squints at colors

i think takumi is so pretty when he lets his hair down :D


A bunch of stuff I don’t feel like coloring/finishing 

ok but before i go to mobile

did y ou kno………. i actually have set differences for them eyes…………

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i dont usually get pokemon from giveaway blogs anymore cause theres nothin like the experience of gettin them yourself ya know? But I gotta say you're a real cool person for doin this for people, I can see you make a lot of peoples day, keep being cool and spreadin happiness dude 👌

Hey anon! I know what you mean; it can’t quite replicate the thrill of that sparkle in the wild, or the doubletake at the hatch screen (that, or the squinting to tell if the color is right)! But for the people who have a very limited amount of gameplay time, or just rotten shiny luck, giveaways definitely help.

Thanks for the words of encouragement, and I’ll keep trying! :D

Hey: a word of advice because i just saw this and nearly died: alphys and frisk cosplayers, dont paint your face yellow. I fucking repeat and beg of you, dont paint your face yellow. I really shouldn’t need to explain why thats a bad thing.

Down & Out // Chapter 7, Part One

Harry’s standing in the back of the church when he sees her. Her dress is so white that he has to squint against the blinding color. It’s pure, it’s innocent, it’s everything that she is and more.

“Do you, Parker Jane Collins, take this man to be your husband? To have and to hold-”

“No,” Harry whispers, eyes widening in panic. This can’t be happening. She can’t marry him, she doesn’t love him. He’s going to hurt her, he’s going to break her. He needs to stop her. This is all just a huge mistake. 

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