squidgy falala


so as of today, i have had this blog for exactly one year!! i’ve met lots of cool people through it and i’m so happy that i decided to make it. whether you’ve been following me for the full year, or since yesterday, thank you and i love you! here’s some of my favorite blogs that I’ve found over this past year:

#: 30secondstojared; 30secondstomars-gifs; 30secondstothecityofangels

a-d: ageofmars; anarchyinmars; bonesoftheliarsandthieves; borntolovemars; bring-me-the-squidgy-falala; bunny-masked-girl; cookingwithtomo; deathbyechelon; devotedtojared

e-i: echelonciera; echeloncrazy; evolutioniscoming; fadingdreamj; feelthepresssure; fuck-yeah-jared-leto; gabriele-echelon; hell-yeah-mars; i-am-letosexual; iblamejared; imwithmars

j-m: jared-trolleto; jared-will-be-the-death-of-me; jaredeto; jaredgifs; jaredletoing; jaredordie; jumpingforjared; kingsandqueensofbeingfabulous; ladyjanekay; lovelustandleto; mars-or-die; marsheartbeat

n-z: night-0f-the-hunter; peacelovebefree; shanimalfever; the-argusapocraphex; thirtysecondstoleto; valhallafrommars; vyfrommars

sorry if i forgot anybody,  i love u all and go follow all of these lovely people!!

so ive had this blog for over a year now, so i thought now would be a good time to make a follow forever. i love u all so much and thanks for the awesome year!! here’s some of my fav blogs that you should all go follow:

a-d: aintitprmr; alltimebagel; alltimexho; allttimelow; avgaskarth; bearcatjack; bring-me-the-squidgy-falala; burdenedwithgloriousfeels; c-mplexes; couldbealone; daisykeatondanfinitely; datesjaime; dontpanicitsalltimelow

e-i: elsqparamore; everythingjennamcdougall; evolutioniscomingfailurebydesigns; fallouthayley; flamesbeginn; folieaross; fuenteskarth; gotmomsen; hayleywilliasm; hayleywllliams; hellomomsen; indigesti0n; its-obvious-youre-dying

j-m: jaredeto; jaredletoing; jbkats; jennamcdougallsbuttblog; jxnnamcdougxll; lovetonightalive; lukesbabexoxo; mcdougll; mikefuentez; miserydesigns; misguidedwhoa

n-r: nklebiters; onehayleypolitics; paralovemore; paramorearctic; paramoreeh; paraxveil; pop-punkprincess; prettyparamore; put-yourself-backtogetherqirlsqirlsboys

s-u: sassmasterlester; sassynewpolitics; shanimalfever; snapbackprincessjordaneckes; soulstumphed; stumpity; thesaltinmywounds; thirtysecondstoashton; todayalive; tonightalivegifs; txyjardine; tylerjosephine

v-z: w-earetheincrowd; yeah-paramore; yeahyork; yorkconda; zakbaguets

and if you’re not on here, don’t feel bad because i prob forgot a lot of people, ily all so much!!