Tyler “Squints” Imel is what the world of skateboarding always needs more of. He found this spot by himself and rolled in on it by himself. He then told all of us in the van that he found a fun spot around the corner. When I asked if we should shoot it he casually said, sure. When we shot it he ollied in twice, but this was the best frame. I really can’t believe he did this by himself. Can you imagine working at that building and just seeing this maniac rolling down this with no one else around?

this just in:

sometimes people go by different names on different media! someone might have a different name on facebook vs tumblr vs twitter vs ig! they might need to do that for their own safety or protection, or they might not have updated different sites, or it might just be none of your business! this does not make someone a “liar” or hiding who they are.

people who freak about this are the people who need to find some chill and think for like, maybe half a second, before you talk to someone about it–especially because tone is not something easily discernible over the internet.