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I won’t live locked up dead
Come to life again because I’m a lover

I spent all weekend on this and I’m kicking it out the door before I go insane. Thanks for introducing the two best villains I’ve ever loved to hate, Matt Mercer.

Plz click to get a proper look, tumblr made them smudgy c:

i think takumi is so pretty when he lets his hair down :D


i was rewatching rwby when i stumbled upon this scene and decided to redraw it because i am voltron tra sh

this has probably already been done too whoops

give him an even dye job please

Rooftop Confessions

Note: once again from my old blog. 
Warnings: nothing but fluff, angst if u squint ur eyes and tilt ur head

Currently you were sat next to Bucky on one of the many balconies the Stark Tower had. It was a nice place to sit and relax. There something calming about listening to the hustle and bustle of the city below while feeling a slight breeze, it was this atmosphere that you craved the most in your times of stress. Bucky and you sat in silence as both of you weren’t the biggest of talkers and perhaps that’s why you were both so drawn to each other. After a particularly loud ambulance sound that came from below, Bucky hung his head down and took a deep breath before looking up again.

“I love you, Y/N” Bucky said, breaking the comfortable silence that had surrounded the two of you.

“You don’t, uh” Bucky coughed out, “ have to say anything back.” He tried ignoring the shocked look on your face. Your heart was racing since this was a moment you were sure only existed in your dreams. Bucky took your surprise as an indication of rejection and let out a deep sigh before standing up.

“I just wanted to let you know” Bucky whispered as he closed his eyes before walking away. You hadn’t even heard anything he said after he told you he loved you due to your heart beating fast and loud in your ears.

“Shit,” you muttered when you heard the door close and finally noticed that Bucky was no longer sitting beside you. Cursing to yourself you got up and went back into the compound.

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Secret Crushes and Sneaky Pidgeons
  • Pidge: So... u and Keith hun?
  • Lance: What do you mean?
  • Pidge: You've been crushing on him since the Garrison that's why you're always picking on him, isn't that right?
  • Pidge: *squints eyes*
  • Lance: Sigh... How'd u figure? Hunk told you didn't him.
  • Pidge: wwwHAA- HAHA SO IT IS TRUE!
  • Lance(mutters): fuck

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Got any hilbert head canons friend?


uhhh i have too many to list out in their entirety, but a few i remember off the top of my head are:

1.) Hilbert doesnt pack many clothes, a few scrubs, a few pressed pants, just enough to get him through to the next laundry cycle. that said, Hilbert has  FUCKTON of lab coats, i imagine he gets chemical stains and other non wash-out-able gunk on his pristine coats and instead of patching them and whatnot, he just throws the old one out and dons a new one to maintain that Crisp Doctor Aesthetic

2.) Hilbert never rlly had many dreams/cant remember the ones he had whilst aboard the Hepaestus, but sometimes he wakes up w his breath caught in his throat, or if u rlly squint, tears in his eyes. after nights like those, he usually spends the next day or two in his lab, continuously working until the exhaustion forces him to bed

3.) (some spoilers for ep 25)Hilbert’s preferred diminutive [for his Russian birth name, Dmitri] is Mitya(as opposed to Dima) because when he was a kid he kinda had a thing for being a special snowflake……not that he rlly entirely abandoned that mindset lol

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💋 :3 Videl/Kokabiel & Eros/Pandora :V why not both? YOU SAID U BORED RIGHT??? (murdermewithink)

*squints eyes* YOU RIGHT!!! so you ask! i grant!

Send in a ‘💋 & I will answer with a gif of what (I think) our muses would kiss like.

Videl & Kokabiel

I think that Videl would do silly acts and do other cute nonsense just because that is in his nature!. thats my boy 

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Eros & Pandora

the gif explains itself when the two pop in my head AHAHAAA.  Pan would accept any token of affection so yaaay but she fiesty tho so beware!

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