1 of a couple surprises I had in store for @inklingleesquidly just cause there’s never a moment I don’t wanna draw Lee and Janine things ♥

I love the Puyo Puyo art style so much. I tried to replicate it best I could but I realized it’s still super similar to my original style TuT
Colored lines are just so pretty TuT
I got a bit lazy to do the little stickery swish details though OTL

”Whoa… this place is a lot different from Inkopolis Square, it’s so hip and modern!”

“Huh-what, ohh, you and your friend are looking for the registration box? It’s umm, right there, yeah! Heh-eh, I might not look like it but I’m actually a 2-year veteram. Yeah– well, hope you both have a good time.”

“I  know I made a big deal about not doing this anymore– but I wanna play with my friends again!”


as an added bonus

is that really you @inkie-heart?!

@woomyhitsu as I live and breathe!

and holy canoli! @florencebabe!

It’s so good to  see you all, hope I’ll get to see you at Splatfest!


The word “devil” resounded in his mind. And then, suddenly, he knew where he was. He was wherever Davy Jones met up with dead or dying mariners. Any moment now, Old Squid Face himself was bound to appear. He’d call Jack’s name…and that meant it was all over.

But it can’t be, he thought. There are so many things I want to do!

Jack stood there. After a moment he shifted his weight and looked around again.

It’s bloody rude to keep a chap waiting, he thought.

But maybe he didn’t have to wait. Maybe he could summon Jones? He’d seen the Pirate Lords do it, after all. And there were whispers…rumors…that Jones would sometimes negotiate, make deals, with mariners brave or brazen enough to confront him, then stand up to him. He’d faced Jones before, hadn’t he?

Jack was desperate enough to try anything. He closed his eyes, recalling the words. He’d have to adapt them a bit. Not for the first time, he wondered what that stuff about “binding the queen in her bones” was all about.

Clearing his throat, Jack spoke aloud: “Davy Jones…I, Jack Sparrow, kin of a Pirate Lord, call you. I entreat you by your alliance with the Brethren of the Coast. You gave those mortals powers over the sea, binding the queen in her bones, and I am of their blood. I entreat you. Come to me, Davy Jones. I summon you. I summon you. I summon you.”

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Who Should You Fight: Critical Role Edition

Vax: You might beat Vax, but if you do this motherfucker will take it out on you in the middle of the night in some sneaky conniving way. Say goodbye to your pocket change and facial hair.

Vex: She’s got a strength of like seven or something. She’s going down. Unless there’s money riding on the fight, in which case she will use every dirty trick in the book to kick your ass. Also, Vax will end you if you try, so factor that in.

Pike: You know, I’ve never been smote by a deity before, so please tell me what that feels like if you survive.

Grog: DO IT. I mean, you’d die horribly and violently, but it’d be really entertaining for the rest of us.

Percy: Yeah great idea picking a fight with a guy who COLLECTS SOULS FOR THE SMOKE GOD OF VENGEANCE. Plus, hasn’t he been through enough lately? Do not fight Percy. Save Percy instead.

Keyleth: I actually think she’d be down for a tussle in Minxy form. Then you could fight a fiery-clawed sabre-toothed cat with your bare hands!…on second thought, maybe don’t fight Keyleth.

Tiberius: Tiberius will metagame to learn your weaknesses and then you will be crispy-fried inside of a turn. Avoid.

Scanlan: Yeah, why not, punch Scanlan in the face. It’d be funny and you might get a song out of it.

Trinket: If you are seriously considering fighting a bear, it is probably not healthy for you to be reading these lists. I don’t want to give you any more ideas, man.

Lyra: I know it’s tempting, but resist the urge. You’ll feel really bad about it later.

Zahra: …If you honestly think you can take Mary Elizabeth McWarlock you deserve what you get, dude.

Kashaw: The worst idea. Kashaw gives no fucks. He will knock you flat in a fucking second if he doesn’t forget what’s on his spell list.

Thorbir: Do it. Do it right now. You will win, I promise. The dice are on your side.

Lilith: You wanna fight the “I HOPE HER FACE STILL FESTERS” girl? Please try something less deadly, like soloing the Briarwoods.

Clarota: He has no sense of fucking honour. Knock his purple squidly block off.

Lady Kima: You are a fool and I will laugh as you die.

Gilmore: Gilmore will kick your ass. He will kick your ass and look fabulous doing it. I have no justification for this but I 100% Gilmore’s Glorious Guarantee you that he will wreck your shit.

Once again I’m doing yet another commission for @inklingleesquidly of their character Janine Squidly!  Now while I’d like to give you all the sweet details and multiple outfits among other things, you’re actually going to have to go view that one @inklingleesquidly‘s blog there yourself!  It’s on THEIR BLOG that you will be able to find the excess info!

Down below here are just numbers!  But this Ref took 6 HOURS AND 45 MINUTES. If you like what you see maybe consider COMMISSIONING ME? YOU CAN GET SOMETHING FOR AS LOW AS $10/HR AS OF THIS POST

Honestly, it’s so fucking scary the amount of people who stan for that Squidly guy after seeing that one callout post. I expected more people to reblog that and avoid the guy and yet here we are. Some of his friends/fans have their heads so far up their asses that they’ll dismiss actual evidence as fake news and call the people who reblog it “toxic”
Like wtf people who don’t want nasty shit like rape, incest and pedophilia in a children’s space are toxic SJWs now??? What the hell is wrong with y'all???
Why are you so hellbent on protecting a gross dude and making a fandom space unsafe for children???