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if you caught him red handed eating cake, he’’ll probably just squint at you and keep eating ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ aaaa also little birthday doodle for myself// toots confetti 


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“All Grown Up!”
Collab with @TheRaikume (from Twitter)

 A little adventure in character design for this week’s newest squiggle art as part of an awesome collab with @TheRaikume from Twitter. Drawing adult versions of our Miraculous heroes. Rai will be drawing Chloe and Marinette while I handled Alya and Adrien; my two favs. Yes!

We were originally supposed to draw them in casual wear but little ole me got swept away in this cool headcanon of mine. Now we all know from the series that Alya plans on becoming a reporter when she grows up. But the interesting thing is we don’t know what Adrien plans to do with his life once he’s older. Right now he’s so focused on keeping dear ole dad happy by being a model that I don’t think he’s ever considered what he really wants to do once he’s become an adult (I mean besides become Ladybug’s one and only devoted lover of course).

That being said, good thing for headcanons and fan theories right? My idea is that Adrien turns to a life of sleuthing and becomes a criminal investigator when he gets older. I found it really interesting that he was more eager to assume the call for heroism than Marinette so this makes me think that maybe all those years of being Chat Noir and defending Paris alongside Ladybug and all the other Miraculous heroes would ultimately inspire Adrien to become a crime fighter in his civilian life as well hence the criminal investigator title.

I also have this idea of Adrien and Alya teaming up from time to time and helping each other out with their individual careers. Of course by this time, they’re also happily married to their respective partners: Adrien ending up with Marinette (naturally of course) and Alya with Nino. It wouldn’t be a perfect grown up Miraculous heroes headcanon without it, am I right folks? ;)

Overall I had fun designing the looks for grown up Adrien and Alya. While Alya’s design is my favourite of the two (again, naturally of course), I must say that I’m most proud of Adrien’s design. I based his facial features off a another fan theory I shared last year where Adrien will look a lot more like his dad Gabriel as he matured; ultimately inheriting his nice high cheek bones.

Alrighty! My half of the collab is officially complete. As I mentioned before, @TheRaikume will be working on her designs for Adult Chloe and Marinette. Definitely looking forward to seeing those once they’re complete. As always, I hope everyone will enjoy this week’s newest Miraculous squiggle art.
Also as today is May 14th, wishing everyone a happy Mother’s Day. Hope you all had a miraculous Sunday spent with your families and giving praise to one of the most special ladies in your lives: mommy dearest.

Till my next awesometastic squiggle art, as always staaay tune for more precious star kids! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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~LittleMissSquiggles (2017)

Just giving all my precious star kids a small WIP preview of my zine squigglustration for Up To The Test: A Miraculous Ladybug Disaster Relief Zine—– @ml-disaster-relief-zine

Please check out and support the zine if you can guys. Not only is it full of wonderful and awesometastically talented artists, writers and cosplayers but it’s also for an amazing cause. All proceeds from this zine will be donated towards helping those devastated by the recent hurricanes and other environmental disasters that happened this year. If you’d like to learn more about the zine and if you’re interested in preordering it for yourself, check out here for more information!

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@thememime first of all THANK u for enjoying my claw paws i love drawin them oh so much

now let me think,, how do i actually,,,,,,…..draw them….,, ,

hmmmmmm uuuhhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh


ok to tell u the truth when i draw the claw paws its 100% muscle memory after drawing my dragon oc on every sheet of paper i came into contact with in high school, so actually thinkin abt the process is like ?? uhmmmmhhh well you squiggle it uuh

its not exactly a science i guess, and in retrospect its probably an anatomical bastardization, but i just go with what feels right bro. its kind of like a pattern or a rhythm. 

i generally stick with three distinct knobs, a knuckle, another one, and another one after that second one. otherwise its about your line of action and where u want to pull the weight. oh! and i like to let the claws act as an extension of the hand, i give them bulk and weight as well, and they sorta flop around wherever they feel like goin 

and of course there are 8,109,553,449 variations in how ya wanna stylize based on the exaggeration of your curves and angles, also by adding knobby joints and wrinkles! wrinkles are fun

but idk man. tbh ive just been kinda bullshitting it the entire time. please dont slap me with pizza dough


No Pain, No Gain” 

Based on a Miraculous musing that I shared last year (that I can’t seem to find on my main blog) about Master Fu taking Nino under his wing to become the next holder of the Turtle Miraculous and awesomely enough, I’m not the only miraculer who shares this thought. The very first time I saw Master Fu, I immediately thought of Mr. Miyagi cause you have to admit, the resemblance is definitely there and since then I’ve been itching and hoping that the series would do a Karate Kid inspired episode where Nino comes to Master Fu for help.

Like maybe there’s this new schoolyard bully with the hots for Alya who starts targeting Nino specifically due to his relationship with and somewhat own romantic interest in our foxy gal; constantly challenging him to foolish fights for Alya’s love. Being the nonchalant character he is, Nino dismisses the bully’s initial advances at harrying as he wasn’t the type of guy to want to fight anyone.  

And in similar Karate Kid type of fashion, Master Fu firstly meets Nino after he saves him from being pummelled by said bully and his comrades when they suddenly cornered him after school. Following that event, Nino is forced to fight back against said bully; seeking out Fu for help, practically begging him to teach him how to fight; a request which Fu surprisingly accepts.

This is how I imagined Fu’s first encounter with Nino to be like. And after helping him the first time, Master Fu starts to acknowledge potential in Nino—a potential which inspires him to start training him to be his successor. I imagine that at first Wayzz wouldn’t be too keen with the idea of Nino one day replacing Master Fu as his new master cause I figured that, unlike Plagg, Tikki and possibly the other kwamis, Wayzz is the one who’s been with his original holder the longest; considering that Fu is over 100 years old. While the others had had to change holders over the years, Wayzz has been with Fu since the day one and is very much loyal to him.

But ultimately I imagine once he sees Nino’s good qualities, Wayzz will begin to warm up to the young lad and actually starts to care for his well being; seeing a lot of the qualities in Nino that he did in Master Fu that made him love him as his master. Plus I think this kind of scenario could be great for Nino’s own character development as a teacher-mentor relationship with Master Fu can certainly help mould him into a stronger individual and hero. Not to mention that it’ll be really touching to see Master Fu have a sort of father-son/grandfather-grandchild/close family oriented relationship with at least one of our young heroes and I think Nino would be the perfect candidate to bring out that side of him. We don’t know if Fu used to have any kids of his own. I doubt he ever did given his duty as Miraculous holder and Ancient Guardian (and even if hid have some, he probably outgrew them since he’s practically immortal). So yeah, I’d love to see that kind of bond with Fu, Nino and Wayzz in the series, if possible.  

Do I think Master Fu will choose Nino as his successor for the Turtle Miraculous? Indeed I do.

However, do I think he’ll just hand it to him on a silver platter like he did with Adrien and Marinette? HA! Hell no! I think Master Fu will go full Mr. Miyagi on Nino and make him work for his miraculous, putting him through a rigorous training regimen to build his strength and test his worth. Plus it’ll be good for comical moments when Fu unintentionally pushes poor Nino too far and has to be scolded by Wayzz for getting too excited and overdoing things with his student. Poor Turtle Sensei just wants to see his Turtle Kouhai succeed XD

Would love to see this become canon but…for now these are all just headcanons of mine. In the meantime, a squiggle meister can dream…and draw, am I right? Alrighty I’ve rambled enough on this. As always, I hope everyone enjoys this week’s newest ML squiggle art and I hope you also enjoyed my Miraculous musing (granted you actually read all of that). Feel free to share yours over on my main blog if you have any.

Until the next squiggle piece, y’know my motto, staaaay tune for more precious star kids!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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~LittleMissSquiggles (2017)  


I hate wasting paint so sometimes I’ll wipe the paint in my sketchbook and then try to make something out of it 😅this is an example, it’s not finished though! Lol also!!! The shrinky dink brooches are up on etsy! Link in bio! Hope you’re all having a great night!! You are loved! You are great! 🌻🌈🎨💗✨💗❤️💛💚💙💜#doodle#drawing#wip#workinprogress#watchmework#lAtenight#video#wipvideo##art#artvideo#drawingvideo#instagram#instaart#artofthedAy#watchmedrAw#squiggles#micron#gellyroll

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I keep drawing Sorey talking to Mikleo about ‘Sappy Love Poetry’ and I eventually just came up with this. 

I also wanted an excuse to draw Mikleo with mid-length hair and play with hairstyles oops. 

Hey, look, I’m actually alive! I’m still neck deep into painting, redecorating, and so on, but I did manged to paint a lazy Dimetrodon sunbathing on a Walchia trunk, and found some time to upload it, so there’s that.

I’m still not going to post anywhere near regularly here, as also, life happened, and it turned out I have to write myself a website, get a hosting, and go through a lot of changes in the business I’m trying to run, and it’s all still in progress, and I’ll be focusing on this for now. I’ll try to pop up here from time to time, and maybe even get some new artwork done. Life’s pesky like that, and there’s this little issue of earning money to stay alive, or something…

I hope you’re all doing alright, and I now I got a bunch of new followers, so hello to you :)

As for this Dimetrodon, contrary to a whole lot of palaeoart, you can’t spend your life roaring, hunting, chasing, and snapping at everything that moves. Sometimes you just have to take a break, and take a nap in the sun.

I don’t know why, but the painting looks weird: it looks fine when I look at it in krita, the .kra file looks also good, but when I save it as png it turns out really dark. No idea why. I did play a bit with levels, to get it to look closer to what the painting before conversion looks like, and this is the best result I got, but I’m still not 100% happy with it. That’s the first time something like that happened, and I hope it’s the last. And also tumblr doing something atrocious to it doesn’t help…

Based on Scott Hartman’s skeletal.


“Trixx N Treats”

‘…Though the Spooktober month may have passed, some of us still got plenty of Halloween candy to finish…’

A belated Halloween squigglustration just in time for Spooktember featuring my favourite fox kwami, Trixx from the Miraculous K-SQUAD. Since I’m Trinidadian and Halloween isn’t really a national holiday or  a big deal in my part of the world, that gives me the golden opportunity to celebrate it whenever I want, right?
So I’m continuing the spooky fun in November.

I am quite pleased with how this turned out. Very pleased. It is one of the rare occasions where you start off with a rough concept and the end product is exactly, or even better than you originally envisioned. Another personal best ♥

Artsy Trivia:

As some of you who follow my ML squiggs might know, I sometimes like to cosplay the kwamis in costumes inspired by characters from other series.
Can you guess who Trixx dressed as for this year’s Halloween?
I’ll give you small hint. It’s not Renard Rouge but it is another fox-themed super hero from a popular magical girl series just like Miraculous.

Think you might have the answer? Take a guess and leave a comment if you think you know.

As always, I hope everyone enjoys this week’s newest squiggle art brought to you by the squiggle meister. Til my next awesometastic piece, staaay tune for more precious star kids!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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~LittleMissSquiggles (2017)

Request for @coachboom who asked for either Megatron or Tailgate (and since I haven’t drawn either of them before I though “why not both?”)

I fully support the idea that Tailgate gets Megs into video games (albeit certain types) so yeeeeeaaaaaahhh idk what to say :}

Also Megatron is by far the most VISUALLY CONFUSING creature I have ever tried to draw and I love it. I came up with like five new insults for the guy while I was drawing him lol.

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‘Sup precious star kids and fellow miraculers! Last time I shared a teaser WIP, now have a another small preview of my finished squigglustration for the Up To The Test: A Miraculous Ladybug Disaster Relief Zine: @ml-disaster-relief-zine.

As a reminder, not only will this zine feature the talents of many awesometastic artists, writers and cosplayers hailing from the Miraculous fandom but it also one for an amazing cause. This is a charity zine that was created to help those devastated by the recent hurricane and natural disasters that occurred this year.

Donating to any charity will earn you a copy of this zine. So if you haven’t donated already, please help out in any way you can.

For further details, please check out HERE.

~LittleMissSquiggles (2017)