squidward tortellini

I watched the Spongebob musical a few days ago and it was AMAZING!!!–Here’s a couple of silly doodles of some funny moments 

I was taking a test in history class today on our new fancy Chromebook computer things (Colonial America yay)

and put my name as “Squidward Tortellini” as a joke. Why i thought this was amusing, I’ll never know. I was going to remove it and put my real name before I completed the test, but eventually forgot about it. At the end I answered the very last question and clicked the “turn in” button. As soon as it turned in I realized

I never removed Squidward Tortellini.

I hope my history teacher had a good laugh. If he didn’t, I hope he doesn’t lower my score because I got an A+ and it’d be a shame if I lost points because I couldn’t clear my mind from Squidward Tortellini.