the signs as 2016 memes (so far)

Aries: squidward dabbing
Taurus: “ ___ vs ____: discuss”
Gemini: kanye/wiz twitter fight
Cancer: idk i cant think of another one from this year so ur the crying cat thats being flipped off
Leo: denim items (jorts, jandals)
Virgo: half a press video
Libra: trump temptations
Scorpio: marge krumping
Sagittarius: bernie vs hillary opinion on ___ poster
Capricorn: tag yourself as characters
Aquarius: b.o.b. thinks the earth is flat
Pisces: the recurring february bad valentines in comic sans


Jungkook told me to search dab on google and this is what came up. He’s laughing his ass off but idk what this is #jin #kids and their silly trends #remind me not to ever show a picture of squidward to Jungkook so he doesn’t do his shit impression of him

I’m pretty sure I actually cried the first time I saw the Band Geeks episode of Spongebob Squarepants. It just went from “holy shit this is awesome” to “wow they didn’t let Squidward down and he’s actually happy this is the best” and wow look at that now I’m crying making this stupid post


Serious matters #mixitup #Squidward #lawandorder #dab #EditRanked