read it) wandering around the forest, probably putting the armor through a test run, when they encounter Bastion.

And Reinhardt is like “A BASTION UNIT!” and throws up his shield to protect Bridget.

And Bastion sees the Crusader armor and is panicking, but the nest is on its shoulder, and going into turret mode, or even firing its standard gun, would destroy it again. So Bastion is there, fighting his programming and trying to shield the nest from the inevitable hammer strike. And Reinhardt is there with his shield, trying to figure out WHY THE MURDEROUS DEATHBOT ISN’T SHOOTING.

And eventually, Bridgette is like “Wait, it’s not shooting” and steps out in front of the shield, and doesn’t get shot. So Reinhardt puts down the hammer and takes off his helmet, which helps Bastion relax, and they find a connection.

Because, in a way, Eichenwald is a sacred place for both of them. For Reinhardt, it’s where his fellow Crusaders made their last stand against the Omnics. For Bastion, it’s one of the places it’s fellow Omnics were forced (by whichever shadowy forces were behind the Omnic Crisis) to attack. Had it not shut down in the woods, Bastion would likely have died, either storming Eichenwald or in the fields outside Stuttgart, just another anonymous Bastion unit, the face of the Omnic Menace.

But, Bastion shut down in that forest, and the Forest claimed Bastion. It is part of the forest, covered in its dirt and plants, and freed from the programming that commanded it to kill.

And they end up sitting there, in the woods around Eichenwald castle, for a while. A pair of old relics built for a conflict long past. One that can’t accept peace, and one that can’t seem to escape the war.

Then Ganymede poops on Reinhardt’s armor.