squint eyes

Mike’s favorite pastime is to lie lazily with his head in Will’s lap when the summer sun is bright in their eyes and seeping warm through the fabric of their clothes, fashioning mottled shadows on their freckled-pink skin through the shade of the trees that hang overhead. Will runs his fingers through Mike’s curly hair, snagging on tangles and knots that Mike couldn’t bother combing out in the shower that morning.

“Ouch! Watch it, Byers!”

Mike flinches as Will’s fingers rake through his hair and continue to catch in the coily spirals that spring with a life of their own from his scalp. Will laughs softly and leans down to press a kiss against Mike’s forehead in silent apology for his actions.

“I’m going to get it cut next week,” Mike says after a moment, opening one eye to squint up at Will in the brightness of the mid-afternoon sun.

He laughs when Will’s face pulls into a frown, brows furrowing together and lips pulling down into the cutest pout that Mike has to lift his head up to kiss even through his teasing laughter.

“Not funny,” Will mumbles out as Mike’s laughter continues. But he stays right where he is, continues passing his pale, careful fingers through the dark mess of Mike’s hair with gentle intention and soft fondness.

Mike just smiles, knowing full well that he’s not going to get that haircut he’s been threatening to get since summer’s sweet beginning  - all cloudless, blue skies and humid air making his curls all the more noticeable. There’s no way he’s going to cut off his hair any time soon; not when he can spend his afternoons like this - Will’s hands softly braiding bluebells into his messy hair, pressing sweet, warm kisses to the reddened, sunburnt skin of Mike’s face and whispering shy compliments that linger warmly in Mike’s ears, echo gently through the cavern of his chest.

all alright

summary: you and steve have been friends for a while. after the party at tina’s , you’re worried that the veil of friendship might not be so strong, after all

pairing: steve x reader (fluff + a lil bit of angst)

word count: 1k

A/N: hello kids! this is my first fic ever and im super nervous abt it! let me know what u think! also this goes out to @sanjariti bc steve is our boy 

You looked up at the front of the house with wary eyes, then back down to the smashed party goers who were milling about the lawn. There were definitely at least three people passed out in the bushes, and you had a second thought to just turn tail and get out of there.

However, you reasoned with the situation. This could be your token party for the rest of the year. You could use it as an excuse the next time Harrington was slumped against your locker practically begging for you to make an appearance.

Okay, so he didn’t really beg but, he would ferociously bother you until you gave in.

You liked Harrington, you did. You became friends over a shared hatred of Math in the eighth grade and tried to stay friends throughout highschool. But, things lead to other things. He was busy with swim and basketball, and his shitty friends that you really didn’t care for. And you had your job at the diner, and the extracurriculars that you had hoped would get you into a decent college.

Then came Nancy. You loved Nancy. She was everything that you secretly wished you could be. She was so sweet and so good for Steve. Also, she absolutely floored you with her style.

Steve had been practically in love with Nancy since sophomore year, a fact that he told you at least three times a week. And you were so happy that he finally was able to date the girl of his dreams. But sometimes you wished that was your hand he held, that he looked at you with stars in his eyes.

You sighed, suddenly overly conscious about the last minute cat ears situated on your head and the lowcut bodysuit that really didn’t hide much. Out front the new kid -Benny? - was shirtless, chugging out of a keg, with fans already cheering him on.


Sure, this would be fun.

Pushing into the throng of people, you search desperately for someone - anyone - that you knew. After a few minutes, you decide to wander into the kitchen, where you finally spy Nancy in a white top - or what looked to be a white top. The front was now a deep red, almost as red as her face.

“Woah there champ, let’s get you home, okay?” Consoling her was fine, but you needed to find someone who knew where she lived. You and her had only spoken a couple of times, but you couldn’t just leave her there.

Making sure she was awake and drinking water, you push through the crowd, searching for Steve or - boom! There was that kid Jonathan that she always hung out with, who coincidentally, also looked like he was looking for Nancy. You point toward the kitchen, encouraging him to take her home.

Jonathan walks to the kitchen and you’re relieved that she’d be getting home with someone she knew. After that, you maneuver out the back door, wanting to be anywhere but that crowded room. Hopping down to the back porch, you see the back of a familiar head of floppy hair.

Instinctively, your heart skips a beat. You tell yourself it’s nothing, act casual. Pulling your jacket closer, you take a seat next to him. He’s smoking, which you’ve never seen before. He makes a surprised noise at your appearance, but doesn’t take his eyes off his shoes.

“Yanno, that stuff will kill ya.” You chide, nudging him with a forced smile. Steve snorts, flicking the ash off and snuffing it with his boot.

He takes a hit, then hands it to you. “Didn’t think you liked parties that much.”

You take it, holding it before taking a drag, too. “I don’t, not usually. But what about you? Why aren’t ya in there with Na-”

Steve cuts you off, holding out a hand, “I’ll stop ya there.” You raise your eyebrows, glancing at how his sunglasses are slipping on his nose, and the way his lips form into a grim line. SIghing, you stand up, holding out your hand.

He had been your friend for almost five years, you couldn’t leave him to sulk on the footsteps of a party by himself. “Come on, Harrington. It’s weird not seeing you smile.”

You wonder what had happened, you figure it was something with Nancy. Putting the red shirt together and the streaks of tears on both of their faces, it wasn’t hard to figure out. But now wasn’t the time to ask. Not when you can see how red his eyes are - whether they’re red from the drug or crying you’re not sure.

You can tell he’s debating whether or not to grab your hand, because Steve was strong. He didn’t need pity. But, he needs something right now. RIght now he needs some reassurance that someone wants to be around him. He takes your hand, pulling himself up on wobbly legs.

“There we go. Look at you! You look like a fuckin tool. But, I kinda dig it.” You laugh, gesturing to his costume.

Steve scoffs good naturedly, brushing off his shoulders. He was honestly, the biggest dork you had ever seen. You two begin walking toward the street, your hands shoved in your pockets.

“What do you mean? I was the coolest guy in there!” Steve exclaims, to your amusement.

You glance up at him, squinting your eyes. “Oh yeah, for sure! Because all the cool guys wear their sunglasses at night!”

Shaking his head, Steve looks at you for a second too long to be constituted as just friends. Coughing, you break the eye contact.

Deciding on some middle ground, you stick out your hand again. Steve takes it, giving it a squeeze for good measure. You feel something change in your friendship at that moment. But it was good, for now. The buzz off the night’s delinquencies might have been dying down, but the feeling of Steve’s skin was electric.

“Come on Steve. Let’s walk home.”

I Know This Game | Six

Pairings: Bucky x Foster!Reader 

Summary: In which you’re betrayed in the worst way possible, by the people you least expect it from.

Warnings: Language, vomiting, dark and scary places, friends acting sketchy, oral sex (f/r), unprotected sex (a terrible idea), unwanted voyeurism (?)

Notes: We’re finally discovering the shit that went down! I was so excited to write this chapter but in all seriousness…I’m traumatised, having written it. Brace yourselves.

This chapter has received substantial edits since when it was last posted. 

IKTG Masterlist

The hallway seems to stretch endlessly in either direction. Nondescript black doors are evenly spaced along both walls. The only sources of light in the otherwise darkened corridor are the bare bulbs dangling from skinny wires attached to the ceiling; they paint sickly yellow circles on the floor. If you squint your eyes, you can make out a darkened silhouette in the distance. 

You decide to head towards it.

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This was our MTGinktober for “Found,” starring Liliana and Stuffy Doll! And this concludes our coverage of MTGinktober 2017! Thanks so much for tuning in and hanging out! We’ve got a special treat coming up next before we return to our regularly scheduled programming, but in the meantime, I guess I should explain the story behind this illustration! Submitted for the approval of the Midrange Society, I call this story, “Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope” – 

Liliana was only five so she was understandably upset that everyone was paying attention to this freshly four-year-old interloper instead of her, just because it was his birthday–she would alternate between screaming, holding her breath, and knocking over the decorations that had been so carefully prepared by the grownups. But this was the first year Josu was really able to understand why everyone was showering him with attention on this particular day.  He loved his sister very much and saw how angry she was about something today and that made him sad. He decided to make her a doll that she could always be angry at–that would make her happy!

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Get Together

There may be a sequel to this and if there is it’ll probs be smutty.


Lily could feel the glares coming from behind her, burning into her neck, as they had been for the past few days. She turned in her seat to find three pairs of eyes squinted in differing amounts of disgust.

Peter was sat, slumped low in his seat, shaking his head slightly while his eyes stayed pinned on her as he muttered to the other two sat at the table in the corner of the Gryffindor common room. Remus’ glare wasn’t quite as harsh as the other two but it held an element of disappointment that caused Lily’s insides to squirm slightly. Sirius’ chin was resting on his forearms on the table but his gaze held the most animosity, grey eyes cold and harsh from across the almost empty room. Lily turned away from the three marauders hastily, attempting to ignore the fact that they were still glaring.

Lily was sat by the fire in one of the armchairs, re-reading her transfiguration essay one final time before bed, where most of Gryffindor house were. The common room held a small huddle of fourth years playing exploding snap, two sixth years working on essays in the corner, the three marauders and Lily.

Lily hadn’t seen James since their Head’s meeting earlier that evening, where they’d worked through the prefects rotas and plans for the upcoming Christmas party. He’d disappeared as soon as it was over, not bothering to hang around and chat as they had been doing since the beginning of the year, something that had often led to them snogging each other in whatever room they occupied until Lily pulled away and left hurriedly. For the last few weeks though, James had been ignoring all of Lily’s advances. She didn’t know whether he was playing hard to get or whether her attempts were just falling flat. But it hurt…she likedJames Potter…a lot…and she had thought he’d liked her…


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  • *richie walks into the room*
  • richie: notice *sticks out now pierced tongue* anything *sticks out now pierced tongue* different *sticks out now pierced tongue* about *sticks out now pierced tongue* me?
  • eddie: *gasp*
  • bill: richie what the fuck is that
  • richie: a piercing *sticks out tongue*
  • richie: it makes me look more...
  • edgy
  • stan: whatever you say metalmouth
  • richie: *glares at stan with pursed lips and squinted eyes*
  • richie's thoughts:
  • richie: *makes fart noise with tongue and goes to sit next to eddie*

(Now posting my writing on ao3! You can read this one right here.)

The phone screen is bright as the sun in the dark of his room, glaring bright against his squinted eyes, piercing his lids. One missed call. He’s barely decided to ignore it before a text alert blips, and he opens it before thinking it through.

Wish you were here.

He sits up enough to throw it across the room, barely registering the smack of it hitting the wall as he rolls over, pulling his pillow over his head.

If he’d known it was the last text he’d get from her, he might have answered.

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Rainbow Ship (Part 2)

“Unique…not strange…”

“Different…but I belong…”

As Will walked through the school, the same little speech replayed in his mind like a broken radio. Ever since he discover himself, everything seemed weird to him. He felt as if everyone was staring at him. He felt uncomfortably different.

At his locker, the same folded piece of paper fluttered to the ground. He sighed to himself, and reached for it. He expected the usual monstrous drawing with “Zombie Boy” written boldly above it, but what he received today was something else.

In small print, many words scattered across the paper. Will squinted his eyes, and read them.

“Freak, idiot, monster, loser,” He whispered to himself, “Okay. Nothing new.” Will crumbled the paper up, and lightly tossed it in the nearby trashcan.

“Will!” A voice shouted.

Will whipped around to see Dustin, Mike, Lucas, and Max walking in his direction.

His heart thumped in his chest. He tried to keep himself calm, but as Mike took a step in his direction, he lost himself a little bit more.

“Oh no,” Will mumbled to himself.

Eventually, the party made their way to him before he could run and hide.

“H-Hey guys,” Will stuttered.

“Hey. Why weren’t you at school yesterday?” Lucas asked.

“Uhh,” Will started, “I wasn’t feeling too good. But I’m better now.” He closed his locker slowly, attempting to avoid the questions.

“Good to have you back bud!” Mike laughed, ruffling Will’s hair.

The smaller boy blushed adorably, looking anywhere but Mike’s eyes.

After a long moment of silence, Dustin spoke. “Let’s go to class fellas,” he said.

All day long, Will tried his hardest to avoid his friends, mostly Mike. Everyone else assumed maybe he was feeling sick again, but Mike knew deep down something was wrong. He noticed the way Will flinched when someone touched him, or the way he stammered every time he was forced to talk. But mainly, he noticed how Will went out of his way to avoid him. It broke Mike’s heart. Soon enough, he found himself quiet too.

After school, Mike rode his bike to Will’s house. He threw his bike down in the yard, and ran to the door. The door opened while he was still knocking.

“Y/N We really need to ta-“ Will froze, “Oh-hi M-mike.”

“Can I talk to you? Please?” Mike stared pleadingly into Will’s eyes. His body teased up, and he shoved his hands in his jacket pockets.

“Sure,” Will mumbled. He stepped to the side, letting Mike enter.

They walked to the couch in the living room, and awkwardly sat next to each other.

Will played with his sweaty hands, along with the sleeves of his flannel.

Mike sat still, thinking to himself.

“Will,” Mike sighed, “Is everything okay?”

He looked at Will.

“Yeah! I’ve never been better! Why?” Will flashed a convincing smile. His voice was louder than he intended, but he thought it made him sound happier.

“Will,” Mike whispered.

He took a deep breath, and turned to face Mike. Will’s breathing hitched once he looked at him. Mike had his pink lips parted slightly, and his face was relaxed and gentle.

They stared intensely at each other.

“I’m okay, I promise,” Will said.

Although Mike did not believe him, he nodded.

“So!” Mike perked up, “I heard you have a crush on Y/N!”

As Will turned a deep shade of red, his eyes nearly bugged out of his head.

“What? No I don’t! Who told you that?”

“It’s kinda obvious! You two are always hugged up and stuff. I actually noticed that she was the only person to make you smile today,” Mike smiled.

“Mike that’s- I don’t- We don’t,” Will was flustered. He knew it made himself look worse, but he had no other option.

“You should ask her out!” Mike shouted. He gripped Will’s shoulders excitingly.

“No!” Will argued.

“Why not?” The light left Mike’s eyes.

“I-I can’t tell you,” Will said softly.

“But you tell me everything,” Mike said.

Will heard the sadness in his voice, and saw the hurt on his face.

“I’m sorry Mike. I just can’t,” Will said sternly.

Silence lingered for a minute. It made Will feel increasingly worse on the inside.

“Fine. Whatever,” Mike snapped. He sat up off the couch.

“Mike,” Will whined.

Without other word, Mike walked out of the house, and slammed the door behind him.

I hate that I’ve become so wary because there’s more and more speculation of a possible trailer airing soon, and instead of being excited I’m just staring at my screen with squinted eyes full of suspicion because what if it they’re just playing with us and the trailer doesn’t air for another few weeks I mean my heart is fragile I couldn’t handle that shit I need to know things for sure

I hope she kicks his ass.

And I hope she would still look as good as this as she does it.