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Ever wonder how spongebob and squidward afford the houses they have while being "paid" a inconsistent wage?

I assumed Squidward got cash doing dance competitions and stuff. Spongebob on the other hand, I’m not sure. Maybe his parents still help him out?

dammit more spongebob memes

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who ready for some spongebob discourse

The feud between Mr. Krabs and Plankton is a Cold War allegory, with Plankton representing the high-tech, morally shaky US (literally married to technology) and the Krusty Krab representing the tougher, oppressive Soviet regime. SpongeBob is a tragic victim of Mr. Krabs’ brutal post-communist policies. Squidward represents the increasingly fed-up youth in revolt, possibly an allegory for the Polish Solidarity movement. This is why SpongeBob and Squidward live in decent housing but have little to no furnishings and tech straight out of the 1950s.